“Dear GreenSmoothieGirl” for Arizona, part 1 of 4

One of my favorite things about traveling to a new city on my speaking tour is meeting names I’ve been seeing since GSG was a brand new site. And meeting volunteers who come help us at the classes. Jenny and Tosh Black. Tawnya and Chad Hood. Jeannie Kirkpatrick. Shanna Anderson. Thank you all for coming, and for half a dozen of you who brought 15+ friends to Mesa….you “get” my vision of spreading this message far and wide, so that we turn the tide of the health disaster currently ruling in America. And I love you.

I’m going to answer questions submitted to us via email, the next few days:

Dayna: Do you use fluoride toothpaste or commercial sunscreens?

GSG: No fluoride toothpaste. It’s a toxic petroleum byproduct that should have never been in our water supply, let alone in toothpaste or supplements. In the store, we have a few cases of this awesome deal that I got that we provided through the group buy. I put a case in my food storage. Especially for little kids who swallow their toothpaste, please use a natural kind.

Sunscreen can be chemical or physical. I don’t use the chemical kind. I’d rather get a sunburn! It’s full of toxic chemicals. The physical kind uses nano zinc oxide that literally blocks the sun. When you rub it in, at first it makes your skin very white (or you can get the tinted kind here). A few minutes later, your skin will look normal though. We have a little in our store but are not getting any more.

Cheryl: do you know any healthy whole-food bars?

GSG: On my blog, I posted this one from Michelle Jorgenson. There’s also a Manna Bar in Ch. 7 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. At Costco, the Trio Bar is pretty good, and most Lara Bars at your health-food store are good. (But she’s started putting some sugar in a few of her bars, so read labels—the Cherry Pie one is my favorite, with all-raw ingredients).

Please don’t buy “protein” bars made from soy (refined, adding to the excess bad-estrogen problem in our food suppy), or whey (highly refined animal product).

Read what Dr. Michelle Jorgenson has to say here.

Amy: I want alkaline water—but it has to be simple, affordable, and convenient.

GSG: I agree. I am not a fan of putting baking soda or sodium chlorite drops in your water, though. I tried that years ago and noticed no health benefits, plus it dirties your water and those additives make me uncomfortable. We have a group buy going on all the time now, with so many people interested, so we can get wholesale prices on ionizers. Having it installed under your own sink is the only way to do it, because alkaline water you get from your friends’ machine or at the health food store loses its alkaline pH within 8 hours, according to my testing.

Look under Robyn Recommends on GreenSmoothieGirl.com. This is an FAQ about the ionizer we arrange wholesale pricing for you:

Water Ionizer

More tomorrow…..

How to become a VEGETABLE ADDICT

You want to get your whole family addicted to raw vegetables? Even kids? I’ve got the secret key to that! Check out this video I did with Doug Holmes:

You’re going to have a tough time shifting to a mostly plant-based diet unless you learn to make lots of salads you love.

(Step 2 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods is all about that–yummy and highly varied with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, legumes, sprouts, and more. And Step 3 is lots of recipes for fabulous dressings with all whole-foods ingredients.)

But dressing selections in grocery stores, if you’re not going to make your own, are appalling. And even if you’re willing to make salad dressings of your own, it’s nice to have some on hand for convenience.

All the dressings in the grocery store are made with refined oils. Even health-food stores have little or nothing that’s truly nutritious–let alone raw and organic.

(See Step 4 about why refined oils are so toxic–in that chapter I ask you to throw them out of your pantry and never buy them again.)

And don’t get me started on the prevalence of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives, toxic refined salt, and even monosodium glutamate, in most salad dressings.

There was nothing decent on the market. Nothing!

Enter my friend Ruth, a raw-lifestyle goddess who looks 20 years younger than she is. She is the salad dressing guru. For years we’ve all been begging her to make her completely amazing 100% raw, organic salad dressings available commercially.

Finally it’s arrived: Sun Drenchers Salad Dressings. You will try them once–any of the three flavors–and you will never buy another Kraft or even Paul Newman salad dressing again! You will beeline right for the produce section and buy all kinds of veggies you’ve never bought before–just for something to “drench” in your new favorite dressing.

Italian, Ruth’s fave: you can marinate anything in–like quinoa and any chopped veggies.

Honey Mustard–your kids won’t be able to get enough of it.

Asian, Robyn’s fave–you’ll be addicted. (Sprinkle some sesame seeds on chopped cabbage, toss in dressing, and voila!)

(Coming soon, two new flavors: Catalina, and Golden Flax.)

These dressings are even tested to be stable for 3 years on the shelf. (Keep refrigerated after opening, though.)

