College students going green and getting healthy!

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Robyn with daughter Emma and friend Aaron at Rex Lee Race a Cure

I ran a 10K last Saturday with my daughter, Emma, and her friend Aaron, both former high school track stars. It was the Rex Lee race for a cure for cancer, a cold but sunny day here in Utah.

Cancer drug companies seem to have focused in on sponsoring these runs, to raise money for drug research. This is, of course, a great idea if you believe that injecting more chemicals into cancer patients will at some point result in a “cure.”

(The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The idea that toxic chemicals and burning rays could “cure” cancer has been an epic failure since it was introduced well over 50 years ago. Medicine will show you results that sound much more promising than that, with specific treatments and specific cancers. But overall, we have not “cured” anything even if we sometimes can burn back tumor growths temporarily, with a huge cost to overall quality of life in the process. And Medicine is doing nothing to strengthen the immune system and the overall organism that caused the cancer in the first place.)

But I digress. I’m really proud of Emma. She came home from working for 7 months in Europe inspired by their ways. She bought a CSA share, with her own money, in her little town of Cedar City where she goes to college. She goes grocery shopping with her bicycle that has a basket on it. She hangs her laundry to dry rather than use the energy of a dryer.

Emma and Aaron with hot pink smoothie
Emma and Aaron with hot pink smoothie

She saw a guy at the race drinking a green smoothie, and she yelled, “Hey! Good job, you! Look, this is my mom, the Green Smoothie Girl!” (Ugh.)

She talks often about how being a vegetarian leaves a small carbon footprint. She points out ways we could be more energy efficient. She’s committed to her life not being one of massive consumption. I am really proud of her. She’s highly aware, works for a nonprofit humanitarian agency as a volunteer, is paying for her own trip to Thailand when this semester is over, to do humanitarian work for the summer. If she is indicative of her generation, there’s a lot of hope that things will change for the better.

And according to her race results, she ran a 6:30 minute mile. (Mine says I ran a 7:37 minute mile. Clearly something was wrong, because we don’t run that fast.) But we were powered by our electrolyte-rich Hot Pink Smoothies (which you get for free signing up for the newsletter). Delicious. Aaron is the typical college guy who never eats anything healthy, and even he liked it!


Am I the only parent who HATES these songs?

dislikeyou are raising teenagers like I am, you hear their music constantly, like it or not. Am I the only parent who goes into a white-hot rage every time you hear this song, Rude, by Magic?

Knocked on your door with heart in my hand

To ask you a question

Cause I know you’re an old fashioned man

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life

Say yes, say yes, ‘cause I need to know

You say I’ll never get your blessing till the day I die

Tough luck my friend, but the answer is NO!

Why you gotta be so rude?

Don’t you know I’m human too

Why you gotta be so rude?

I’m gonna marry her anyway!

Marry that girl….marry her anyway…marry her anyway….no matter what you say….

Why you gotta be so rude?

Don’t you know I’m human too

I hate to do this, you leave no choice

I can’t live without her

Love me or hate me, we will be boys….standing at that altar

Or we will run away

To another galaxy

You know she’s in love with me, she will go anywhere I go

No matter what you say……

Every time I hear this song, I imagine some guy saying this to me and my blood starts to boil. Why I gotta be so rude, BOY? Maybe because you have no job, and you’re on drugs—what, you say your “job” is singing, in a garage? I didn’t spent the last 20 years raising this baby girl to throw her life away with your sorry *#$!……oh, now my daydream has gotten into my blog. Sorry.

My kids told me when they’re driving with their dad, he goes off on a rant about the kid singing this song, too…..I guess I’m not the only one!

Here’s another song that ticks me off: Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.

beauty“My mama she told me don’t worry about your size. She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

So we tell our daughters that the only thing that matters, regarding their “size,” is what appeals to boys? Holy wow. Please tell me there aren’t really parents out there saying stuff like this.

I’m all for loving the skin we’re in. Eating disorders, comparing ourselves to magazine standards, starving ourselves—I’m against all of this. And I dislike judgment and condescension towards those around us struggling with their weight.

But our size is related to our HEALTH. An extra 20 pounds can kill your libido. An extra 50 and we’re at vastly higher risk for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I realize it’s “just a song.” But I wish we cared more about our daughters’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health than what boys may or may not like.


Does everything that goes in your mouth have to TASTE good?

food is fuel qoteIt finally snowed here in Utah! In fact, it dumped a foot in the valley, in 24 hours. I shoveled my walks 3 times in one day. One day after Christmas, my kids Emma and Tennyson and I went skiing at Brighton with friends of mine, a pediatric dentist and a plastic surgeon.

