Sign this petition against Monsanto

I would like to get behind any movement against the actions of monolith Monsanto. I believe the actions of this company, whose agenda is insidious, is damaging the health of virtually every American. It controls seeds, harms small farmers, genetically modifies our crops and breeds pesticides into seeds and sterilizes them, and repeatedly hybridizes crops….all to our detriment.

Please sign this petition against Monsanto. Small farmers just lost against the powerful giant company. We need to be like Europe and ban Monsanto’s practices. I have known people with severe gluten reactions who go to Europe, where they do not indulge GMO food, and they have no problems. I’ve also known Europeans who do fine eating even white bread in their country, who come here and suffer with terrible gastric disturbances eating our food, until they go home.

Also I’ve been asked for the link to the photoshopped image of me eating a burger and fries and a mug of beer. Check it out HERE. Lots of people post on the GSG facebook page, so scroll down to Mar. 2.

What can I do about pesticides? If you missed the webinar…..

Did you miss our webinar about how to get all the pesticides and herbicides off all your greens, veggies, fruit, and even MEAT if you eat it? (We’ve got over 160 chemicals sprayed on our food these days, and water/veg soap or even bleach removes only about 60%.)

This solution uses no chemicals. It’s inexpensive and easy.

It’s so brilliant. I’ve known about ozonation for years. I understand it as a way of cleaning the atmosphere, a way of cleaning your carpets, and more. It has many industrial applications.

But how exciting that it’s been miniaturized! I love mine—it’s giving me peace of mind, especially with my soft-skin fruit when I cannot get it organic.

Now all we need is a giant zapper to eliminate the most evil corporation on the planet: Monsanto. (They’re now breeding Roundup right into the seeds. Some fruits have pesticides INSIDE the fruit. I will be finding the best ways for us to get involved to stop the GMO, seed-monopolies, and pesticide-excess madness and keeping you apprised.)

Anyway, in addition to getting rid of all the external chemicals, it kills all viruses and bacteria, too, including e Coli! And you can ozonate water to be a very effective cleaner of pretty much any surface in your home (and also the carpet, upholstery).

Here’s my mini-report on it (this report has been removed because it is outdated), with a link to the webinar we did with the founder, Steve Hengsperger, so you can learn about it quickly and easily. Especially check out the photos of how fruit lasts up to 4x longer when you treat it in the ozonation.

Enjoy! I have mine in my kitchen the past couple of months and I love the peace of mind it’s given me, eating a plant-based diet that does utilize some conventional (non-organic) produce. Very exciting–possibly the best thing I’ve found in the 4 years since I put the GSG site up. (Thanks to reader Donna H. in California who traveled several hours to my class, partly so she could tell me about this invention.)

And Steve, the founder, gave us a deal that gives you $61 of discounts and freebies—while our stock lasts. Definitely check out what he has to say in the webinar we recorded you can click on in this report (webinar no longer accessible on our site), lots of great info, only 25 minutes.

Note: we no longer sell the Lotus Sanitizer in our store.

free movie: Food Inc. showing next Saturday

I mentioned seeing Food, Inc. (here on the blog) last year. Had to go to a seedy little theater an hour away to find it, as it was the only showing anywhere around here.

Because I’m steeped in this industry (counterculture, anti-S.A.D. nutrition) and have read widely on the subject, I didn’t see anything new in the film. For most of America, though, I believe it will be enlightening.

I was a bit disappointed. The film slams modern Goliath Monsanto (deservedly), modern agribusiness that has turned our food supply into a thousand permutations of corn and soy, and deplorable poultry/livestock practices. But then it doesn’t leave the viewer with anything uplifting to really DO about the problem.

However, it’s a good first step towards getting us away from accepting the offerings of fast food, refined food, and animal products in America.

I would absolutely recommend taking your child or teen for a primer on what has happened to food in America.

I was at The Good Earth today and a reader approached me about posting this on my blog:

You can see Food, Inc. for FREE on

May 15 (Sat.) from 1-4 p.m.
with a panel discussion with local chefs and area farmers afterward

At Meridian School in Orem, UT:
280 S. 400 E.

More info at

Joe Mercola and GreenSmoothieGirl on agave

In the natural health space, Joe Mercola is very much a Goliath, and I’m very much a David. Today’s topic: my affinities and differences with his philosophies.

Dr. Mercola responded to my blog posting and newsletter of a week ago, about agave.

I stand firm that drawing fear-based parallels between raw, organic agave from a reputable company and tequila or HFCS is “ridiculous” as I said before.

A raw agave plant is to agave is to HFCS—as an orange is to orange juice is to Tang.

I disagree with Joe Mercola on a variety of issues, including his promoting and selling whey protein, beef, tanning beds, and his metabolic typing theory with no real basis in science.

This whole agave controversy reminds me of something I remember from when my kids were little. There was a group of parents who were furious with the Barney show. The parents decided to form a coalition to fight the producers because they’d decided Barney was really the devil in a big purple suit, teaching kids about séances and witchcraft. The lawsuit, as I recall, referred to Barney the Dinosaur as promoting Satanism.

As a young mother, I remember reading about it in the paper and laughing out loud.

There are so many true evils in the world hurting children. Sweat shots, kiddie porn. Too-heavy backpacks full of textbooks. Let’s not forget McDonald’s products and marketing program. Just to name a few.

Why spend precious energy creating fear about a harmless TV show that has the dinosaur imagining things and disappearing?

That’s how I feel about the agave controversy. Again, I disagree with People Magazine calling it a “superfood” as much as I disagree that it’s going to hurt us when used in moderation.

I have interviewed experts as well. I feel confident that predicting nutritional catastrophe because someone adds a bit of agave to her green smoothie takes away from the real, more meaningful debate.

Let’s attack the true villains gaining traction in the food world: Monsanto; modern practices in raising beef/poultry; corn/soy products taking over the food supply; processed foods; fast foods; GMO foods; pasteurized and irradiated foods.

There’s plenty of evil without attacking the little bit of maple syrup, honey, agave, or stevia we whole-foods advocates use. (Each of those has pluses and minuses. Agave’s pluses are lower blood sugar impact as well as availability in raw/organic form.)

The whole debate takes away from the basic premise I reiterate here over and over:

Plant foods are good preventive medicine. We alter them to our detriment. We have to get back to our roots. Less processed is better, less concentrated sweeteners is better, more natural is better. Whole is good; fractionated and refined is bad.

And I want to say this about Joe Mercola. Some of the things he promotes seem oversold or a bit paranoid to me, and others are counter to what I teach on this site, like an incredibly expensive tanning bed being a good way to get Vita D. However, I respect him tremendously for being one of the first on the internet to start educating people about natural healing. He is smart and educated, and I believe he has good motives.

He and I have the same goal of educating people, empowering them, to eat natural foods and live a lifestyle that avoids reliance on medical solutions such as drugs and surgery.

I agree with Mercola about far more things than I disagree with him about. I appreciate his commenting here on my blog.