Check out this 3-minute video of ME in my BED

I got an Intellibed several years ago. And the quality of my sleep radically changed. So, I talk about my bed, to people, a lot! In fact, I just did this short video in my bedroom. (It’s G-rated, don’t worry!)

I think it’s frustrating that virtually all the bed companies give you a 10-year warranty, but they also tell you that you need to buy a bed every 5-8 years. Fact is, some research shows that the bed has broken down 25% in the first 2 years, if it’s made with foam. And virtually all of them are.

My Intellibed just might be the last bed I ever buy. (I actually can’t wait to get home when I’m on a work trip in lovely Marriott and Hyatt hotels, because my bed at home is even better than those high-end hotel beds!)

So I went to my friends at Intellibed, who taught me a lot about sleep science, why supporting certain parts of the body in a certain way is critically important, and why our sleep and even our overall health suffers in a sub-par bed. I said, “How can I get a discount for my GreenSmoothieGirl readers, something better than they can get anywhere else? Plus, will you please make life easier for them by giving them some great stuff for free? You know I LOVE my Intelligel pillow.”

intellibedSo, for the next 2 weeks, you can get 10% off any mattress, plus a free $90 mattress protector, plus free sheets and TWO $149 Intelligel pillows! (I used to love my Bucky pillow……I don’t even know where it is, anymore, because my Intelligel pillow supports my head BETTER while I sleep, so I love it even more.)

This is a better deal than they’ve ever given my readers before! The only way you’re going to get that deal, and that almost $600 in free items, is by using “greensmoothiegirl” as your coupon code on the Intellibed website. All one word.

I wouldn’t trust a small child or baby on anything but Intelligel, because of the potential link of SIDS to mattress off-gassing. Virtually all other beds use polyurethane foam as padding, and then you’re breathing toxic chemical fumes one-third of your life. There’s no off-gassing with your Intellibed.

happy sleepI have done this promotion with Intellibed in the fall, every year, but they offered to give my readers EXTRA freebies for a Memorial Day sale. So if you want to improve your sleep, now’s the best deal they’ve ever given us!

You can watch my full webinar on sleep quality, at Or, if you want to see what’s available, go to Just remember to use “greensmoothiegirl” as your coupon code. Soon I hope you’re enjoying fabulous REM sleep like I am! G’night!



Sandra in Canada has a great story of health through plant-based eating!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Joel Furhman

Recently we got this story from Sandra P. in Canada I thought you would enjoy!

My family started our plant-based journey less than a year ago. My husband saw Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz show, and cut out all animal products, as well as all processed foods and oils from his diet! I was stunned by his declaration and told him that if he thought I was going to cook two separate meals for our family, he was crazy! I mean how could he ask me, with my Italian descent, to cut olive oil from my diet!

Nonetheless, he ignored my drama and began eating only whole plant-based foods (vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds) and he started losing weight. That did it for me! There was no way he would lose weight effortlessly and leave me behind with the extra weight I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried!

veggiesDon’t get me wrong; this is a lifestyle change that doesn’t happen overnight! It took me a while to completely cut all animal products. My family thought I was insane and my mom tried to force feed me chicken! The hardest thing for me to give up completely was cheese! Now I notice that dairy products give me cramps, hives, and gas.

My children have been off dairy since September. One of my sons, Michael, was diagnosed with asthma as a baby and has been on puffers since then! This is the first season that he hasn’t had a chest infection!

Overall health benefits for all of us: weight-loss, anxiety and depression gone, sleeping better, more energy, and I’m always in a good mood, which is a bonus for the rest of the family, too!

Forks over KnivesYou already know about the amazing Robyn Openshaw, also known as Green Smoothie Girl! She is helping to spread the word about the benefits of plant-based nutrition and has already changed so many lives! Watch Forks Over Knives, and read Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Campbell’s The China Study too!

The greatest gift that I gave my family was that of knowledge! They can now take their health into their own hands, and can make our world a better place, one person at a time!

God Bless,

Sandra Perri



How I lost 25 years of my life

ultimate-mineralsI spent 25 years of my life a zombie. I slept very little, and sometimes was awake in my bed for 2 – 6 hours. On a GOOD night, I’d fall asleep after an hour.

