Drinking and driving: ideas on traveling

We flew into Columbus, Ohio. We then drove through the beautiful foliage in Michigan, Canada, New York, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

In each of 10 cities, we grabbed whatever was left of the gallons of green smoothie we served our audiences. After the lecture, we’d put them in the fridge in our hotel rooms. Sometimes just leave them in the car when we didn’t have a fridge in our hotel room. Or we fill a trash can with ice in the hotel room, and tossed the gallon in there.

(Other times when I travel, I take frozen pints of green smoothie, bagged and wrapped in my jeans, in my suitcase. Those will last a few days at the most, carefully managed, if you have a fridge where you’re going. Warning: defrosted green smoothies don’t have a good texture!)

Kristin snapped this photo of me “drinking and driving” in Michigan.

Green smoothies are just one way I keep my energy high on a trip. I saw a woman with a green smoothie in the New York City subway. She told me where she bought it, but I forgot. The point is, look around where you are, and you can find good stuff. (We went to Pure Food and Wine in New York City once, too, on this trip—my favorite raw restaurant on the planet.)

Kristin and I are constantly finding the closest Whole Foods Market on our travels. They virtually always have a great salad bar. We load up, and it is our ONE big meal, in a day, along with an herbal tea or kombucha, and a treat (made with no sugar, and only whole foods).

Then we find a Starbucks for the WiFi and find comfy chairs. I prop up my iPad, Kristin opens her laptop, and we work all day till our class starts. A guy walked past me, with my Whole Foods Market box-o-salad, which I confess cost me $13, and said, “We call that Whole Paycheck Market.”

Maybe. But I’m pretty sure his latte just set him back $4. And for what gain?

The rest of the day, on the run in our travels, we have green smoothies, flax crackers we brought from home, dried plums or apricots (favorites of mine). The point is, drive-thrus aren’t inevitable, even if they’ve been your “normal” up till now.

We also look for Sweet Tomatoes or Soup Plantation nearby. We pull up all the restaurants in the area on the Garmin GPS we travel with, and we scroll through them until we find a place with great vegetarian options, and good salads—salad bars being our favorite.

In my hometown of Springfield, Virginia, near our last lecture in the tour, I went to find the house I grew up in, and took this picture. The lovely woman who has owned the home for 20 years asked me if I wanted a tour and of course I said yes.

What a flood of memories to walk through the home I spent many years of my life in. The spot in the basement I’d make out with my boyfriend after my parents went to sleep. The forest behind the house where I’d run to escape my six brothers. The tiny bedroom where I did countless hours of homework.

And just a few miles away is a 25-year old Whole Foods Market with a teeny little salad bar. In high school, I bought nachos at the 7-11 across the street, instead. (It’s still there, too.) Now, I am smarter. I make better choices. I think about the future and the things I want to accomplish and which fuels will send me the right direction.



Expo West 2012! It’s bedlam.

Expo West in Anaheim is one of the ten biggest trade shows in the world, of any kind, and the biggest “natural products” expo in the world. I’m blogging this week about my adventures there. We always go with SunWarrior to Au Lac, Chef Ito’s raw vegan restaurant. All the same people are there every year. Fabulous food, I highly recommend it!

This year we went to a Ziggy Marley concert and danced!  When we got in, we had to race from LAX to a class I taught to 200 in Buena Park the night before, and we forgot to account for the traffic. Oh my. Health Mate Sauna was at the show, who arranges our group buy, letting everyone try out the sauna—fun!

I caught a cold the night before, and between walking the show all day and staying up late, you can see the puffy circles under my eyes! (By the way, getting a cold once or twice a year is a good cleansing mechanism and not at all bad for you. Clear mucous is cleansing. The problem is when it gets stagnant and is thick, and yellow or green. That’s the sign of an acidic condition. I felt fine two days later, and came home to go back to early-morning boot camp, tennis with my team, and then an afternoon of skiing in 62-degree sunshine—all in the same day.)

