Mike Murdoch’s amazing story!

GSGLifeI’ve announced it almost nowhere, so far, but we have a huge opportunity to start a business teaching green smoothie classes, soon to be followed by other nutrition education modules. Click “learn more” on GSGLife.com and watch my webinar there, to learn how to  teach the classes you may have heard me teach. With your help, I intend for our message to go from 4 million to 40 million! Spend 3 minutes filling out an application on that site if you’re interested in joining us as a GSG Instructor in our launch!

A longtime GSG fan, Mike Murdoch, signed up as our Instructor #156, and wrote us this inspiring story, to introduce himself:

Three years ago I met Robyn for the first time where I heard her speak. I was in a lot of pain and was needing to lose some weight. I was at a point in my life when I was willing to listen. My wife was the one who has always been into health, and I wasn’t really on board.

But when Robyn said you don’t have to change everything, just start with 10% of your diet, a light bulb went on in my head. I said, “I can do that!” She made it easy and possible.

RobynAt first I judged Robyn pretty harshly. I remember sitting there on my chair, waiting for the class to start. Robyn was up setting up the table and getting everything ready. There were about 300 people coming into the classroom. I had no idea who Robyn was. I was blown away with how many people were there.

As I was watching Robyn set up, I told my wife, “Look at her. She looks like a Barbie Doll. She looks perfect. She probably hasn’t ever had a problem with weight or anything. What is she going to teach me?” Pretty harsh words, but then the class started and I found myself eating my words and being humbled by her story and what she has gone through in life.

I learned you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. She was right on with the things that she said. I tuned in and was at the edge of my seat the whole time. I ate up every word she said, and I found myself becoming a believer in what a green smoothie might do for me. I couldn’t wait to buy a blender and start my adventure to better nutrition.

After that class, my wife and I purchase a high-speed blender and started to make green smoothies, and my wife became an expert. We went to follow up classes with Robyn. Wherever she was, I tried to be there. I brought people. Following her advice on changing my lifestyle.

energy (2) (Small)I stopped eating sugar. She said it was more addictive than cocaine. I started to drink a quart of green smoothie every day. An amazing thing happened to me. In 10 months I had lost 35 lbs! I didn’t even exercise during this time, just followed Robyn’s programs and re-discovered whole foods. My aches and pains went away, and the best part was my energy went through the roof!

I couldn’t believe how much energy I started having because of this change. Fruits and veggies tasted so much better, too. I began to eat things I normally wouldn’t eat. I became a raw food lover and I want to share it with the world!



The new Pepsi commercial

Pepsi sugar 1I’ve been hearing this ad on the radio lately. For Pepsi, or maybe it’s Coke. It reminds me of how the media has people so twisted up, with messaging, that the vast majority of us have NO IDEA what’s good for us, and how our diet affects our health, in hundreds of critically important ways.

The ad said, five times, Pepsi is now made with REAL SUGAR! This was their entire pitch. This is what makes Pepsi such a quality product, such a good choice.

I guess on the gradient, REAL SUGAR is now not as bad as many of the even-worse baddies. Somehow the OLD BAD is now the NEW GOOD. Because there are thousands of products containing chemical Nutrasweet and Splenda. Because high-fructose corn syrup as gotten such a deservedly bad rap. Can we just remember that REAL SUGAR started the diabetes and obesity epidemic? It’s still terrible. Our great grandparents got an orange for Christmas, and it tasted so sweet, they’d make it last for days. Cultures that have no disease eat no processed sugar.

But somehow, REAL SUGAR is now a health food?

Please help your kids, your friends, and anyone you might be able to influence, learn the little truths that add up to a huge difference in someone’s health. These are things that I’ve taken the opportunity to educate regular folks in my path, just THIS WEEK, about:

  1. How the Synthroid she is taking is cancer-causing, a drug, and not molecularly the same as what her body produces. That she has a choice. I sent her to Kristie Rosser, my own bioidentical hormone specialist, in American Fork, Utah. How M.D.’s, even those who hang out a shingle prescribing “bioidenticals,” don’t do the deep and detailed homework, to ascertain the variety of interventions needed to balance a 40+ woman’s hormones. That usually includes several blood tests, over the course of a year, allergy testing, and adjustment using natural substances, of several hormones and precursor hormones. That women are programmed to begin dying at about age 40, so in order to “stay young” till we’re 90, we need to have balanced hormones.
  1. That taking salt pills is not a way to stay hydrated and keep electrolytes up at a tennis match.
  1. keep-calm-and-no-sugarThat it’s easy to start remembering to take water everywhere you go, in glass, from your RO (or alkaline!) water faucet at home, rather than drinking out of plastics. That plastics leach into water and cause hormone system malfunction for men, women and children.
  1. That gluten in bread isn’t good for human beings, anymore. It’s been too altered. That it may be why you’re hanging onto 5 pounds and your belly is never flat.

