Bruce says, “GreenSmoothieGirl Isn’t Just for Girls!”

I have a testimonial from a guy for you, in a minute. But first….

I play on at least two tennis teams, all four seasons a year. Last Tuesday morning, I did yoga for an hour, then did my 20-mile bike ride in the canyon in 100-degree heat. That night, I had our last tennis match of this season, and for some reason my captain put me in as first singles.

That’s where you generally put your best player, since you usually face the opponent’s best player.

I mostly play doubles—hadn’t played singles ONCE since advancing rank in December. Most of my new teammates have played at this rank for years, and they take or even teach private tennis lessons. Most were high-school tennis players. One of them plays on five teams at a time, and many of them play tennis 20-30 hours per week.

I wish I had time for that, but I don’t. My entire team, besides me, is married and not employed outside the home. I started playing tennis less than 4 years ago, not in high school.

For my night matches, my ritual is to drink a quart of green smoothie on the way there. That’s all. And I’ll find myself in a third set—or a second-set tiebreaker at 10:30 p.m.—like I did last Tues., thinking, “I’m not tired at all!” while I see my opponent falling apart.

I truly haven’t been tired once, and I’ve had 8 wins in a row. I won that singles match last Tuesday, 6-4, 7-6, in high winds. Even though I am, to be honest, too new at this rank to be qualified to play the top seed.

My green-smoothie ritual is becoming an important part of pulling that off. My teammates sometimes complain between sets that they’re tired. I never am. Despite hard workouts earlier in the day.

So Tuesday, I got home at midnight because my match was an hour away. Before I went to bed, I read this email from Bruce in Michigan, forwarded by our customer support team because they know I love to read this stuff:

“I noticed that you don’t have very many testimonials from men…so I thought I would tell you about how the green smoothie lifestyle is changing my life.

I am 48, and over a year ago I weighed 206 pounds.  I decided that I needed to lose about 40 to 45 pounds since I am 5’10” tall and a thin frame.

I bought P90x and started the most difficult exercise program and followed Tony’s diet..  P90x is not for the faint of heart. I worked hard for 7 months, lost 23 pounds. My blood sugar was all over the place, and I felt tired and hungry all of the time. I stopped after 7 months and did absolutely nothing for the next 6 months and went back to eating poorly since I could not do that diet. I gained back 13 pounds….discouraged, I searched for a better way.

I found and heard Robyn say, if you do what I tell you to do you will lose weight faster than ever, never be hungry and you can even work out while just drinking green smoothies. I bought the complete program and I must say she was right!

On May 15th I started to drink 2 quarts of green smoothies each day and started working out again doing P90x.  I am 10 pounds away from my goal weight in just 60 days! I have lost weight faster, feel better and look better than I have in 15 years.

Ok, men… here is the deal….drinking green smoothies, doing p90x is crazy….but it works!  I have had zero blood sugar dips, no hunger between smoothies and feel great!

I have done more in 60 days than I did in 7 months on the p90x diet….I just can’t believe it!  So Robyn, I am proud to tell other men….I visit and have had several of my friends already buy turbo blenders and start drinking smoothies. You rock, girl!”

Bruce in Michigan

My tennis team stages a DRUG INTERVENTION

My team staged a drug intervention for me, last weekend.

We participated in a tournament that, if we won it, gave us a wild-card seat at our Districts playoffs in August, without having to win our division. By Saturday at 7 p.m., I’d played three matches in less than 24 hours, and won all three. We also had three team wins. That put us in the finals match against Sports Mall, whom we have always considered our fiercest competition.

Our captain, Pam, had me slated to play singles in the final match, and she was strategizing the lineup to be able to count on 3 wins and 2 losses—I was one of the wins she needed to bank on.

I’ve been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for over a year. It went away for a few months in the winter, but when I’m playing tennis almost daily, it comes back, and it HURTS.

Plus two of my toes were banged up and bleeding, with a nail threatening to fall off, from so much high-impact in the summer heat, in the same shoes. My bloody sock was draped over my armrest, and I was sitting there icing my foot after the 3rd match, when the little army of my 7 teammates confronted me.

Them: We want you to take these. [They point at 4 Ibuprofen they’ve laid out on the table.]

Me, laughing: You guys, I never take drugs. If I take those, I’ll probably have to go curl up in the corner of the court and sleep it off. Or it might make me loopy. Or something. Who knows.

Them, sternly, hands on hips: Take TWO then.

Me: [long pause] All right, okay, how about this: I’ll take ONE!

So I did. I won my singles match easily, in two sets, as darkness fell, and my team pulled out the 3 wins that we needed to take the tournament and go to Districts.

I guess I’m not that extreme even though I don’t have any Advil or Tylenol in my house. There’s a time and a place. Like, when you’re being pressured by a bunch of mom-athletes ganged up on you with their hands on their hips! You’ve heard of “interventions” to get someone to STOP taking drugs? I wonder if what happened last weekend is the first time an intervention has been staged to make someone TAKE them!

The photo is of the four of us who played every match and didn’t lose any: Shelli, Meagan, Pam, and me. GO TEAM!