I’m recovering from the fun in Cali, for 2 days. I’m about to hop  a plane to speak in Maui and Honolulu sponsored by the very active Vegetarian Society there. I’ve never been to Hawaii and am very excited.  My friend Ben is coming along, and we’re meeting GSG reader Debbie, who spends a lot of time in Hawaii and has wanted Down to Earth and the Veg Society to host me for about a year now, just finally worked it out.

Meantime, ah, the characters at Expo West, and what some people will do to sell their product! Get a sense of it yourself here. Kristin really outdid herself stalking them all with her camera. Enjoy!


Crazy week in New York City…..and, GSG is hiring

I’m just home from 5 days in New York City, one of my favorite places on the planet. It was 60 degrees the whole time, and we saw a bunch of fabulous shows, one being Brooke Shields in The Addams Family, but my favorite one was Hugh Jackman. I love to see people exactly my age, as both Brooke and Hugh are, who are at the top of their game instead of sliding off into inertia.

Did you know Hugh is not just Wolverine and one of the handsomest men on the planet–but he can sing like crazy, and dance his feet off? Wow. Two-hour one-man show and you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Lately what I do when I travel is freeze a bunch of pint jars of green smoothies. Or carrot-apple-beet-celery-collard juice (made with my Norwalk juicer). I put them in my suitcase, well cushioned with Ziploc bags around them. Then I put them in the hotel mini-fridge and have some every morning.

Jamie wasn’t about to eat another raw restaurant (she hates them everywhere we go), so she brought stuff from Starbuck’s missed out on the best meal I have EVER had, bar none, at one of the best raw vegan restaurants on this planet: Sarma Melngailis’ Pure Food and Wine. Tell me you won’t miss it, if you go to New York!

But my biggest adventure in the Big Apple was on my Saturday morning 6-mile run along the Lower East Side. People who train at 4200 feet elevation like I do LOVE running at sea level—we can go forever. I was enjoying the waterfront in Battery Park, the nice weather, and the view of the Statue of Liberty, when I…..discovered a dead man in Hudson River 10 feet from me.

Just what everyone hopes to encounter on vacation! Ten minutes later, two FDNY boats, a helicopter, a fire truck, at least 100 cops and as many bystanders descended on the scene to watch the boats fish the body out.

Soooooo, that was weird. I haven’t seen any news report of it–must be just another day in the Big Apple. My main thought was: “WE’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE, TOTO!” Meantime, back at GreenSmoothieGirl.com…..

….we need a new webmaster! Here’s the job description, so if you know anyone, have them write us an introductory email and send a resume to support123@greensmoothiegirl.com:


Home-based contract webmaster needed to work remotely, with HTML programming and online shopping cart experience. Good communication and people skills important. Technical aptitude, reliability, and problem solving skills needed. Experience with graphic design, web design, shopping carts, are helpful. Magento programming not necessary but a plus (it’s in our future). Looking for a committed full-time contractor (although this is a part-time contract), rather than someone with a full-time job wanting to pick up extra work on the side. Compensation depending on experience.

Off to Texas and The Heart Attack Grill….& in Feb., we’re in Ft. Lauderdale & Orlando!

We’re about to take off to speak Thurs. night in DALLAS, where our tickets issued just topped 700. Then we have nearly 300 in SAN ANTONIO where we are determined to get in a late-night run on the River Walk, before jetting off to AUSTIN Saturday morning where we have 450 registered. After I talk with people for a while afterwards, we’ll tear out of there to speak in HOUSTON that night, where we have over 650 ticketed. Only 50% actually show up to free events, so these classes will be nice and small and intimate—come one, come all, and chat with me afterward please!

I love Texans, the warmest people on the planet! I get to see my little brother and his family tonight, and then tomorrow at 1:45-ish we’re gonna go stir up some trouble at the Heart Attack Grill in Dallas, so come hang out with us there, and make a video with us! I’m going to try to stuff some posterboard and sharpies in my suitcase right now in case we decided to PICKET. For sure we’ll be trying to get people to try samples of my own personal green-fountain-of-youth and talking them out of strapping on a hospital gown and clogging their arteries with motor oil…..I mean, triple-pattie burgers and stick-of-butter shakes and deep-fried potatoes and beer.