Ah, I could go on. The point is, I love that I get to play a role in teaching people small details that can make a vast difference in how they feel and look. Take the opportunity. Do it non-critically. Tell them you’re happy to help anytime they need it. That you love to share your own research and discoveries in nutrition and wellness.



Kathy Supports Her Co-Workers in the GSG Detox!

blog 1
Chuck and his brown smoothie.

I recently blogged Kathy’s story. I met her in Baltimore, on speaking tour, and then again 6 months later when she looked like a different person! She lost 40 pounds doing the 26-day GreenSmoothieGirl Detox.  You can see the before and after photos she took with me, here. An amazing testimonial to the miracles that happen when  we eat clean, nutrient-dense, healing plant foods and give up our vices…..even if it’s just for a season.

Kathy has been sharing with us how her co-workers about to finish the GSG Detox, and one she has converted to green smoothies, are doing:

Ron and Brian have started Day 15 (Watermelon Extravaganza!).  Ron has lost 13.5 pounds!  He can now fit into pants he had outgrown. He has struggled with lower energy, and I told him his body is working overtime to detoxify, and that energy comes back.  Brian shared that he cheated a little because he was afraid of losing too much weight.  It was a minor cheat.  I told him that 98% of a detox is better than 0%!  Brian has been able to keep his weight loss to just 5 pounds.  In his case, that is good news as he doesn’t need to lose any weight. He likes the Hockey Pucks recipe in the program, and his kids ate them all, so he had to make more. His 5-year old asks for “pucks!”

Chuck is getting used to drinking brown smoothies.  Chuck and I are having a debate as to whether to peel a beet or leave the skin on before putting it in a smoothie.  He is determined to convince me that I should leave the skin on the beet.  (I peel my beets.)  I know that most of the nutrition in a potato is in the skin.  I also scrub carrots (instead of peeling).  But beets?  I think the skin of a beet is pretty “earthy”.  I’d rather peel.

The pictures were taken shortly before our Tuesday lunch-time Bible study began.  Our group is small.  It consists of myself, Brian, Ron, Chuck, Jean (Ron’s girlfriend), Cole, Louie and Bill (a recent addition to the group).   Bill entered the room with his lunch and sat down at the conference table.  He looked over at my mason jar filled with a brown smoothie (FYI:  blueberries!) and commented, “That looks disgusting.   You’d never catch me drinking that stuff.”

Kathy with bill
Kathy and her Bible study friends.

I looked over at him and said, “Just for that, I’m going to get you a drinking cup from the water fountain so you can taste it!  I know you chew tobacco so tasting this smoothie won’t kill you.”

Bill quipped, “Yeah, but I don’t swallow my tobacco!”

Jean suggested, “Why don’t you get 3 cups so he can taste them all?”

Bill looked around the table and saw that the majority of people had a green smoothie in front of them.  I arrived with the cups and poured Bill a sample from my smoothie.

Bill commented, “That’s pretty good.”

“What was that, Bill??”  I said.  “Say it again!”

“That’s pretty good.”

Next, Bill tried Chuck’s smoothie.  “Yuck!  That’s nasty!  What’s in it?”

Jean pipes in.  “It’s probably his gall bladder medicine.”

“There’s no medicine in this.”  Bill countered in disbelief.

“Yes, there is.”  responded Chuck.  “I put gall bladder medicine in everything I drink.”

The entire room busted out laughing.  Bill’s expression was priceless!

pura-vida-costa-ricaI later found out that Chuck had an entire (unpeeled) beet in his smoothie as one of his ingredients.  Bill, to his credit, did try Brian/Ron’s smoothie and liked it.  I asked Bill if he was willing to sample a smoothie some other time, if I thought I made a good one.  He was willing.  The next day, I left Bill a sample of Robyn’s delicious, famous “Hot Pink Smoothie” recipe on his desk.  (It’s part of the Detox, and also 12 Steps to Whole Foods.) He emailed me and said it made him smile.

