If you get the chance, tell my kids what good nutrition means to you

I won a singles league tennis match at another club a while ago. After the match, I was tanking up on water and talking to my son Tennyson, who came to watch me play. I said,

“Want to go to Good Earth and get some wheat grass juice?”

My opponent was looking at me strangely, so I said, “Yeah. I know. It’s weird. But he LOVES the stuff.”

She said, “I don’t drink wheat grass juice. But I do drink green smoothies. I just read a book called The Green Smoothies Diet.”

Haha, I love my life! I guess my photo isn’t on that book’s jacket.

Then there was the day I was pumping gas in my car and two different women, both named Carrie, came up and gave me a hug.

And recently, someone at the gym told me that Holly Mendenhall, who has attended a few of my classes, turned her onto green smoothies. She said, “Do you know Holly?” (Nope.) She said, “She’s the wife of Bronco Mendenhall.”

BYU’s football coach! (What a great man, who has done great things in this community.) YAY! Does that mean that Bronco Mendenhall’s family is doing 12 Steps to Whole Foods? I can only hope.

That was all awesome, but maybe even better is what happened the night before, at Kincade’s baseball banquet. One of his friends and his mom got out of their car in the parking lot with us. So since Cade was talking to his buddy, I chatted with the mom all the way in to the banquet.

While we listened to the awards ceremony and ate dinner, two women came over to my table to say that green smoothies, or my whole-foods course, have been transforming their energy and health. One said, “I no longer get tired training for my marathon—I love it!”

But best of all, both women turned to my son and said, “I feel so great drinking green smoothies—do you drink them, Cade?”

He said, “Every day of my life. My house is the Vegetable Capital of the World.” No sarcasm….just kinda proud, actually, of his own healthy habits–because what else are you going to do in the face of such ardent enthusiasm?

And they gushed to him with such enthusiasm about how positive their nutrition changes have been. I acted cool, I hope, but secretly was SO THRILLED.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, if you ever have any interaction with my children, and you give them a third-party endorsement of the principles I teach!

Then as I went to leave, the mom I had walked in with came rushing back up to me. She said, “Oh my gosh, you are Robyn? I just figured that out! I just read your book and now I’m studying 12 Steps to Whole Foods with my co-workers and I love it!”

And my son sat there and listened. Three times in one night, and I didn’t even have to pay them. (hehe)

I am always trying to give the parents following a whole-foods path some endorsement with their kids. By writing The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, by doing readings for kids, then writing the recipe book Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes, by encouraging readers to bring their older kids to my events, by talking to kids whenever I get the chance.

So, WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING when it comes back to me and someone returns the favor!

I need others to confirm the truth of these principles, for my children, as well.


17 gallons of green smoothie!

That’s how much green smoothie my daughter, Emma, made for nearly 1,000 people who came to my local classes in Orem, Layton and Sandy a few weeks ago! It was a cases of the fishes and the loaves—-thanks to Dixie cups!

My favorite moment besides the AWESOME return-to-health stories we heard was a lady on the front row. She’d already confessed when I asked for a show of hands, “Who has no idea what this racket is, and got dragged here by someone who loves you?”

I read a few pages from my children’s book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, where Green Smoothie Guy suggests to his new friend, Junk Food Dude:

“Try not eating sugar for four days!” (“Then good food will taste great!”)

Upon that statement, the lady on the front row gasped, “OH MY LORD!”

As if 4 days without sugar might kill her. I cracked up. It is what it is. That white stuff is the most addictive substance on Planet Earth.

And then, out of 300 people in the room, she won the 12 Steps to Whole Foods course and whooped it up, which made my night.

Check out an excerpt of this email from Kim Newhouse in Arizona, with the photos she sent us:

“I won the [12 Steps to] Whole Foods Course when Robyn came to Tucson and I wanted to show you all what I’ve been doing with it! My birthday was coming up so I decided to do a ‘Green Smoothie Demo Party’ with my friends. It was so successful that I did another one the following week, opening it up to the first 15 people who signed up from our buying club (we order Azure Standard, Frontier Wholesale, local honey and other foods together–there are a couple hundred on our yahoo group from all over Southern Arizona. In fact, one of our members was your volunteer who ate the plate of greens!) Everyone had so much fun that we’ve decided to have GSG parties every Friday and Saturday night of the first weekend of each month!

My husband made a list on the web where individuals can sign up for an ingredient to bring to make a recipe that’s featured in the selected videos we’ll be watching. We obviously made the smoothies the first time and this time we’ll be doing super salads, 2 dressings, and the almond joy fudge! We’ll do the fudge first and stick it in the freezer while we watch the other videos and assemble salads…by the time we’re done eating those, the fudge will be ready to enjoy

You’ve got many new followers in Tucson now! Here’s a testimonial from a 21 year old who attended my first party (she has 7 siblings):

“We all love the green smoothies and are making them at least once a day with ginger, bee pollen, kale, collard greens, chard, spinach, cabbage, chia, flax oil, and fruit. My brothers think they are dessert and say we haven’t made a green smoothie they didn’t like yet. Thank you so much for opening your home for green smoothie night and we are looking forward to the next one!”