The oils are cold-pressed, so your body loves them, to nourish lipids in every cell with critical Omega fatty acids to keep you youthful.

Sun Drenchers uses all organic plant ingredients, certified raw, totally vegan, non-dairy, processed in a gluten-free environment.

No added sugar, salt, or preservatives.

View ingredients for Sun Drenchers dressings here.

The xZubi Disc

The xZubi Disc

xZubi DiscYour child’s brain is highly susceptible to damaging man-made radiation from his cell phone. He’s also getting exposure from the laptop, PC, TV, and microwave.

Your brain is vulnerable, too. But your child’s brain is developing, and highly sensitive, and hard-headed as she may sometimes seem to you, her skull isn’t as thick and protective as an adult’s! Cell phone waves are documented to pass over 85% of the way through the brain of a 5-year old, and they damage human DNA.

The World Health Organization (WHO) spent $30 million to discover a growing trend in brain cancer related to cell phone use. Other cancers, autism, and other health problems are linked by many studies to the radiation exposure from cell phones as well.

This has troubled me for a long time, and I’ve investigated options. Look at any of my YouTube videos up until now: for 6 years I wore a $130 crystal pendant (until the lanyard broke down a few weeks ago) to protect me from EMF (electromagnetic radiation).

(Unfortunately, I can’t get my 16-year old son to wear a necklace!)

I’ve discovered a technology that protects you and the children you care about. It’s much easier to use, very inexpensive, and neutralizes 100% of the effects of harmful radiation from items we use every day that emit EMF. All you have to do is stick the neutralizer anywhere on the back (or battery) of your cell phone. It is a hologram made of three micro-thin layers of rare-earth, para-magnetic materials that absorb and neutralize man-made electro-magnetic radiation.

The developers went through the highly rigorous process of obtaining a U.S. scientific patent. This involved 28 separate tests, including one exposing human DNA in a petri dish to a cell phone with, and then without, the technology. The proof is in the fact that this test resulted in those human cells 100% protected from the harmful effects of chaotic radiation.

To put it in very simplistic terms, it doesn’t block all the radiation, or you wouldn’t get cell phone reception! It blocks 100% of the negative effects of the radiation.

In my old video, you saw me and my good friend Jake being muscle tested with and without the xZubi Disc technology. You could see how much of your energy is being drained away by having a cell phone within a few feet of you. Here’s my new video:

See xZubi FAQ for frequently asked questions about the xZubi Disc.

Please make sure you put a xZubi Disc on your microwave (which emits radiation into your kitchen as it cooks), TV screens, PC and laptop screens, baby monitors, and home phone handsets.

I found the coolest muscle stim / massage gadget

Stress after work, stiff neck, joint pain, sore feet, cramping legs, back pain, achy shoulders? You will love this!

When I went to Expo West in Anaheim recently, I saw 1,900 booths in 3 days! It’s like a trade-show marathon, that place! You could eat all kinds of “organic” and “natural” junk food. At the end of the day, though, it’s just junk food. If gummy bears are a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being healthy), organic gummy bears are a 1.5!

I found just a handful of products that I think would actually enhance your lifestyle. Only a few nutrition products competing in the “health food” space are worth your money.

But O. M. G. There was one booth I just didn’t want to leave. It’s this Korean company with this incredibly affordable product that combines Chinese acupuncture with deep tissue massage sensations to relieve pain. The little hand-held controller has wide variability on strength, in the re-usable stimulation pads that you can use anywhere on your body. It sends bio-electrical signals directly to the muscle to relieve pain and stress.

No meds, no side effects. I sat in a chair and put the electrodes on my shoulder blades–then on my feet–

Unbelievable! Every bit as good as the electrical stim you get at the physical therapists’ office. The result was as good as a massage.

I couldn’t believe the price they let me get them for. They sell the Massage XP III that I fell in love with, for $250 ON SALE. But I signed a paper that I would never sell for less than $139, so that’s what I’m doing in the store for a limited time. Plus I’m throwing in a set of the large pads (great for large muscles like the back of your shoulders) for FREE.

I bought 50 and had them shipped. So be one of the first 50 to grab them in my store and ENJOY! You will love this! Take it to work and let your co-workers enjoy it:


(Get the shoes, too, if you want to do your feet–HEAVEN!)


Natural Ways to Deal with Stress

My friends, the past month has been one of the most stressful periods  in memory. Not “too-much-work” stress (the kind you can dig your way out of) but just “life-circumstances” stress (the kind you can’t usually solve–you just have to slog through it).

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been through stuff too, huh.

So the very worst thing you can do is eat SUGAR. You burn out your adrenal glands quickly that way. (The vast majority of us have stressed, overworked, even partially destroyed adrenal glands. And you really need those puppies to keep your mood stable through trials.)

