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My DRUG BUST (Should I Take Multivitamins? postscript or part 6)

Just a funny postscript to my comments about multivitamins: My mother tried, with marginal success at best, a number of multi-level marketing businesses while I was growing up. She was an early Shaklee distributor, for many years. Shaklee was on the forefront of the fledgling vitamin supplement industry, circa 1980. I remember her demos where […]

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Should I Take Supplements? Part 5 of 6

In a nutshell, as I put thousands of people on the supplements and tracked their subsequent antioxidant scan results, their levels increased only marginally. I gathered data from thousands of supplement takers over the course of a year before I left that business completely. (At one point during the year, I was the fastest-growing distributorship […]

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Should I Take Vitamins? Part 4 of 6

Dr. Blaine Chambers says this (verbatim, not edited): “You are ringing my bell now. Your emphatic ‘No’ to multivitmins is quite harsh and certainly not good advice. Also, you assume all vitamins are ‘synthetic.’ My multivitamin by NutraPerfect is one designed by me that is a food grade natural vitamin with no synthetics. I agree […]

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Should I Take Multivitamins? Part 3 of 5 now!

You know from my last two days’ posts what I think about the false safety net of multivitamins. I was not trying to being comprehensive when I suggest that some specific supplementation may be appropriate for some people. (Note that I was responding to the question, “Should I take MULTIVITAMINS?” Not “Should I ever take […]

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“the plural of anecdote is not data” . . . part 2 of 4

We have some strange logical fallacies that cause us to NOT learn what health and nutrition really are.   (That, and lots of voices compete in the world of nutrition, so the field truly can be confusing.)   First, let’s say Sue hears from her neighbor that eating caterpillars will straighten her baby’s bow legs. […]

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“The plural of anecdote is not data” . . . part 1 of 4

I’m still laughing since I read that most excellent quote–thanks, Katie!   When I’m teaching my college students elemental data analysis and research, I tell them my two pet peeves about research in general, but particularly in the field of health and nutrition.   I say that I am completely frustrated with medicine.   The […]

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Who you gonna call, Part V top-secret advice!

So I just wrecked the pedestal underneath the Fat Diet Docs and celebs, the personal trainers, the network marketers’ pills, potions, and juices, and the blood type and metabolic typing docs. I hope you’re not feeling without answers.   Moms write me and tell me they read about nutrition and go to bed in tears […]

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Who you gonna call, Part VII the guys telling you to eat for your “type”

Joe Mercola’s been hyping his metabolic typing program to his 1.5 million readers.   You, too, can pay big bucks for it, as soon as he’s done creating it.   He continues to tell people to eat lots of whey protein powder (which he sells) and avoid eating  grains, despite a massive body of evidence […]

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