Today at the gym we dreamed up these picket signs: “CODE GREEN, NOT CODE RED!” What do you think?? Any other ideas?

Stand by to watch the video of me-n-Kristin—maybe my brother and his wife, maybe a couple of Texas friends—- try to save the world one green smoothie at a time!

In February I am doing two free lectures in Florida with the famous Dr. Brian Clement (I’m doing my class/demo and he’s speaking on CANCER AND NUTRITION), right after spending a few days studying at his Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. We’ll be in FT. LAUDERDALE, Fri. Feb. 17, and ORLANDO, Sat., Feb. 18, so get some free tickets if you’re anywhere near there! (Oh, and write amanda@greensmoothiegirl.com if you want to help us find a location for either of those, thanks!)

I will continue to blog while I’m away. And we should be shipping and arranging for local pickup, for the group buy, by Oct. 30 or sooner!


Excited, just a little scared, to go to TEXAS!

A couple of years I went to San Antonio with a friend, just to goof around while my kids spent spring break with their dad. I blogged that in over 20 countries I’d been in, over the past few years, on several continents, it was officially the UNHEALTHIEST place I have ever been.

I’m mostly excited, but a little scared, to go to Texas again next month! The good news is, in Dallas and Houston, we have 550 and 450 people ticketed. And 200 and 250 in San Antonio and Austin. So there officially are plenty of people in Texas interested in eating right. I spoke in Dallas a couple of years ago at a Whole Foods Market to the biggest crowd they’d ever had in their event planner’s 9 years working there—so I know there are truth seekers and healthy eaters even “down south!”

But I just got this note from our sponsor in Dallas, Andie:

“So Robyn may have her work cut out for her here. I wanted to pass on to her about a new restaurant we have called the Heart Attack Grill. They boast the highest fat content in the burgers (they even have one with four patties), sticks of butter in the milkshakes, and fries cooked in pure lard. They make you wear a hospital gown while eating. And the kicker? If you are over 350 pounds you get to eat free!!! The first day they were open they were so busy they had to close early because they got so overwhelmed. Yikes!”

Oncologists who practice in nutrition have to run to Mexico so they don’t get sued for stepping outside “standard of care,” while businesses who brazenly boast that their food will kill you, are welcomed with open arms.

Andie, can you make up some extra green smoothie? Kristin and I just decided we’re gonna stand outside The Heart Attack Grill and film us handing out samples.

Can’t wait to meet y’all, Texans.

I love Idaho Falls, part 1 of 3

I went to Idaho Falls a year ago for a tri-state tournament for Tennyson’s baseball team, and just for fun, I put on the blog and facebook that I was teaching a class. A reader asked the little supplement store there, Wealth of Health or something, to host it. Their response: “Nobody here cares about whole foods.” Well, 80 people showed up.

Fast forward, I found out a few weeks ago that Tennyson’s team is playing that tourney again. So I post the class, and AGAIN the little nutrition shop tells a reader: “Nobody will care about GreenSmoothieGirl here–this is Idaho.”

225 people packing the Idaho Falls High School auditorium tells me otherwise. I loved meeting so many wonderful people in our neighbor-state, and I loved early-morning running along your beautiful, waterfalled Snake River again. (It’s flooding, too, some parts of the trail under water, forcing us into the road.) That water feature randomly in the middle of town is SPECTACULAR, more beautiful than anything I’ve seen in any big city. We loved Yellowstone’s Bear World. (That’s a 10-year old’s photography you’re looking at, since I was driving.)

Tennyson and I ate at Applebee’s, and then he rocketed the baseball over the fence for a three-run homer. The next day he insisted that we go to Applebee’s AGAIN for lunch to eat the Paradise Salad in a superstitious attempt to replicate his performance the day before.

BAM. Another over-the-fence hit. He came home with a trophy as his team won all four games in their pool (before taking 2nd in the tournament overall), plus the two balls he will proudly show you the mark where his bat tore through the hides. Tennyson is back row, far right, no hat, in the photo.

Tomorrow I have a fun little video for you of Sam the Cop who healed massive congenital heart problems and more, with a plant-based diet and green smoothies!