If you get the chance, tell my kids what good nutrition means to you

I won a singles league tennis match at another club a while ago. After the match, I was tanking up on water and talking to my son Tennyson, who came to watch me play. I said,

“Want to go to Good Earth and get some wheat grass juice?”

My opponent was looking at me strangely, so I said, “Yeah. I know. It’s weird. But he LOVES the stuff.”

She said, “I don’t drink wheat grass juice. But I do drink green smoothies. I just read a book called The Green Smoothies Diet.”

Haha, I love my life! I guess my photo isn’t on that book’s jacket.

Then there was the day I was pumping gas in my car and two different women, both named Carrie, came up and gave me a hug.

And recently, someone at the gym told me that Holly Mendenhall, who has attended a few of my classes, turned her onto green smoothies. She said, “Do you know Holly?” (Nope.) She said, “She’s the wife of Bronco Mendenhall.”

BYU’s football coach! (What a great man, who has done great things in this community.) YAY! Does that mean that Bronco Mendenhall’s family is doing 12 Steps to Whole Foods? I can only hope.

That was all awesome, but maybe even better is what happened the night before, at Kincade’s baseball banquet. One of his friends and his mom got out of their car in the parking lot with us. So since Cade was talking to his buddy, I chatted with the mom all the way in to the banquet.

While we listened to the awards ceremony and ate dinner, two women came over to my table to say that green smoothies, or my whole-foods course, have been transforming their energy and health. One said, “I no longer get tired training for my marathon—I love it!”

But best of all, both women turned to my son and said, “I feel so great drinking green smoothies—do you drink them, Cade?”

He said, “Every day of my life. My house is the Vegetable Capital of the World.” No sarcasm….just kinda proud, actually, of his own healthy habits–because what else are you going to do in the face of such ardent enthusiasm?

And they gushed to him with such enthusiasm about how positive their nutrition changes have been. I acted cool, I hope, but secretly was SO THRILLED.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, if you ever have any interaction with my children, and you give them a third-party endorsement of the principles I teach!

Then as I went to leave, the mom I had walked in with came rushing back up to me. She said, “Oh my gosh, you are Robyn? I just figured that out! I just read your book and now I’m studying 12 Steps to Whole Foods with my co-workers and I love it!”

And my son sat there and listened. Three times in one night, and I didn’t even have to pay them. (hehe)

I am always trying to give the parents following a whole-foods path some endorsement with their kids. By writing The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, by doing readings for kids, then writing the recipe book Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes, by encouraging readers to bring their older kids to my events, by talking to kids whenever I get the chance.

So, WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING when it comes back to me and someone returns the favor!

I need others to confirm the truth of these principles, for my children, as well.


My friend drinks green smoothies, loses weight, addresses diabetic issues

I have a close friend who rents my basement apartment. Jean is a 46-year old mom of 3 and a Type 1 diabetic since age 16. As with all of my friends, I never undertook to try to convince her to eat whole foods, but she’s in my kitchen a lot and sees what I do. And eventually almost everyone tries it–at LEAST the green smoothie habit, and most of them even more of my lifestyle habits. I have quite an army of friends and ex-boyfriends who make green smoothies regularly and tell me they’ll never give that up.

One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I get my [sister] (insert name of someone close to you) on board?” And of course I have detailed answers to that in the 12 Steps Intro, regarding your kids and spouse. But my general answer is, “You don’t.”

You can’t change what someone else eats. A minority of people would rather die than eat right. But lots of people WILL change, just by watching you and seeing the results. Example is so much more powerful than lectures.

So this weekend Jean was sitting in my kitchen while I was testing recipes for Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes, which you can pre-order now. It’s a companion to The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, which is being printed right now, and I found a way to reduce the price of the hardback book by $4! Yay!

We were talking about why she left yoga early that morning. And her insulin pump started beeping right about then. She got it out and squeezed it a few times to eat the “mashed potatoes” (featuring cauliflower and spinach) that she’d just tasted and wanted a bowl of.

My son Tennyson was in the room, so I asked Jean to show him her pump and tell him about diabetes. I asked Ten if he has noticed Jean pricking her finger to test her blood, when she sits with us at church, and he nodded. “I have to do that 20 or 25 times a day,” she told him.

“And what happens if your blood sugar is low?” I asked. (All in the name of instructing Tennyson–I would talk to him later about what causes Type 2 diabetes.)

“I have to eat a piece of candy,” she said.


“Or a piece of fruit?” I suggested. “Yes, even better,” she said.

So we were talking about how she sometimes has to leave yoga (we go to the same class on Saturdays at the gym), because her blood pressure is too low, and yesterday she had a lot of muscle fatigue and just couldn’t finish.

She said to Tennyson, “I used to feel like that a LOT, until I started drinking green smoothies, and it almost never happens now.” I asked her what other health benefits she noticed, and she said, “More energy and I lost weight.”

Good stuff. I’ll post more green-smoothie mustache photos and testimonials sent by readers, soon!

Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes

I’ve been cooking up so many ideas for how 2012 is the year I start taking the GSG message to KIDS, rather than just their parents. I have BIG plans for a whole revolution that starts with a big event in your elementary school gym: reading The Adventures of Junk Food Dude and arming families with Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes. Then they rotate around “centers” with food tastings, hosted by your local health food store. And you make money to put the event on, and I tell you exactly how to do it. And you have a blast, and tons of kids leave empowered and educated and excited to eat whole foods.

They leave having chosen whether to be Junk Food Dude or Green Smoothie Guy. They’re rewarded with a sticker that says, “I’m a Green Smoothie Guy!” or “I’m a Green Smoothie Girl!” if they made and tasted yummy whole foods.

You in? More later, on that, so stay tuned.

Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes is an all-color, easy recipe book for 4 to 14-year olds. This is where education ideally should to start, and it helps if kids are EXCITED about not only the consequences of good nutrition—but the tastes, textures, and processes involved, too. I learned when I studied to be a child and family therapist that PROCESS is as important as PRODUCT.

Check out a few of the photos that will be in the book. (Katie Dudley, I’M NOT WORTHY—you are, straight up, a genius with a camera. Check out http://www.kdphotography.org)

The ending of Junk Food Dude!

Here’s the end of my book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, with a little

activity for kids to review what foods are positive and negative choices.

And a review of what the consequences are of making positive nutrition


We will also be publishing a companion recipe book,

Junk Food Dude’s

Yummy Healthy Recipes

My next blog post will be just a few of the spectacular photos from my

recipes in that book. Every recipe will have full-color photos that will

make children want to get in the kitchen and experiment with real, living

foods, and then eat those creations!