Exactly Why Artificial Sweeteners Are Terrible

sweet miseryAspartame (or brand name Nutrasweet).  Joe Mercola says it’s the most dangerous substance added to foods. I might quibble with that, because mono sodium glutamate is a neurotoxin every bit as deadly. And the nitrates and nitrites in cured meats are potently carcinogenic.

I’d agree that aspartame is a TOP THREE worst things, to avoid at all costs.

A chemist discovered this concentrated sweetener when testing a drug. Although it was approved in the 70’s, a neuroscience researcher and a consumer attorney objected, and the FDA put the approval on hold.

aspartame3Unfortunately it would not be on hold forever, because chemical company Monsanto bought it and the rest is history. We have over 4,000 food additives approved for use by our FDA, and literally the majority of complaints to the FDA about health problems caused by food additives, are related to aspartame alone. There is far more evidence of the harm caused the American public by aspartame than there ever was about saccharin, which was Americans’ chemical sweetener of choice prior to the 1980’s.

The main complaints to the FDA are related to death, and seizures. Headaches and migraines are also common. When I stopped drinking diet soda many years ago, even though I drank only 3-4 sodas a month, my own migraines stopped completely, never to return.

Others of the 90 documented symptoms of aspartame consumption include dizziness, depression, weight gain, rashes, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, vision and hearing problems, loss of taste, memory loss, joint pain, breathing problems, heart racing, vertigo, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hormone problems, and many more.

Why would ANY of these symptoms be acceptable to us, in order to eat a toxic chemical? And those are just the symptoms we FEEL. What is happening underneath the hood, that we don’t see or feel? What is happening to our disease risk? There is strong evidence that our soaring Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases are related to massive consumption of aspartame (and MSG) in North America and Europe.

Physicians and researchers have also documented how chronic conditions can be triggered or worsened by eating this deadly chemical. Those include brain tumors and lesions, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.

ExcitotoxicityNeurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., has been a tireless researcher, publishing his results of the effect on the American public of the twin neurotoxins that nearly every American eats: monosodium glutamate and aspartame. He references nearly 500 scientific articles about the neurological damage and other symptoms

He calls them excitotoxins, which means that they “excite the nervous system to death.” Don’t you want your nervous system, myelin sheaths intact, to keep you calm and happy for many years to come? If so, stop eating all Nutrasweet. You’re killing neurons every time you eat it.

Even gum. It’s got to go. It was the last thing to go, for me. But gone it is. No more diet sodas. Anything in a regular store that says “sugar free,” check the label, and avoid all aspartame and Nutrasweet 

splendaSplenda is new enough that data isn’t available. Give it another decade. But saccharin was pushed out of the market by the manufacturers of the patented chemical Nutrasweet. The Nutrasweet bullies, trying to make an exclusive spot in the marketplace for their product, leveraged a study showing that massive quantities of saccharin caused cancer in rats. A much higher level of saccharin than any human could ever eat. I’m not saying this to defend saccharin. For all we know, low doses cause cancer too. It’s a safe bet that eating chemical sweeteners is a bad idea in general. But I’m making you aware of why the entire marketplace shifted from thousands of products sweetened with saccharin, to thousands now sweetened with aspartame.

It’s becoming widely known that aspartame, now, is phenomenally neurotoxic. So the fight to molecularly alter a sweetener, patent it, and foist it on the American public, is underway.

rats in maze

Enter Splenda. Be cynical here. This is where your critical thinking skills serve you well. Watch what has gone on, which is a fight over the money made on addiction, nothing more or better than that, and stay out of consumption of these foods. To participate is to be no better than rats in a maze.

truvia deceptionTruvia. Truvia is the newest of the chemical sweeteners. It’s rather insidious marketing ploy is to align itself with stevia, which Americans began using later than much of the rest of the first world, due to the government strong-arming tactics of Nutrasweet’s owner, Monsanto. This isn’t stevia. It’s molecularly altered FROM stevia, so now it’s a synthetic chemical with sweetening properties.

