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anyone in Idaho want some raw almonds?

We have had some struggles this year switching to a new shopping cart right as we started the group buy. (Dumb move. NOW I know better. Can you say “bugs?”) Thanks for your patience as we tried to do the group buy on a much bigger scale this year and kinda tripped and stumbled and […]

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group buy ends Monday!

Just a note that the group buy to obtain raw, unpasteurized almonds and 15 other high-nutrition and raw food items for your food storage ends MONDAY (Nov. 30): Here’s the FAQ explaining the group buy, ship dates, etc.:

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bodybuilding and green smoothies, raw food

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, I just wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me to try your green smoothies.   I am totally hooked on them and I’ve started to crave them as well.   I feel so much better and energized.   I just came off my contest season and I’m now in the off […]

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quick tip for locals

Today only, at Buy Low (the old Food 4 Less) in Provo, cabbage is $0.20/lb. Great time to make raw sauerkraut for next to nothing–see Ch. 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

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“look but don’t touch” :-)

Hi, I’m leaving town for 3 days, and while the group buy is live on the site, we’re still working the kinks out of it. (The whole store is new on the site, and the group order is a BIG project so I want to make sure it’s done right.) So please don’t place your […]

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Another cute little green smoothie drinker!

This is GSG reader Bill’s grandson Jack—does he look happy and healthy, or what?   Bill says it’s easier to get his grandkids to drink green smoothies than his adult kids!   True, that: start them young!

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Robyn, her sister, and her cousins at BYU Education Week

Thoughts after BYU’s Education Week, and Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, Part 1 of 5

I was at Brigham Young University ‘s Education Week most of this week, with my gorgeous sister and two favorite cousins.   (That’s saying a lot about how cool Rochelle and Quinn are, since I have 48 first cousins and they all rock out loud.) I got to see a few GSG readers here from […]

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Do we need to take enzymes when eating a completely raw meal?

I’m a little confused on this point.   If the meal is completely raw, is it correct that all the enzymes we need to digest are in the food itself, and we don’t need to take anything else?

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Dried Fruits & Enzymes

Hey Robyn, When purchasing  dried organic fruit from Azure Standard or similar sites, do the dried fruits still have all the enzymes intact? Is the drying process above 115 degrees? What’s the bottom line? Thanks!!!

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Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 13

My New Year’s Resolution was to GO GREEN. My husband and I (yes, I converted him) both love the green smoothies. They are very satisfying. We no longer crave junk food. We have begun to lose a few pounds. I am turning on my grandchildren and children to them. My husband is Hispanic, diabetic, high […]

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