Dietary philosophy and supplements


Dr. Connealy’s program, executed by her nutritionist, Liliana, is 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods (like animal products, grains, berries). They feed patients 20% fat, 30% protein, 50% carbs in the form of veggies, and about 50% raw in the form of vegetables, 2 green juices, and two salads daily. They do not serve any foods with dairy or gluten, and use only minimal grains and starchy vegetables (potatoes, yams, carrots, sweet vegetables). No more than 20 grams of sugar (no refined sugars) per meal.


Dr. Connealy says, “Every drug causes a nutritional deficiency. You must supply nutrients against the deficiency. For instance, Metformin causes B vitamin deficiency. Statin drugs deplete CoQ10. Red yeast rice also depletes CoQ10.”

I like how she studies the work of other pioneers and revolutionaries in integrative medicine and references and leverages their work regularly. (This is critical so that practitioners build on a foundation and everyone isn’t reinventing the wheel. Some, however, like Stanislaw Burzynski, truly invented “a wheel,” if not “the wheel.”)

She uses some of the research and/or best practices of Dr. Nick Gonzales, the Nobel Prize-winning Otto Warburg, the Gerson Therapy, Ann Wigmore, and more. (In fact, the Gerson Clinic used to be housed in Oasis of Hope, by Dr. Connealy’s partner Dr. Francisco Contreras.)

Tumors are formed, she said, when the immune system is depressed, through too much exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals, toxic foods, viral loads, and stresses. It takes about 8 years for a tumor to form. Cancer cells have been coating themselves with fibrinogen glue and mucous, creating 15 layers of protection.

Her philosophy is to use nutraceuticals to slow down the cancer, then stop it, then turn the body around and bring it back to a healthy state. The ideas below are to shift the pH, shut down the blood supply to the tumor, increase natural killer cell production, detoxify the patient, increase antioxidant levels, increase SOD production, strip the glue layer from the cancer cells and kill them.

pH Balancer: This product uses cesium and rubidium together to shift the pH around the tumor to 7.4, as cancer thrives in an acidic environment. This must be done at the cellular level; it is not enough to increase the pH of the blood.

Pancreatic enzymes: Dr. Connealy notes that Drs. William Kelly (and Nick Gonzales) proved that enzymes must be a major part of any integrative treatment of cancer. The kind I have used for years are not effective for me personally, I learned when Liliana tested me using Zyto technology. (Then I came home and had my friend Laura Jacobs test me again, with the same result.) I am switching brands, based on their testing of frequencies of many different products, relative to my own biochemistry. (Sometimes using the same product for a long time causes your body to react to it less effectively. What’s right for me might not be precise for you.)

Dr. Connealy likes Nutrizyme, taken 1-2 hours before meals. It is enterically coated so it can pass through stomach acid and enter the blood stream to break down the fibrinogen glue layer of a cancer cell. This product also has anti-carcinogen factors attached to aid the immune system in killing the cancer cell.

5,000 to 10,000 IU of Vitamin D: It’s absolutely critical as probably the nutrient most linked to cancer prevention. Hundreds of studies now show that cancer could be slashed in half, or better, if people did not fall below Vitamin D minimum thresholds.

4000 mg of oral Vita C: Even the FDA and National Institutes of Health (NIH) now acknowledge, due to incontrovertible evidence, the power of Vitamin C. It may be the best antiviral agent available—I have gotten rid of hundreds of little bugs in my family by administering this amount of it the minute anyone feels ill. Vitamin C increases the antioxidant level in your body on a cellular level, to stop damage to DNA.

Dr. Connealy manufactures VITALITY C that has a neutral pH so high doses will not upset your stomach. Part of the magic of Vita C is that it is mistaken for a glucose molecule by a cancer cell, which has 43 receptors for glucose, compared to a healthy cell that has only 2. When a cancer cells grabs it up, hydrogen peroxide is produced, which kills the cancer cell.