Ask yourself. WHY would a manufacturer take a legitimate herb like stevia and change it? There’s one answer. PURE PROFIT. Because you can patent it and make a billion dollars. Don’t buy in. Your body does not recognize a synthetic chemical as food. It does not digest, assimilate, or eliminate non-food items. We have learned this from long, hard, sad experience.

We will find out only later what THIS white chemical does to the people who jumped in the maze and willingly started running around in it, gobbling up the pellets.

Be a free mouse. Run around in the field, eating grass and normal mouse food. Stay out of the maze.


Maltitol. It wrecks your gut. It’ll give you horrible gas, and your stomach will do flips. How can this be anything but bad for you? I can find little published on the health effects of sugar alcohols, but if you eat something with maltitol, the immediate effects give you clues that this is problematic as a “food.” 

steviaStevia. Use it if you want. But try to get away from everything needing to be super-sweet. I haven’t seen real evidence, but I’m reading more claims that your pancreas is stimulated by the SWEETNESS of a food, so replacing one toxic sweetener with a nontoxic one may not solve all our problems. Learn to love the taste of real food.

Stevia, at the end of the day, is still a crutch. I don’t know of any ill-health effects reported from its use. Still, only the refined version avoids “aftertaste,” so that’s mostly what’s being used. The less you use it, the better, if you’re serious about a whole-foods diet. However, I’m not concerned about it as a very minor part of the diet, and it would be my sweetener of choice in those I’m reviewing here.

Saccharin. It’s made a slight, half-hearted attempt back on the market. It was put on a rail out-of-town for causing cancer, but the studies did use massive amounts of the sweetener. That said, I wouldn’t call it safe. It’s probably preferable to aspartame, but that’s akin to saying it’s better to have prostate cancer than colon cancer. That’s true, but why have any cancer at all?

In conclusion, I’d far rather have you eat SUGAR than aspartame (Nutrasweet) or Splenda or Truvia. Sugar is deadly for your health, don’t get me wrong. But, eating neurotoxic chemicals is even worse.no sweeteners

fruitdatesnatural-sweetenersThe best sweeteners are fruit and dates. Those are whole foods with fiber (to slow impact on the blood sugar) and many health benefits. The next-best are coconut sugar (my current favorite, lower glycemic index and high in minerals, neutral flavor), raw/organic agave, Grade B maple syrup, raw honey, brown rice syrup, or molasses.







Boycotting Hershey

food democracyYou might know I’m a huge fan of Food Democracy Now.

They’re an articulate organization devoted to exposing the tactics of Monsanto and Dow, et. al. They worked to support farmers attacked by Monsanto, whose agenda is to alter and control all the seed in the world. Food Democracy Now worked tirelessly for Proposition 37, to require food labeling laws to tell us what’s in our food.

kiss herseyDid you know Hershey’s, our nation’s biggest chocolate company, gave more than half a million dollars to Monsanto to help defeat that bill? Americans are still in the dark about where the genetically modified foods are.

Hershey’s chocolate? No surprise, chock full of GMO.

Please sign your support for the boycott HERE.

what’s the best humanitarian cause EVER?

Congrats to these GreenSmoothieGirls who won three free products from PrimalPitPaste.com! They jumped right on it when we posted the last giveaway blog about non-toxic deodorant.

DeAndra Jarboe, Watauga, TX

Ashley Hardy of Springfield MO

Elizabeth Fiorentino of Durham, NC

Do you know a great charitable cause? Something that helps people help themselves? Something innovative, and preferably related to health? Something that doesn’t have bloated administrative overhead? U.S. based?

When we launch the Detox (January? I hope hope hope! But maybe February)….I’m going to give $1 for EVERY pound everyone loses, to the best causes I can find. And $5 to those causes, for every testimonial you write us, about your experience with the Detox.

That way we’re ALL “releasing” not just weight, but TOXINS—bye-bye forever! And funding things that change the world, at the same time.

