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The best cancer clinic I’ve ever been to……Europe travels part 3

It’s Paracelsus al Ronc in the gorgeous Southern Swiss Alps. My favorite holistic clinic (specializing in cancer but also treating for heavy metals, Lyme’s and so many other things), in 18 months of traveling the world and studying at many clinics on several continents. I was astonished, by the quality diagnostics, compassionate, amazing doctor (Petra […]

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The best cancer clinic I’ve ever been to……Europe travels part 2

There is a clear winner. Best holistic cancer treatment I’ve ever seen. Blew me away, in fact. The facility itself is gorgeous! It’s the $17 million gift of a wealthy humanitarian who was cured by the founding doctor high up in one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. With beautiful lodging, on-site, […]

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Retreat is cancelled

Ron Hatfield has informed me that he’s being foreclosed on and cannot host the retreat. We cannot arrange any acceptable local venues at this late date. I was very excited about the retreat and had spent a lot of time planning it (also had a bunch of videos done, about it). Unfortunately I have no […]

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Here’s a video of where the retreat will be in May!

Check out the fabulous place where we’ll be having the GSG retreat May 19-21 (Lindon Utah). Here’s a video of me showing you around the place. Hope you’re coming because we are planning some exciting and fun things in our plot to overthrow the S.A.D. Sign up here while you still get the $150 of […]

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Upcoming videos, stay tuned…..

Thank you so much for the flood of birthday wishes on Facebook. I have been so blessed with amazing friends, including my internet friends. I’m looking forward to another year on this planet. I am spending the day watching my kids’ sports, doing some yoga and taking Tennyson skiing, and going to a party hosted […]

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  I’m so excited to announce the 2011 GreenSmoothieGirl retreat, Overthrowing the Standard American Diet, One Family at a Time! Come meet my posse of amazing nutrition-superhero friends–parents, authors, and chefs, all of them!–at Noah’s in Lindon, Utah, this April 21-23. We will instruct and inspire you in a direction that can profoundly change your […]

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Green Smoothie Girl bars opening soon

Raymond Leggett posted this on the GreenSmoothieGirl fanpage on facebook: In 6 weeks of doing my program of green smoothies, he’s lost 40 lbs. and feels better than he has in 30 years. If you want to know more, he says others around him are copying him–so “friend” him on facebook and maybe he’ll answer […]

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my last local class of the summer, retreat update

Locals, both my Springville classes (Aug. 4 and 11) are FULL. The last class I will be doing of the summer has only 60 RSVPs right now and we can take more. It’s at Runner’s Corner in Orem this Thurs., at a kind of weird time–8 p.m. Here’s the RSVP with the address, if you […]

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Free class/lunch Oakland Aug. 13, update on retreat

GSG readers Dr. Lauren Clum and Dr. Mariza Snyder are hosting my free class / demo / book signing on Aug. 13 at lunch time. Not only that, but they’re providing lunch AND offering free mini-consultations afterwards. This will be a fun one! I’m excited to meet readers from the Bay Area! Please RSVP here. […]

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Plans for first-ever GSG retreat in Feb.

So I am going to do the first-ever retreat and it’s going to be a BLAST: Overthrowing the Standard American Diet One Family At a Time GreenSmoothieGirl Parents’ and Grandparents’ Retreat 2010 I spent some time brainstorming what the sessions will be, what I think you’ll want to learn about. (I’ve a pretty good […]

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