These friends know next-to-nothing about what I do. On the ski lift, the dentist was griping to the surgeon about how he got “the runs” for 3 days from a pint of green smoothie I’d fed him. (He then wanted nothing to do with the green smoothie habit, and continued his diet of Muscle Milk and lots of packaged foods, the usual bachelor diet.) The dentist then asked the surgeon, “Have you ever had a green smoothie?”

Who replied, “Oh, there’s one in my freezer at work. I took two sips, and it was disgusting, so that was that.”

The conversation moved onto other topics. But in my head, I thought of something I say to Baby Boy, now 14, who is my “pickiest eater.”

(I always tell people, there weren’t any picky eaters until we gave the kids the option to eat fake, addictive foods.)

I often tell Tennyson, “Some foods we eat because they taste good. Some we eat because they’re good for us. This one is in the latter category. So, just eat it!”

It’s probably one of those quotes they’ll pull out in the eulogy at my funeral.

food-fuelI’m not trying to say that food shouldn’t taste good. In fact, my whole mission is to help people realize that whole foods can be easy, affordable, and delicious!

However, if you walk into your first green smoothie from a lifetime of eating processed sugar, well, you might not like it at first. Not if that green smoothie is really green, like mine are!

But my point is, if we all had a goal to recognize food as fuel, serving an important function, then maybe HOW IT TASTES wouldn’t be the #1 consideration for absolutely everything we eat.

Very frankly, sometimes my green smoothies don’t taste that good. I drink them anyway.

Think of it as a badge of honor. You just did something really cool for your health.

New-Year_Resolutions_listI have a treat once a day. It’s almost always a pretty healthy treat, compared to what most people have. But the majority of what I eat is selected because I count the consequences. I want to have crazy awesome good health, and I know that the fuel I choose is possibly the #1 predictor of whether I achieve it on a regular basis.

It would be a great New Year’s Resolution. Eat food for the health advantages first, taste second!

(p.s. Congrats to nearly 5,000 GreenSmoothieGirl readers who just took the “Fitter Not Fatter” 31-Day Green Smoothie Challenge in December, to drink a quart of green smoothie a day in December!)

You can join it any time now! Commit to drink a a quart of 31 days and we give you free support and recipes the whole time!


Lee and Kristen on the East Coast show how medical expenses decrease as green smoothies increase!

KristenchartGreenSmoothieGirl reader Kristen, from the east coast,  sent me a story about her family’s improvement in health when they started drinking green smoothies and “cleaning up” their diet. Check out the chart that Kristen’s husband, Lee, made, showing how dramatically their healthcare costs went DOWN when their consumption of nutrient-dense foods went UP!

Kristen’s daughter’s health was declining, as a preschooler. An ENT doctor told Kristen that Riley needed tubes, as well as tonsil/adenoid surgery. Kristen began to study. She bought the Blendtec at Costco. The sales guy wrote down, for Kristen, and told her to go there. Lee bought Kristen a 12 Steps to Whole Foods program several years ago, and she’s been devoted to increasing whole foods in her family’s diet. They cut out dairy. They dramatically decreased sugar. Within 6 months, Riley was off all drugs, including albuterol. She’s now 9 years old!

[Note from Robyn: Kristen is probably aware my oldest son was on albuterol and many other drugs, and that’s what we did–got him off dairy and sugar, and onto a diet of primarily greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, in their natural state. As with Kristen’s story, the drugs and underweight and mucous and constant viruses didn’t disappear overnight–but they disappeared over 6 months. I agree with her, that it takes a dedicated effort, and a willingness to watch and wait as changes show up!]

what your story (2)Kristen writes,

“I love our story. I love how God has directed our path to better health. Four lives are changed, right here!”

Kristen, thank you for sharing. Your story is so similar to mine, and I hope that for years, as people search this blog and find you, that you are a part of inspiring them to make nutrition part of their wellness journey!



Do 8-year old boys choose a healthy, no-sugar treat for their birthdays?

Melissa's Son
Melissa’s son enjoys his healthy birthday treat!

If their mama raises them to love whole foods, they do! We’re inspired!

GSG reader Melissa H. wrote us:

I had to share this picture with you!  For my son’s birthday, he requested a “chocolate oatmeal cookie cake.” I made the no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies from your Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes book, as a treat, and that is what he wanted for his cake!  No sugary, food-dyed cake for this boy!  I made a raw chocolate ice cream too that everyone loved.  Thank you for helping this mom create a healthier home for her family!