Note from Robyn: Kathy, thank you! Here’s Chuck’s green smoothie recipe she shared. He has embraced the idea of “green smoothie with whatever you have on hand.” Cheers to NEW CONVERTS to an amazing lifestyle in a world full of toxic food that destroys “la vida pura!”

Chuck’s Good Stuff (Green Smoothie)

2 cups water



Berry-Green-Smoothie1 small banana

1 ½ cup of berries

1 TBS agave

3 TBS concentrated lemon juice

3 TBS olive oil

One peeled and pitted avocado

Cilantro (to taste)

Added enough spinach and kale to 2 cups of water until the blended mixture reaches 4 cups.  Add remaining ingredients.  Blend.  Enjoy.

Kathy Pugh loses 50 lbs eating whole foods!

Kathy with Robyn (Before)
Kathy with Robyn (Before)

I love when people send me their test results, or their before-and-after photos, when they’ve changed their life.

Kathy is a GSG Detox two-time graduate…..and the winner of a Blendtec Total Blender at my lecture.

We met in October, 2013, in Northern Virginia. She came to my next lecture, 9 months later, near Baltimore. Here you see the photos, with me, of Kathy before and after implementing a whole-foods diet.

Last Fall, she was just shy of 200 pounds, with cholesterol of 198, diagnosed pre-diabetic. She told me, “I didn’t like the way I felt. I had to wiggle into my chair at work. My thighs embraced each other as I walked, and my belly would sometimes cause the grocery store self-checkout machine to yell at me: ‘Please remove items from scanner scale!’”

Kathy realized she needed to do something. The day before Christmas, she started the GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day Detox. By the end, she’d lost 10 pounds. More importantly, she’d realized that she COULD make the switch, from the Standard American Diet, to a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle.

Each weekend, following GSG advice, she tried something new, adding one new habit. Her cholesterol dropped over 50 points in two months. Her doctor told her that her fasting blood sugar was back to normal range–out of danger for diabetes.

Kathy and Robyn (After)
Kathy and Robyn (After)

Kathy has lost nearly 50 pounds in the last 7 months! She’s done the Detox TWICE. She says,

“I feel better about myself and I couldn’t have done it without the tools and information you provide on your website and books.  I am grateful for the work you have done in sharing your knowledge about foods and the food industry.”

Kathy, thank you for sharing your story!


GSG Detox Graduate is Back in the Big Bed!

Quick Start GuideI love reading Detox questionnaires more than ANYTHING in my whole day. I cut and paste the “testimonials” into a big document, and also the “suggestions.” (That’s how I make it better and better—listening to feedback.)

I have about 500% more awesome testimonials than would fit on our webpage HERE. My webmasters said, STOP SENDING THEM, we had to cut a ton, WordPress won’t hold that much text! I get so excited reading about high blood pressure dropping, people ditching their meds after their engine is running cleaner, headaches clearing, big-big weight loss, brain fog clearing, ditching addictions, and so many other things.

But I’ve never LAUGHED OUT LOUD like I did reading James R.’s testimonial from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Should I go to the page where we explain the detox, and tell people if they do it, they might get more lovin? OOH LA LA!

Oh, before I forget to mention, Jame’s  27 POUND WEIGHT LOSS is a new record! I believe we’ve had about 10 people lose 22-25 pounds. The average is almost 13 pounds. Not bad for 26 days, right? And he says he was never hungry.

Here’s Jame’s story:

I was out of shape and on a fast-track towards health problems. I wasn’t working out and ate large portions of horrible processed and fast food! Oh yeah, and I smoked cigarettes. I snored so loud that I was……sleeping on the couch :(

Cucumber-and-Tomato-Salad-Recipe1On top of the health issues, my wife and I were…..let’s just say, um, not on the same page. When she told me she was doing the GSG Detox, and wanted me to, it came at a perfect time for me. I knew I had major changes to make, and quick.

That was December 23rd. I stopped smoking that night, and began mentally preparing for the detox. The first week was a tough transition, and my dreaded meal was the plain potato for lunch. However, I loved the green smoothies, and began to crave the taste of blended, healthy greens. I was never hungry the entire time, and found meals that we will eat forever. (Purple heaven and cucumber tomato salad are delish!)

I began losing weight fast. I went from 244 to 230 in the first week. I became motivated for wifey and me! We had a couple of moments where we considered cheating, but luckily not on the same days, so one of us always held the another accountable for our success.

i_love_green_smoothies_rectangle_magnetWe made it through, and on my last weigh in I was at 217. It’s now been 3+ weeks since the detox ended and here are some highlights:

I kept my weight off!  I drink green smoothies twice per day. I’m still not smoking. I AM BACK IN MY BED AGAIN! My wife and I are…..ahem…..on the same page. She is so proud of my lifestyle change. GSG has truly changed my life!!