Junk Food Dude makes a debut!

I told you last year I planned to reach down a generation this year–the kids! My first two efforts, to that end, are:

1. Including an awesome children’s retreat event–during the May adults’ retreat.

2. Releasing two children’s books, and doing some book readings to see how kids respond.

Check out some photos of my weekend of book readings at the Good Earth stores. I had such fun reading to your beautiful kids! Abby, here, insisted on holding the book UPSIDE DOWN for the photo. Others wanted the book on their head (why do we adults quit doing fun stuff like this??).

Upcoming videos, stay tuned…..

Thank you so much for the flood of birthday wishes on Facebook. I have been so blessed with amazing friends, including my internet friends. I’m looking forward to another year on this planet. I am spending the day watching my kids’ sports, doing some yoga and taking Tennyson skiing, and going to a party hosted by my girlfriends.

Authors Jim Simmons, Ruth Holmes, Leslie Smoot, and Raw Melissa were at my house this week filming videos about what they’re bringing to theupcoming retreat. (Now May 19-21, sorry about the date change, but the location and weather will be SO much better!). See the photo, attached, that the beautiful Melissa Chappell took to “tweet” and facebook her friends and fans.

Watch here for videos I shot on these topics:

My speaking tour in March with DAVID WOLFE, in a major U.S. metro area…..stay tuned!

Hatfieldadelphia, inside and out, where we’ll be holding the retreat. It’s a kid paradise! With owner Ron Hatfield, the most amazing philanthropist I know who is saving millions of lives in Africa.

How I talk to my kids about food, choices, and nutrition—making it real and applicable for them.

Ruth’s *completely amazing* two new SunDrenchers dressings.

A fun gift idea one of my readers thought of.

Why I wrote The Adventures of Junk Food Dude.

Stay tuned!

Portland and JUNK FOOD DUDE IS BORN!…..part 3 of 3

I’m ecstatic to announce that my new baby is born! His name is Junk Food Dude!

Check out this cute boy Adam, in Corvallis, Oregon–who got one of the first copies of my new children’s book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude. Kristin snapped photos of the poor kid for about 10 minutes while he read during my class. They were hot off the press the day before I flew to Portland, so I took a few dozen copies to Portland and did not return with any.

I’m so ecstatic to finally have this book finished. I wrote it because there are NO good children’s books addressing what good nutrition is.

You can now order them on the site, and if you get three or more, use the coupon code JUNKFOODDUDE to get $5 off your order.

Here’s the cover and a page inside the book. And a photo of darling little 4-year old Daniel, who sat on my kitchen bar stool and “read” the book for 20 minutes the day I got back. I have a video but don’t know how to get it off my camera: his favorite pages were the “quiz” at the back with illustrations of all the good and not-too-good foods.

Please let me know your kids’ reactions when you get the book. I don’t mean to brag, but I think it’s pretty upbeat and educational and fun. I love my illustrator, Lori, for catching my vision and working so hard so that her illustrations match my message!

If you don’t hate your book by the time it’s published….

Today I dropped my high-school junior off at school with his just-completed, illustrated children’s book. The assignment was to find out the favorite and least-favorite things of a five-year old and write/illustrate a book about it.

Considering the COMPLETE lack of artistic talent in this family, I was impressed with Cade’s final product. The book was something about Batman doing battle with an army of killer zombie carrots. (I’ll let you guess which the little boy likes and which he doesn’t, between Batman and carrots.)

Cade was grumbling on the way to school today about how much he hates his book. My comment: “I always say that if you don’t hate your book by the time it’s published, you didn’t write a good book. So that’s a good sign.”

(You’re sick of it. You’ve read it until you’re blue in the face. Any other authors can weigh in here.)

Ironically, I got a call this afternoon that the proof of The Adventures of Junk Food Dude was here! I’m now proudly carrying it around with me. One of the owners of The Good Earth just came over to my house to pick up 12 Steps courses and books, and I practically forced him to read the whole book.

I was telling Cade this morning that I want to show him the book when I got the proof. I’ve had enough space from it that I don’t mind looking at it anymore. He said, “Yeah. Well. That’s because YOU didn’t have to illustrate it!”

True enough. Lori Sume, my illustrator, you are so creative and artistic, I just love you. You worked so hard.

Can’t wait for y’all to see the book, which is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever done. A few weeks now!