So guess what we want when we’re stressed? Comfort. Sugar.

Vicious cycle.

This winter, the “liquid coconut macaroon” has been such a godsend. I discovered this healthy hot cocoa that is so nutritious, at the beginning of the winter. My kids loved it so much, and I loved it AND its superfood ingredients so much, that I put it here in the store:

Healthy Hot Cocoa

All I knew when I first ordered it was that it had no refined sugar (just low-glycemic unrefined coconut palm sugar) and non-dutched cocoa. I was ecstatic, though, when I got it, that it also contains four different types of mushrooms that are used as superfood medicine in China for immune system repair, cancer treatment/prevention, and much more.

If I feel the need for a treat, I make a mug of cocoa. The coconut milk powder is low in calories, delicious, and high in lauric acid and other compounds that are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. The cocoa contains the mushrooms and chocolate. The whole mug  is about 100 calories.

I seriously love this stuff and just went to make myself a mug, writing this–it’s been my treat almost every day. Not just because it’s yummy and healthy, and not only because it’s chocolate (which has chemical properties women sometimes downright NEED), but also because  there’s something very comforting about a mug of something hot.

I am blessed to report that through some difficult times this winter, I have still never gotten sick. There was one day I felt about 50% and didn’t go to the gym, but otherwise, that’s it.

Stress we cannot always control. But what do you do to remedy it? Yoga is another way I’ve gotten through the past 18 months–also prayer, time with good friends, and “me” time doing things I love (tennis, skiing). Melatonin before bed so my racing brain doesn’t keep me awake. Essential oils like peppermint.

Tell us your ideas. What natural things do you do, when you’re stressed? Let’s avoid “solutions” like Zoloft and Xanax that just cause other problems.

Happy Thanksgiving! And (yum yum yum!) do you like hot cocoa?

This morning I’m compiling my kids’ Christmas wish lists to brave Black Friday early in the morning with my girlfriend. (Gulp. I haven’t done that in 15 years.) I’m putting together the big vegetable plate (okay, I’m taking the plastic off the Costco one I bought) and making a giant fruit salad, as my contributions to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s.

I love when they give me that assignment–okay, raw fruits/vegs are ALWAYS my assignment–because then I know we won’t have a completely heavy, cooked meal. I have my kids fill their first plate up with the good stuff and then (gotta balance my wishes for them to be healthy with reality!) I let them do whatever else they want. I’m always interested to hear how YOU find that balance with your kids. It’s tricky in the modern world for sure. I hear from some of you that you get criticized for being “controlling” if you want to require good nutrition. (Check. Been there.)

Find the balance–it’s not easy, but giving up on health and nutrition is no answer either. Where the balance is, in your situation, is unique, but if you’re a mom or a dad, you’ll be given the intuition to navigate it as gracefully as possible. We’re all flawed. All we can do as parents is TRY, and then get up tomorrow morning and TRY AGAIN.

I love y’all for being here on my blog–because that means you’re TRYING.

I don’t generally like “drinking my calories,” but I do LOVE hot cocoa in the winter. And OH MY GOODNESS, I found the most lovely thing.

It’s Cocoa Mojo, quality organic chocolate (no alkaloids used) sweetened with unrefined coconut palm sugar, which is lower in calories with low impact on your blood sugar. (No blood sugar jolt!) It’s in the store and if you use the code COCOA you’ll get $1 off.

I love to put a big scoop of coconut milk powder in hot water first, to make “milk” that is rich in lauric acid. (This is the compound in mother’s milk that is rare in foods but abundant in coconut oil–Similac and all the rest synthesize it in that garbage they sell as “baby formula” to dry to duplicate human breast milk). It’s a powerful immune booster. After you stir in the coconut milk powder, add the cocoa.

So if you want both, get $2 off by going to the store and entering the code “COMBO” to get the coconut milk powder and the Cocoa Mojo.

I find TWO bags of Cocoa Mojo get me through ONE container of coconut milk powder, FYI.

It’s SO good and it’s a power food (with some other whole-food herbs added, but you won’t even notice). It’s a treat you’ll enjoy through the winter without guilt, when you want something sinful. It’s even shockingly low in calories! Mmmmmm.

Here’s the combo in the store:


Love you tons, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Do give thanks for all your blessings! Mine include good friends who get me through, four beautiful kids, the support and kindness shown me and others on this blog (FROM YOU!), good health, talents I have been given opportunity to use for service, enough money to take care of my family, a big garden, meaningful work that I look forward to (almost) every day, and interests that keep me growing and thinking.

Please tell me your top five things you’re thankful for this year! (Even if you’re reading this after Thanksgiving!)