Could you fit in the seat at Fenway Park?

Yesterday, a good friend confided in me that he’s recently had a heart attack and is struggling with asthma, acid reflux, allergies, and blood pressure over 170. He said, “I drink my green smoothie but then junk out the rest of the time.”

This has always been my fear—that 90 percent of folks who read my site and books think that a green drink covers all their sins. It does not work like that for most. Green smoothies are nothing more nor less than a step in the right direction.

My friend said to me, “I have a lot to accomplish in life and I’m tired of being tired.” I’m planning to have a chat with him and say this:

“You’re going to have to choose—between junk food addiction, and quality of life.”

Since I last wrote, my son and his team have won FOUR more games in the state tournament, and last night they won the semi-finals. I almost had a heart attack myself, in several times in close games. It’s stressful to be the mom of the pitcher!

Tuesday he brilliantly threw a 2012 team record 131 pitches in 7 innings, to win a very tough game. Pitchers ideally need 5 days of rest before they pitch again. Cade will get only 2 and pitch today.

It’s been great fun to cheer my voice out with dozens of other moms wearing our son’s white jerseys, and enjoy the company and support of my family, many of whom are making sacrifices to be there for my boy.

My friends are driving my car to Las Vegas this afternoon, where we have Van Halen tickets. I won’t be with them and will try to hop a plane later. A team of wild horses couldn’t drag me from the game today.

This photo is my sister Betsy, my brothers Ben and Spencer who always support Cade’s games, my dad, and even my oldest brother Glen from Boston. He got off a plane on his way home from my grampa’s funeral to be here for Cade. (Yes, I said there was no service, because that’s what my grampa told his children he wanted. But his wife didn’t get the memo, so she held one! I missed it because of Cade’s playoffs.)

Anyway, I hardly ever see Glen, father of six and a partner in a law firm. We were talking about how goofy the hand-flipped scoreboard is, in this beautiful multi-million dollar high school stadium. It’s like they ran out of money at the end. But on the other hand, it reminds us of Fenway Park, a place he loves, where I toured with my kids two years ago.

I was telling Glen that I was amazed, sitting in the seats in the original section of the stadium that Boston has preserved. I felt very claustrophobic in the extremely narrow seats. I am 5’8” and currently weigh 132 lbs. I told Glen, “If I weighed even 30 lbs. more, I would not have fit! MOST American adults would not fit in those seats!”

And baseball is the worst of the bad ways we make ourselves too big to sit in a seat. Every family, every game, is eating nachos, candy, soda, and hot dogs. Including my own sibs, some of whom have had some tough health problems. I don’t say this next thing to be superior, but rather to let you know it is possible:

I have never bought any of those things at any baseball game. Not once.

The key is to plan, to shop, to always take your own food, and to simply be committed.

For eight cold, sometimes rainy hours of baseball the past couple of days, I took green smoothies, pints of vegetable juice, a bag of homemade chips that are just quartered organic corn tortillas, broiled, and a tub of homemade guacamole mixed with chopped tomatoes and black beans, and Just Great Stuff bars. Tennyson and I shared it all.

I did calisthenics during a freezing cold double header to keep warm. The ump turned around and laughed at me and told the catcher (I learned later), “I’m going to retire from baseball now and just watch this girl doing jumping jacks.” Between that and the food, well, I don’t care—yeah, I’m weird. I own it. I don’t want to go home elated at two back-to-back wins, but feeling physically heavy and sick.

If you must dig yourself out of allergies, acid reflux, and ugly numbers like 170+ blood pressure……change and commitment are needed.

As Cade’s longtime baseball coach told him, which my son values in every area of his life,


That is where the wellspring of commitment is. It is in the deep places in you. Value your life enough to save it, to make it great instead of just functional.

Start a SERIOUS journey to whole foods with us and give it a month on 12 Steps to Whole Foods recipes only. Then let me know how you feel. You’ll feel very, very different. You can overhaul most of the cells of your body in that time!

Or, soon we will launch our 26-day detox, which Kristin says “has changed me and how I see food.” She says today she feels like she has “swallowed the blue pill and can’t go back.” More about the detox later. We are out-of-our-minds excited about it.