raw food diet versus alkaline diet

I was having this conversation on Facebook today with a reader, and since I’m sure not all of you are my facebook friends or check in there regularly, I thought I’d share here part of the discussion:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl (condensed question): I was feeding my kids almond milk but read that overconsumption of nuts leads to mold in the blood. What else should I use?

Answer: The most restrictive diet I know of is the alkaline diet (Robert O. Young, etc.). Well, except for the candida diet, which is even tougher. Dr. Young writes extensively in his various books of mycotoxins (mold, fungus, bacteria, and their byproducts) in the blood from eating acidic foods.

I am highly supportive of this diet but based on observation of human behavior, I don’t feel that most people will undertake it, EVEN IF THEY ARE ILL. If you want to eliminate nuts and eat totally alkaline for a period of time to overcome health challenges, good for you. Your health will benefit. (The alkaline diet will also require that you get rid of grains and many fruits!)

I am very intentionally sitting in the middle of that big divide between folks eating the Standard American Diet and the all-alkaline or all-raw folks. Raw foodists will call what I am teaching “transitional.” I actually believe that a LONG-TERM commitment to eating what I teach, “high raw” or 60-80% raw and the remainder of the diet being whole foods (legumes, grains, cooked vegs), will prevent disease very well for a LIFETIME. I believe that it doesn’t have to be a “transition” to some kind of more pure or “ideal” diet. What I am teaching, I believe, is a common-sense approach that returns you to the basics, the way we were meant to eat, using foods God put on the Earth, but without tons of cooking. Like the vast majority of indigenous and ancient cultures have always done.

Raw goat milk is another good alternative to pasteurized, store-bought dairy milk. You can search this blog for more info.

By the way, I haven’t tested it yet, but at the suggestion of readers, we’ve added a search feature to the site.

Also, almonds are actually pretty alkaline (other nuts are more acidic, like cashews). And yes, eat nuts–but overconsumption will lead to weight gain, too. A quarter cup a day is enough, unless you’re an athlete, in which case you might eat half a cup. I have 1/4 cup cashews in Hot Pink Smoothie in the morning, and usually eat 1/4 cup of almonds, too, as a snack later. (Factor in that I play sports an average of 90 min. to 2 hours a day.)

Chronic Constipation . . . part 6 of 9 on ELIMINATION

You always hear about how when Elvis and John Wayne were autopsied, they had 10 or 20 lbs. of impacted fecal material in their digestive tract due to chronic constipation.   I have no idea if that’s urban legend.

Your M.D. scoffs at the idea of cleansing, at the idea that there’s a buildup of hardened mucoid plaque in the digestive tract from eating meat and processed food and chemicals?   Or if you look around online, you can find an M.D. or two saying this doesn’t happen, buildup of mucoid plaque.   That’s astonishing to me.   Having experienced it for myself, this is not something I have to take on faith after purely academic study, and you can see for yourself.   Look at the inside of a bunch of people’s colons, both diseased and healthy, on Dr. Shinya’s video clip:

Dr. Bernard Jensen worked on tens of thousands of human colons.   He once measured three gallons of hard, toxic material eliminated from one person, in one cleansing treatment.   You eliminate every day, you say?   Your doctor and the medical textbooks (including pediatrics’) say that one bowel movement every five days is fine, and normal?   Jensen says he knew a woman who eliminated five times a day but when he autopsied her after her death, the opening through her colon was the diameter of a pencil, even though the diameter of the vessel itself was 9 inches.

It’s not what’s coming out that’s a problem.   It’s what’s staying IN.

At the end of my 21-day cleanse, doing daily home colonics, I went to a professional for the last two days of colonics.   Dolly Hansen (Orem, Utah) is the wife of Dr. DeLynn Hansen.   She has a $20K machine and training to oxygenate the water to kill parasites the first day, so they will be dead and ready to eliminate the second day of colonics.   Her huge machine allows the water being eliminated to pass through a large glass tube, and she can stop the flow water at any time.   So, I saw a 5-inch parasite come out of me, because she stopped the water to show me.   Dolly has a parasite a few feet long in a jar that she saved, from herself.   My friend C. is a thin, beautiful, Barbie lookalike and saw a 6-inch parasite leave her body in that tube.

Fortunately, through cleansing and clean eating, I have been parasite free for years.   When I am blood tested, my blood is not perfect, but it does not contain any parasites, and I’m told that is very rare.   (Avoiding meat is key in this.)   When all putrefaction is removed from the body, and we eat a plant-based, whole-foods diet, we are no longer breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, molds, and viruses.

This is not a recommendation of any specific cleansing plan for YOU, but rather a general opinion that having a clean colon leads to improved health.   Consult your health care professional about any cleanse you may be considering.