I have slept like a baby for the past 4 years. Two reasons:

1. GSG Ultimate Minerals. Literally changed my life. Turns out my neurological system needed trace minerals to quiet down. (Dark circles under my eyes also went away.)

2. My Intellibed. I love it so much! I have one for each of my kids. Did you know that beds “off-gas” toxic chemicals? Intellibed doesn’t, but the thing you NOTICE is how well you sleep, because the gel supports the parts of your body that need it most. Join me and my friend Bob Rasmussen, founder of Intellibed, HERE, for a webinar that’s ALL ABOUT SLEEP. You’ll learn some new things about something you spend 1/3 of your life doing! Through the end of this month, Intellibed is offering GSG readers 10% off and a free mattress protector.

Listen to the webinar recorded here and get your special deal through Sept. 30 using the coupon code greensmoothiegirl!

15 Ways I Optimize Health and Energy Every Day—Besides Good Food! (part 4 of 4)


Feeling resentful and picked-on is easy. It takes just a bit of effort, discipline, and purpose to spend a few minutes daily shifting into a pose of gratitude. But choosing gratitude quickly transforms a bleak mood. Every day I try to marvel at the cool things in my life. Usually it happens organically, but occasionally I just push my mind there…..fake it till you make it! Do gratitude exercises even when you’re not in the mood, and suddenly you find you ARE in the mood.

I list the amazing stuff in my life. I sit in wonder. Try to apply words to the amazing catalog of blessings that have been laid at your feet—in counterpoint to some significant challenges, too. Sometimes, most days, I say  out loud to myself, spontaneously,

“I love my life!”

Not often enough, I send texts to people to thank them for small things that mean something to me, or better yet, tell them to their face. (I’ve decided that while I’m great at expressing gratitude via email and text, an in-person compliment, or thank-you, is worth twice as much.)

I try to make compliments and thank-you’s as specific and authentic as possible.

Be like a child for five minutes a day—as if everything amazing around you is BRAND NEW!

breathe12. TAKE 30 DEEP BREATHS A DAY.

Do it outside, in clean air, if possible. Heart attack survivors who learned how to breathe deeply, using the diaphragm, had fewer subsequent cardiac events. You can’t help it from calming you. Moods lifting and calming down are natural products of oxygenation. I love to enhance this exercise with a drop of essential oil rubbed into my hands, cupped around my mouth and nose as I inhale. My energy changes radically and I feel calm and peaceful.


Did you know that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight? Getting enough sleep doesn’t mean getting 8 hours—not for everyone, and not every night. The most important thing may be to complete sleep cycles.

The body sleeps in 90-minute cycles. If you wake up naturally, after 4.5 hours, having completed three full cycles, you may be more rested than if you slept 8 hours and were awakened by your alarm clock while you’re in one of the deep, restorative stages of sleep! I think alarm clocks are terrible for our health.

So, go to bed early. Then you’ll wake up naturally, rather than to the alarm. If you wake up at 4 a.m., no big deal, if you went to bed at 10 p.m. You might be surprised at how rested you are all day.

And, try to go to bed at the same time every night. You’re training your brain and body when to shut down. Take valerian root or melatonin as a sleep aid, if you want, but only occasionally. Otherwise your body may stop producing important hormones, since you’re providing it in pill form. It’s always best to let the body do its job!

How about a nice warm cup of delicious and nutritious Coco Mojo?
How about a nice warm cup of delicious and nutritious Coco Mojo?


I don’t know if this one is important to everyone. But it keeps me happy with working long hours; to think that I have something to look forward to.

I like to have a short-term reinforcer, as a reward for getting everything done in my day (like a treat, or Zumba at 9 pm). And a mid-term reinforcer (every Saturday night doing something fun with my girlfriends—I start planning it with them mid-week).

And don’t forget the long-term reinforcer. (When is that next vacation? It always has to be on my calendar!) Depressed people often say, “I have nothing to live for.” We can create things to live for, and put them on the calendar or vision board.

My once-a-day, short-term reinforcer, the past several years, is a cup of Cocoa Mojo with Coconut Milk, in one of the pretty mugs that I bought in Switzerland.  Tennyson and I enjoy this together after I pick him up after school. It’s the together-time with him, and the cup of something hot in my hands, that I look forward to. And it doesn’t make me feel unwell like processed treats do. It contains non-dutched (alkalized) cocoa, and coconut sugar, and powerful medicinal mushrooms, plus the medium-chain fatty acids and deliciousness of coconut.


