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Green smoothies for old, fat, busy executives

GreenSmoothieGirl and our franchise in the Highland, Utah Roxberry are on Check it out HERE. Business contributor Ken Krogue feels like he showed up late to the party, just this week discovering a green smoothie at Highland, Utah’s Roxberry store, introduced to him by one of Utah’s most successful company founders. Go to the […]

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Special Deal on Green Smoothies! (locals only)

You know there’s a GreenSmoothieGirl bar inside the Roxberry stores in Highland and American Fork, right? ALL OF SEPTEMBER, all you have to do is say you’re a GSG reader, and you’ll get $1 off any green smoothie: 5406 W. 11000 N. Highland 484 N. 850 W. A.F. (with a drive-thru) We’ll be giving away […]

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The NASTIEST green smoothie ever…a war is brewing…and Samantha’s blog

Today I filmed inside a closed Good Earth store, where the Wilberts, Cornias, and Total Care Dental got the following fun surprises: $50/week for the next 2 months in groceries from The Good Earth, presented by co-owner Scott Howard $50/week for the next 2 months in groceries from SunWarrior, plus free protein powder, Liquid Light, […]

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cool (even COLD!) gift idea — locals only

Even in the cold, the GreenSmoothieGirl bars in Roxberry (American Fork & Lehi) are doing great, with another few hundred served in November. An 18-month old customer comes in every day because she screams that she wants her “gween smoodie” to her mother, when they drive by! Holly says to let you know that through […]

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update: how did GreenSmoothieGirl juice bars do?

As you know, on about Oct. 6, the first two GreenSmoothieGirl bars opened in the Roxberry franchises in Highland and American Fork, Utah. 77 of y’all came in with the coupons I handed out. In that first 4 weeks, 370 green smoothies were served, and the owners, the Jackmans, are pumped. They said raw foodists […]

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First-ever Green Smoothie Girl franchises now open! Coupon here.

Holly is this gorgeous raven-haired woman I met at my Spanish Fork class a few months ago. She came up to me afterward and said, “We want to be your first franchisees.” So . . . drum roll please . . . you can now buy your daily quart of green smoothies, 15 servings of […]

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