We’ve had about 35 beta testers of the GSG Detox program now. It’s a 26-days program, and everything is detailed for you: daily diet and habits, recipes, shopping lists, lots of info if you want to know WHY you’re doing all this.

Two levels to participate at, one for beginners, and one for the hard-core.

Everyone has lost between 7 and 20 lbs. My daughter and I were the only ones who lost only 7 lbs. More importantly, my beta testers reported their joints are free of inflammation, their head is clear, they need less sleep, their mood is positive, and they universally report feeling AMAZING.

Well. Matthew did report a few days of feeling homicidal, because he wanted to eat peanut butter. Or I don’t even know why he said that. I just tried to stay out of his way. You know how skinny people are. They’re not used to being deprived of anything.

Anyway, the point is we are VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT! Stay tuned around here and we’ll make a BIG DEAL about it when it’s ready. Every day you get a video or conference call with a detox-expert doctor on a different related topic. You get my coaches’ help (they helped test it!). You get a forum to talk with others participating. You get an email from me every day. You get a complete manual with all the recipes, information, shopping lists, and supporting information and science.

So back to the charities. I love Food Democracy Now, an organization that educates and fights against Monsanto, and fights for labeling laws so that we know what’s in our food, so we can eventually overturn the power that Monsanto has. My dream is that we stop genetically modifying our foods. At a minimum, tell consumers what’s in their food so we can OPT OUT!

That’s something I’m passionate about, where some of our dollars should go.

Tell me, WHERE ELSE? I intend to give thousands of dollars to some great places, starting in 2013! GreenSmoothieGirl staff will check out any U.S.-based humanitarian cause you send us to.

Organic vegetables are our birthright!

Check out the two tomatoes Patty is holding on the left. They came from the several acres growing 100 yards from my house, conventionally sprayed with toxic pesticides that will last literally generations in the groundwater and in my body and everyone else’s who live on this street.

My children are breathing it, and tracking it into my house on their shoes.  I didn’t know Patty bought these tomatoes. I guess she wanted to dehydrate more of them for the winter than we had coming out of the few plants in my garden.

The two tomatoes on the right were grown organically in my garden. I grew them with compost, and no effort whatsoever to worry about pests. The variety we planted were supposed to be SMALL tomatoes! I’ve lived here for 10 years, with my garden, and have never sprayed anything on anything.

Like John Denver sang, “Only two things that money can’t buy, and that’s true love, and home-grown tomatoes!”

If you grow your own garden, don’t let modern agricultural practices lull you into a sense of complacency that herbicides and pesticides and artificial fertilizers are necessary and righteous.

REAL farmers for thousands of years amended the soil with decayed plant matter, returning it to the Earth as food for the next crop. It’s a beautiful, eternal round that God intended.

He didn’t intend Monsanto to try to outsmart Mother Nature to inflict “Roundup Ready” crops on us. That’s where Monsanto has engineered crops that are impervious to their deadly Roundup chemicals.

I read Monsanto’s web site touting the virtues of their wonderful chemical approach to all the world’s problems. Monsanto’s frankenfoods, the company claims, are “a perfect fit with the vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection!”

Monsanto’s good-hearted vision allows farmers to “conserve fuel and decrease the overall amount of agriculatural herbicides used.” Are you buying any of this? I hope not, because there’s one reason ONLY for Monsanto’s practices:

THEY’VE PATENTED THEIR FOODS. Google and read about the epic battle between MONSANTO and DuPONT over who gets to grow these herbicide-resistant man-made foods. Then tell me if you think the actions of these companies are in the interests of public health.

Monsanto brags that they’ve now commercialized funky strains of alfalfa, corn, cotton, canola, and sugarbeets.

(Yet another reason not to eat sugar.)

In my google search, the NEXT item down, after Monsanto’s mind-blowing benevolent spin on its horrific agricultural agenda, was a Huffington Post article about farm animals having rampant miscarriages because of Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” GMO crops. These crops are highly linked to depleting the healthy flora in the human GI tract, leading to our  culture’s widespread digestive problems. It’s also linked to obesity and mental illness.

