habits of highly healthy people . . . part 2 (of 2)

Covey’s Habit #3 is to Put First Things First.   Maslow’s hierarchy of needs reminds us of this, if you’ve ever studied psychology.   At the bottom of the pyramid is water, air, and food.   If we don’t have these things, we can’t go higher up the hierarchy towards more refined, complex things that make us happy: meaningful relationships with others, for instance, or the ideal of self-actualization.   Good food is foundational to health, positive mood, good relationships with nature, God, and others, and finding meaning and purpose in life.


Covey makes a quadrant, a square divided into four parts.


1. Urgent and


2. Non-Urgent

and Important

3. Urgent and


4. Non-Urgent and





Most people spend too much time in Square 1 (things urgent and important) and Square 3 (things urgent and unimportant).   We have to plan and focus in order to spend more time on Square 2, things nonurgent and important.   Eating right is Square 2 material!


Habit #7 is to Sharpen the Saw.   A lumberjack is furiously sawing wood in the forest with a dull saw, and another man comes by and says, “You could do that a lot more efficiently if you’d sharpen your saw.”   The lumberjack says, “I don’t have time–I have all this wood to saw!”


Isn’t this just like life?   We’re killing ourselves by not renewing.   Low-calorie, high-nutrition, whole plant foods like vegetables, fruits, and legumes regenerate every cell in your body so you have more energy and enthusiasm when you wake up to “saw” tomorrow.

Seven habits of highly healthy people . . . part 1 (of 2)

Seven habits of highly healthy people . . . part I


You probably know Stephen Covey’s landslide bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.   You can relate some of his very true principles to Highly Healthy People, and people who are highly effective tend to be physically healthy more than the general population.   (For instance, did you know that Tony Robbins was so amazed by the dramatic improvement in his health eating an alkaline diet that he now preaches it for a day at his seminars?)


For instance, Habit #1 is to Be Proactive.   Does your life run you, or do you run your life?   With food, we can let it just kinda happen to us, or we can engage in a bit of planning to have food that we both enjoy and that nourishes us well.   If we take no thought for food and just wait till we’re ravenous, well, Taco Bell is right across the street.   But if we do even a bit of planning and preparation, we have the potential to be the healthiest people on the planet, since we have available to us a huge variety of fresh produce from all over the globe.


Habit #2 is to Begin With the End In Mind.   Picture yourself at 70.   Do you want to go out like a light switch at 95, having enjoyed the company of your great-grandchildren and travelled the world?   Or do you want to go out like a dimmer switch, spending the last 25 years of your life pinned to a chair because of health problems?   Too many of us are spending the last decades of our life doing the latter.


If we envision being a spry, mentally sharp 90-year old (like one of my heroes, Gordon B. Hinckley, who lived to 96 traveling the world and serving others), we’re going to have to make choices TODAY that lead to that destination.


Two more Covey habits and what they have to do with the GreenSmoothieGirl mission, tomorrow.

Good, Better, and Best in Nutrition

I want to talk about good, better, and best in nutrition.   I got an email yesterday from my cousin who said that the idea of soaking/sprouting grains in advance is overwhelming to her.   She probably read my three-part blog on phytates in whole grains.

If my cousin’s comment describes you, then don’t worry about it!   Some of my readers (group #1) are mostly raw, longtime vegans.   Some eats lots of plant food (group #2) and consider themselves “healthy eaters” but are struggling to get off processed food and meat.   Many of my readers, though, (group #3) are eating the SAD (standard American diet)–they know they don’t feel good, they want to change, but they’re starting with limited knowledge and most of the information on GreenSmoothieGirl.com is new to them.

If you are in group #3, know this: you are who I think about every time I write.   If I can help you climb to a better place, my mission with this site is being accomplished!   That’s not to say I’m not keenly interested in group #1 and #2 also, because I am, but those folks are already on a good path.

Group #3, the big thing is to DO WHAT YOU CAN DO. Bestselling author Stephen R. Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) once said something like, “The main thing is to always make the main thing the main thing.”   Let’s not get sidelined with fear about this or that or the other thing.   If you see someone from group #1 or #2 asking questions on this site you’re not ready for, just file it away.   The MAIN THING is to get more plant-based food, especially raw, especially vegetables, especially greens!   More this month than you did last month.

The main thing isn’t in the details—or the fact that we make mistakes. (You and me both!) Get on the path and just put one foot in front of the other and DON’T QUIT.

Tomorrow: good, better, and best for GRAINS and SWEETENERS.