Photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition

Here are some photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition than 99% of kids in America get.   Greens have the most bioavailable calcium you can get–far better than cow milk (contrary to popular belief), unless you’re a baby cow, of course.

Heath and Madi

This is what their mother says:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,

Thought you would enjoy these pictures of my green smoothie kids.   Madison is 9 yrs old and Heath is 7.   We’ve been doing green smoothies for about a year and a half and everyone loves them.   I’ve taught the kids that strong muscles and bones come from the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruits & veggies, especially leafy greens.   They like to show me how much their muscles have grown after drinking a smoothie :).

In April this year, Madi fell off her bike and broke both bones in her left wrist.   I made sure she got her smoothies every day along with lots of salads with supper to make sure she got the proper nutrition so her bones could heal well.   Her final doctor appointment was six weeks after the cast came off and they did an x-ray to see how the bones had healed.   When I first saw the x-ray, I was astounded!   I wondered if they had x-rayed the right child!   I had seen the x-rays they took when the bones were broken and the difference between the first ones and the last ones were like night and day.   Sure, the broken bones healed, but the doctor told us that extra bone had actually grown around the fractures.   He said if she fell again in the same way that they wouldn’t break like that again.

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing your knowledge.   It truly is priceless!   And, as my kids would say, “Green Smoothies Rock!”

Jenny in Nebraska

pain and misery at the happiest place on earth

There’s a lot of pain and misery at Disneyland, especially considering it’s supposed to be the happiest place on earth.   We had a blast there.   But every year, we observe more and more people in wheelchairs, very few of them elderly.   This year we saw rides stopped while obese people struggled to get secured in the vehicle before having to climb out, humiliated and defeated.   My heart breaks for these people.


People think the obese are lazy and eat tons more food than the rest of us.   That’s not necessarily true.   Fat cells, since they do nothing, take few calories to maintain.   (When you lose weight, you shrink those cells, but they never go away and regenerate easily.)   Muscle cells, on the other hand, have work to do and consume more calories.   That’s why you see lean, fit people eating “like a horse” and getting away with it.


While obese people certainly had to overeat and under-exercise for a period of time to get in the state they’re in, they could actually be eating a pretty reasonable number of calories and staying very overweight.

This just stresses the importance of two things:

(1)     Eat tons of vegetables (a good, ambitious goal is 2 lbs. a day, which is two heads of romaine).   The more you eat, the more you lose, since the net calorie effect is negative.   My second- and third-place choices for weight loss are FRUITS and BEANS: they’re low calorie, high nutrition, high fiber, and are going to prevent rather than cause cancer and heart disease.

(2)     Do weight-bearing exercise.   It not only builds bone mass, but it also tears tiny muscle fibers, which causes you to rebuild stronger.   Muscle consumes calories and serves you in accomplishing many tasks every day.