Purdue University’s Dr. Don Huber wrote Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (who fast-track-approved Roundup-Ready GMO foods) begging him to “avoid a general collapse of our critical agricultural infrastructure.”

Plus, the stuff doesn’t work. The Washington Post wrote recently that Roundup Ready Alfalfa is unnecessary, harmful to farms, more toxic than DDT (banned in the U.S. many years ago), and actually causes weeds to develop a resistance to Roundup.

You can’t recall a genetically modified plant from the environment. It changes the environment forever, and only Americans are inflicting this on the public with impunity. Europe bans GMOs and carefully regulates pesticide use, as do the other first-world nations.

Please. Grow your own food, with whatever space you have, the way people did for thousands of years. Stand up against conventional ag practices—by buying organic, and local too, and boycotting Monsanto and other chemical companies who are the terrorists of our food supply.

So what if the birds and bugs get a few. What we are doing isn’t just unconscionable—it’s unsustainable too. We cannot keep dumping millions of tons of new chemicals, annually, into our soil, water, and air, without massive ramifications to human health and the entire ecosystem.



Terrorism remembered in the U.S. today. Monsanto + Dow + USDA: stop food terrorism!

On this Sept. 11, America remembers this day we were all reeling from the devastation in New York City, Washington, D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania. My own brother was a Twin Towers survivor and has spoken many times in Sept. 11 commemorations. He was a Lehman Brothers banker, in NYC for three months of training after finishing his MBA. He ran through bodies raining through the sky, having escaped after the first plane hit, and watched with a colleague as a plane hit the floor her husband was working on.

My brother spent all day on foot, getting across the Brooklyn Bridge, to where my father was working. My brother’s wife and my mother sat on the tarmac in Salt Lake City, unable to lift off to go to their husbands. We are all grateful we did not lose my brother, now a father of four beautiful redheads in Dallas. Today we reflect on the grief and tragedy we felt on a nation that day.

Terrorism, though, is alive and well in the U.S. Monsanto, the USDA, and their friends at Dow Chemical are working feverishly, lobbying to get NEW genetically engineered crops fast-tracked.

The U.S. continues to turn a blind eye to the devastating potential damage to our entire ecosystem, refusing to methodically review the effects in long-term, objective studies before approving more GMO foods. “Studies” done by corporations with a profit motive should not be regarded as science! Huge corporate interests already control our food supply to an unacceptable degree.

The USDA posted 12 new genetically modified crops for public comment this summer.

Those public comments are due TODAY. Please join me in demanding rigorous scientific testing before our government approves more GMOs. Tell the USDA what you think HERE.

Expo West 2012…..learning about Genetically Modified Organisms in our food

I met Grant Lundberg, principal and third generation in the Lundberg Family Farms Company. I sought him out and asked for an interview because he’s a leader in organizing against, and speaking out about, genetic engineering in our food supply.

Virtually all other first-world countries are way ahead of us, in protecting their populace. I know folks from Europe who come here and can no longer eat bread because it makes them ill (we have heavily hybridized wheat). I’ve also known “gluten intolerant” Americans who go to Europe and have to problem with breads there. Damaging most Americans’ gut lining is just one of the many problems resulting from the fact that we’ve abandoned common sense and allowed well over 85% of our corn and soybeans to be genetically engineered. (Corn and soybean products are in virtually all our prepared foods.)

Wheat has been hybridized for many generations as well, different than genetic engineering but problematic as well. Monsanto and other biotech firms have designs to genetically modify many other U.S. crops. When we alter genes for pest resistance or other reasons, potentially hundreds of other species and conditions are affected. We cannot know or control the havoc that ensues when genes are modified.

Please watch this video, and get involved, in the ways Grant and I discuss. I’d like to know other ways you may be making your voice heard on this subject! As Grant says, food doesn’t belong to the biotech firms—it’s an issue that affects us all, so we must all OWN IT.