How long does a Happy Meal take to decompose?

They did a great job with King Tut and Vladimir Lenin, to preserve them against decomposition. But what did McDonald’s do to the Happy Meal, that it does not decompose at all, after six months?

Check out the link in the article to another woman’s experiment, where she has a McDonald’s happy meal hamburger from 1996. She shows it at her workshop “Healthy Choices for Children.”

The burger has not changed, well into its second decade. This is her conclusion:

“This is a chemical food. There is absolutely no nutrition here…..McDonalds fills an empty space in your belly. It does nothing to nourish the cell.”

What’s happy about that?



Is it McDonald’s fault we’re fat?

You don’t have to look too far to find a photo of me at age 17 in my   McDonald’s uniform, thanks to a friend who has kept that for over 25 years. Let me say this: I HATE McDONALD’S. It’s the very worst of Americana.

But I respect the free enterprise system that brought it to us. I’m leaving in a minute to go to the poll and cast my vote. Which reminds me, WE, and only WE, are to blame for whatever you think is wrong with the world.  Liberal Democrats in power, the fast-food diet, or whatever’s bothering you? Ultimately, accountability lies with the public.

This is what I mean. You don’t like Barack Obama? (Or George W. Bush, if you prefer to insert that name–or whoever you blame American problems on.)  Obama wouldn’t be there if folks hadn’t been willing to vote for him, knowing full well his  beliefs  center on government solutions to all problems–i.e.,  lots of government spending even as we’re trillions of dollars in debt. We got exactly what we wanted. You don’t like fast-food companies and what they’ve done to our health? They wouldn’t be there if American tastes hadn’t demanded them.

My point is, politicians and companies are simply outgrowths of our tastes. We are accountable for them. We created them. We solve the problems at the grass roots level only.

I just read in the paper today that a McDonald’s manager in Sao Paolo, Brazil,  just won $17,500 in a suit against his employer, for making him gain 65 lbs. Because he had free lunches and “had” to taste the food.

I really hate when accountability lands somewhere else besides where it belongs. As a mom, I’m always alert to my children finding someone else to blame  for a bad grade, a bad day, a damaged relationship, or the consequences of a bad choice.  

Granted, we are impacted by others’ choices, and not everything is within our “locus of control” (google that phrase,  and Rotter, to take a simple test and learn about how folks view their lives  on a continuum of  external or internal control).

And granted, almost anyone would have a hard time not gaining weight working at McDonald’s. It’s easy, and it’s default, to eat there when you work there. (I know because I ate there myself, in high school–though I have never purchased food there once since then.)

But you don’t have to work there. And you don’t have to eat there either. You can take your own lunch. You do have a choice.

I don’t think McDonald’s losing these lawsuits is any big tragedy since that franchise does a lot of world-wide damage to waistlines, heart health, and the environment. But I think an obese fast-food manager can’t expect McD’s to fix his problems, even if he blames them for causing them, and isn’t that the point? That $17,500 isn’t going to make him fit, healthy, or happy.

If you work in an office with many temptations, then I highly recommend you take your quart of green smoothie, and something else that’s highly nutritious, to work every day. If  you already went to the trouble of making it, you’re more likely to eat it.

Coming out of the (McDonald’s) closet, part 2

Well, it’s a fact, I was a McDonald’s employee, and here’s a photo to prove it, circa 1984, Springfield, Virginia–orangey polyester and all. Don’t I look enthusiastic?

Thanks, Chuck, for reviving one of my ugliest (in more ways than one) secrets.

I can honestly say that I have not eaten a meal at McDonald’s since I quit working there in 1985!

Robyn McDonalds employee

coming out of the closet

Haha, that got your attention, didn’t it? So I was facebook “friended” by an old high school friend yesterday, Chuck. (He thinks we dated but I don’t remember that. We grew up in Northern Virginia but now, funny enough, live a few blocks from each other in Utah.)

Anyway, he said this highly threatening thing to me, and I thought I’d better pre-empt public exposure by getting ahead of it and “outing” myself–here’s what he wrote:


Yes, it’s true. That was my first job. I was 16 years old and I schlepped greasy fries and instantly/chemically-frozen “ice cream” and shakes to the unsuspecting American public. Also burgers that I counted 20+ ingredients listed on the boxes of frozen patties.   Chuck worked there with me.

We used to go into the freezer and throw the patties against the wall as hard as we could. Never did break one. (Yes, I was an OUTSTANDING employee. Perhaps this is why I now find it almost imperative to work for myself.)

I’m super excited for Chuck to scan that photo and send it to me or post it on Facebook or whatever. NOT.

Isn’t it funny how life does a 180 sometimes? I told Chuck of the public damage that photo could do based on my current life choices and professional direction and books authored . . . I am not entirely certain, but that may have just goaded him into coming up with all kinds of ways to torment me with the alleged photo.

GreenSmoothieGirl Does McDonalds

We greensmoothiegirled this McD’s in Las Vegas.   That means we stopped to use the facilities but did not participate in the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Big Mac, fries, and a Coke) that comprises McDonalds Corporation.   (I know, we shouldn’t use the facilities if we’re not contributing to the company’s profitability, but I worked there when I was 16—officially the last time I ate there—so I’ve contributed, right?)   Then we ate our lunch of GS plus some peanut-butter-banana sandwiches outside in the sunshine.   The irony!

Emma felt sorry for this trash can.   “He’s going to get cancer,” she said, “since he’s fed nothing but junk all day.”   We fed some traces of vegs and fruits to him (the first he’s ever had?) on our green smoothie straws when we were done.   Hopefully we saved his life.   But his odds aren’t good.