Olympic gold medalist drinks green smoothies!

jamiewomansgoldDid you love watching American snowboarding Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson this month? She’s so smart for how young she is, saying she wants to be active and healthy at 80 years old, and that she knows “eating clean” is how she’s going to do that. And guess what she shows in Yahoo Sports story? That’s right, a GREEN SMOOTHIE! Holy cow, I’m going to talk to Blendtec and get her a REAL blender—what is that sad little beat-up thing she’s using? She uses dried spirulina, nori, and goji berries. But there’s no way she can blend kale, collards, and chard, with that thing. We’ll hook her up. Elite athletes deserve an elite turbo blender. (Get yours at Costco—they have the best deal and warranty.)

(Jamie and I share a love of yoga too, which you’ll see if you watch the second part of this story. It’s absolutely life changing for control of your mind, as well as the flexibility and strength of your body. I quit lifting weights years ago and do level 3 poses and inversions instead, and my upper body muscle definition is retained.)

jamieshredCheck out the story here, where you also get to see some Jamie Anderson snowboarding highlights. She’s a slopestyle champion, where she rides rails and shredders and whatever all those other features are called.

Quick update: We wrote Jamie that we wanted to send her some GreenSmoothieGirl organic, vegan protein powder, and some TriOmega, since she loves superfoods in her smoothies. She wrote back that she’s excited to try them. And we’re working on Blendtec to give her a REAL blender. So stand by, and prepare for Jamie’s mind to be blown!

GreenSmoothieGirl Law of Physics (how will I find the time?) . . . part 2 of 2

Back to how it can be true that if you spend energy, you get energy:

First, are you a parent of at least two children, or are you close to someone who is?   Many first-time parents are so smitten by their firstborn that when they begin to consider bringing another baby into their family, they fret:   “I’m not sure I can love another baby as much as I love this one.”   Surely this baby has claim to ALL my love, new parents think.


Our concrete, finite minds not used to “abundance thinking,” sometimes can’t at first bend around the principle that spending can yield dividends.   That is, there’s more to be had, good things multiply, scarce thinking breeds actual scarcity, and abundant thinking breeds actual abundance–in relationships and the world.   Give some of your love and your CAPACITY for love multiplies.  


And so, parents take the leap and find, virtually universally, that they can, in fact, love another child as much as the first.   So much love that it makes your heart nearly burst sometimes.


Second, with the Olympics going on, one might want to consider Olympic athletes as well.   We love Michael Phelps, of course.   But Dara Torres is my all-time Olympic hero: because she is my age (41), and she silver medalled twice as of this writing, all while nurturing her competitors and chasing a toddler and proving to all the disbelievers that she achieved her athletic prowess and physique naturally.   She had earned a few Olympic gold medals before at least one of her 2008 competitors was even born.   While I was in Paris, I watched her on TV take first place in her qualifying heat after delaying the race to help another swimmer (who went on to take second) with a torn swimsuit.


Do Olympic athletes have less energy because they give so much energy to their sports?   No, they are fireballs of energy because energy begets energy.   When they turn their attention to other things–volunteerism, media, business, family–they have plenty to give.   And it doesn’t stop there: thousands of others are affected by their energy.   I have a big photo ripped from a magazine of Dara Torres taped right next to my computer screen.   Her arms, holding her daughter, are ripped and beautiful, and inspire me to push myself lifting weights.


Third, if you’ve ever owned a real estate property or started a company, you know that spending money on improvements often brings more business and profits flooding in.


So it is, with the time you will spend in the kitchen preparing a GreenSmoothieGirl diet.   That time will give back.   It will richly bless your life.   It will make possible your achieving goals you’ve had on the back burner a long time.   Go make it happen, one recipe at a time, just one step to whole foods at a time!