I read instead of watching TV. Did you know TV requires only your very lowest brain waves?  Reading helps to keep your mind nimble and healthy.

Knowledge is always ahead of habit. Plenty of us know more than we actually put into practice. So we need our knowledge to be WAY out in front—and then our messy human foibles, that get in the way of good self-discipline, can keep scrambling to keep up with our information databank.

Always ask “why?” And then when you find what looks like answers, remain open, and ask yourself, “But what else?”

These 15 practices may seem like a long list that takes lots of time. It’s not actually true, though, because these habits increase my vitality and make me more productive, happier, and in tune. And, many of them I can do simultaneously.  For instance, I practice gratitude, and deep breathing while I’m getting my endorphin fix running outside. I am also getting my Vitamin D, the “natural Prozac” in the sunshine, too! That’s four tasks in one—and I feel great, rather than stressed out, when I’m done!

If you have other daily practices that make you super-crazy-healthy, write me!


I can’t sleep! What to do, besides drugs?

taking drugs to sleepDear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I’ve been searching your site for information about sleep. I have a friend who has struggled his entire life to sleep and it is affecting his health dramatically.  There are very few places on the web where I feel that I can find truth when searching about information on health, but your website is always where I go first for answers. As of now, he’s stuck on either Ambien or Tylenol PM just to make it through each night.  There have got to be alternatives that are more effective and healing.  So, what have you learned over the years and what would you do? Thanks, Valerie

asleep at work2Answer:  Valerie, that’s great you’re helping your friend. I have an ex-boyfriend who takes Trazadone at night (way more hardcore than Tylenol PM or even Ambien!) and still gets only an hour or two of sleep many nights. He occasionally falls asleep at work (in surgery!) and is perpetually sleep deprived. To be sure, the drug approach is a cycle that can ultimately lead to more problems. Watching his struggles, and as a former 20-year insomniac myself (I resolved my sleep issues a number of years ago), I have a lot of sympathy.

My mother can pull over on the side of the road and take a 10-minute power nap. I’ve seen her lie down on a bench in the BYU football stadium or at the Marriott Center, during football and basketball games in huge crowds. She actually FALLS ASLEEP and wakes up rested. When my son was in the state playoffs last year for a week straight, I saw her lie down on concrete and take a nap between games. I don’t know why I didn’t get the Sleep Anywhere Anytime gene from her.

sweet dreamsHERE and HERE are my past writings on natural ways to solve sleep problems.

I also recorded a webinar with sleep specialist and Intellibed founder Bob Rasmussen, HERE, where he and I talk about sleep research. I also explain how I recovered from insomnia and am no longer ever sleep deprived despite spending at least 10 nights every month in hotels.

Valerie, I hope this is helpful to your friend and also to anyone looking for answers to insomnia problems.


What baby sleeps on. And why it matters.

sleeping babyYou do it 8 hours a day, if you’re the average American.  I do it 6 hours, since I converted to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. It’s all I need.

Sleep. We think about it very little. Many Americans have accepted that even though they do so much of it, they rarely feel rested.

The idea you need 8 hours is based on American averages. Most people are eating heavy, toxic food for dinner and need an extra two hours to recover, because their bodies are working overtime while they sleep. Instead of RESTING.

I’ve become a real believer in the role a mattress plays in the quality of sleep received. I used to sleep on this crappy Craft-Matic bed.  My dad worked for them and got it for me, free. The only good thing I have to say about it is that it was nice to have for the 6 days I didn’t walk, after my ATV accident in June 2011. Because I could move it up and down to get out of bed, when I was in excruciating pain with two broken ribs and a bruised kidney.

I used to look forward to getting away on my business travels, where the Marriott and Hyatt beds let me sleep far better than I did at home.

Now it’s the exact opposite. I now dread sleeping in even high-end hotels, because my IntelliBED at home is so awesome.

Lots of you took advantage of the group buy we did on IntelliBED last month. (Right now they’re letting us leave it open: check out the webinar we did with IntelliBED founder Bob Rasmussen. And check out the deal you can’t get anywhere else, just for GSG readers, HERE.)

The webinar covers how sleep is affected by the support and comfort that the mattress gives, and we talked about toxicity in a mattress. Did you know your mattress off-gasses? I didn’t know either! Did you know baby mattresses do, too, and that research suggests a link to SIDS?

We talked mostly on the webinar about adult mattresses.  Today let’s talk about what babies sleep on.

It took me five years, several miscarriages, lots of fertility testing and drugs, to get pregnant with Kincade. Before he was born, his twin died. I was terrified that SIDS would take my baby who I spent years trying to bring into our family. I studied everything I could. I learned of a potential vaccine link and stopped immunizing him. I learned that baby boys die of SIDS at age 4 months, at a higher rate, if they have a cold. I was terrified of him being around sick people.

Crazy to think that a crib mattress could poison a baby, but there are, in fact, a number of toxic substances in bedding and mattresses that our faces are buried in, for one-third of our lives.

US News and World Report asks the question “Does your child really have ADHD?” HERE.

The article says,

“A lack of sleep can damage brain neurons, particularly in the prefrontal cortex region,” says Karen Bonuck, lead author and professor of family and social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. This may be due to a decrease in oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels; interference with sleep’s restorative processes; and a disruption in the balance of cellular and chemical systems. What can result is inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity—the classic trademarks of ADHD. When the disorder is suspected in a child, “nighttime sleep patterns should be reviewed with the primary care doctor,” says Bonuck. “Parents may even wish to video or audio tape the problematic behavior as a first step.”

What if it isn’t ADHD at all, but our kids suffering from poor sleep beginning when they are babies?

A related article in the same publication entitled “Nine Drug-Free Approaches to Managing ADHD” suggests that two of the things I write about constantly:

….that diet and good sleep on non-toxic materials are two of the most important approaches to managing ADHD.

When women get pregnant, they are encouraged to increase their sleep to greater than 8 hours. A study from the University of California, San Francisco reveals that an overwhelming percentage of pregnant women in the U.S. have high levels of toxic environmental chemicals in their bodies.

The trial found that out of the 268 pregnant women tested for toxins, 100 percent showed traces of several individual chemicals in their blood or urine. They include certain PCBs, organochlorine pesticides, PFCs, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and perchlorate.

Two new studies have provided even more evidence that toxic chemicals used in everyday products contaminate the bodies of pregnant women, who then pass the chemicals on to their fetuses before birth. Scientists from both the Harvard School of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that certain chemicals like PCBs, toxic flame retardants, and Teflon chemicals move across the placenta to the fetus, with concentrated levels found in breast milk.

Most women in the U.S. are sleeping on a modern mattress that is full of synthetic foams that contain many of these toxins.

This research has common themes: the need to get better sleep from the time we are babies to when we reach adulthood, plus the need to eliminate as many toxins as possible from our living space.

IntelliBED products help with both. There is a lot of evidence out there suggesting that one of the biggest off-gassing offenders is petroleum based polyurethane foam (including memory foam).  Many of the crib mattresses being sold today are full of it, as is almost every adult mattress.

Knowing that, IntelliBED designed a crib mattress that has no foam of any kind in it.  Their “Just Gel, Baby!  Crib Mattress” is made of a plush layer of Intelli-Gel.  Intelli-Gel is so safe, it was approved for use in baby-bottle nipples, and is used in many toys.  It is made of food-grade materials and has been shown to be non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

The cover of the Just Gel, Baby! Crib mattress is made from organic cotton.  And they don’t use spray-on additives to make their crib mattresses meet the Federal Burn Standards required by the Federal Government.  They use a non-off-gassing silica fiber that is naturally burn resistant.

Pregnant moms may not be able to afford a new mattress, but a great “budget” option to solve these problem may be an Intelli-Gel Mattress Make Over.

This is a topper made from Intelli-Gel, with almost no foam in it.  It will not only provide substantially more comfort increasing the likelihood of better sleep, it will also form a barrier separating you from the surface of your old mattress and all those potential toxins.

When you order a new Just Gel, BABY! Crib Mattress, the Mattress Make-Over or a new mattress, use the “greensmoothiegirl” coupon code I worked out for you, and get a 10% discount plus free shipping – it is the best deal you can get.

Just go to, click on the “Store” tab and place your order. Before you check out, click “Have a Coupon Code” and put the code in.