Essential Detox (Badmaev 269): Dr. C believes this to be the best natural antiviral medication and detoxifier of metals and environmental pollutants. It’s made from botanicals based on traditional Tibetan medicine but was developed by physicians in Russia, Europe, and the U.S.

Noni: Morinda Citrifolia increases natural killer cell production, and Dr. C prescribes Nutriceuticals’ freeze-dried Noni fruit in capsules, which retains enzyme activity and is 30 times more powerful than other Noni liquid or capsule.

Ecomer and V-Statin: Ecomer is used to shut down the blood supply to the tumor, as evidenced by 37 clinical trials, using shark liver oil. In addition to its anti-angiogenesis properties, it also increases white and red blood cell and platelet counts in all human beings, and detoxifies mercury by encapsulating it, carrying it through the kidneys with no damage, and excreting it in the urine.

Stress Release: This is fetal wheat tissue product (no fiber, no gluten, only protein) developed over 50 years by a family of botanists from Michigan. They used it in Chernobyl to detox the radiation damage. It increases SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) in the body that detoxifies poisons from chemo and radiation, which reduces their side effects. SOD is the intracellular garbage man in the body. Fetal wheat protein increased SOD level in 100% of those tested.

Natura Herbals Anti-Cancer Formulas: Dr. Huang Chuan Gui is Asia’s most respected cancer physician, and his family has made herbal medicines for cancer for over 900 years. His proprietary formulas are specifically for the respiratory, digestive, urinary, ductless glands, blood, lymphatic, motor system, and central nervous system.

Seattle….things that come in 3’s….part 2 of 3

I’m not superstitious, but strange things happen to me in threes. You may have heard me speak about that. (I changed this to a three-part series, in honor of that.)

So I almost brought an ex-boyfriend to Seattle with me as an assistant. That kinda blew up. Then another one I affectionately refer to as “Hot Cop” told me he needed a vacation and wanted to come. Airfare was outrageous at that point. So I let go, and got on the plane by myself. And guess who got on with me?

My first high-school boyfriend, Rich. He wrangled me a seat next to him. He had nothing to do that night so he volunteered to come along to our U of W event, and he ran the GSG book table brilliantly after the show. I learned a long time ago not to force things–relationships, work, kids–and karma rolls around and provides solutions. Sometimes the solution is better than the idea you started with. This ever happen to you?

I introduced him to everyone as the guy who taught me how to kiss. On the plane, he informed me that he could never believe it that I let him kiss me, because I was a year older and he kept waiting for me to reject him. (We saw each other, on and off, for 4 years, through my sophomore year in college.)

He was the ridiculously hot, suntanned high-school quarterback. But JV, when I should have been dating varsity! I never acknowledged him to my friends, because his being a year younger and a friend of my brother’s embarrassed me. We talked about going to prom but then didn’t–I went with someone a year older than me. But we’d make out for hours in the forest behind my parents’ house. Or in the basement. Or at Burke Lake.

We reminisced about a night we both remember as one of the most-fun times of our lives. At that point we were friends, and he and I drove out to an “away” game where my then-boyfriend (#2 of 3 in high school) was the Center on the basketball team. (My senior year, it was the tight end–back to the football team!)

On the way home, an inch-thick layer of ice on the road brought Washington, D.C. to a standstill. We had to abandon my car to traverse the last couple of miles home, sliding on the ice in our shoes. It was a very still, silent night and all the trees had become thousands of delicate icicles. With no cars on the road, we had a blast, dancing around, falling, screaming, and laughing until our sides hurt.

Rich came home from Bosnia a USAF veteran, and is finishing a PhD to become a pharmacist. He was on his way to Seattle for a one-day immunization clinic. He said, “If the pharmacist thing doesn’t work out, can I come work for you?” I said, “People on my site would chew you up and spit you out. Lots of them don’t immunize their kids. I don’t either.”

He told me story after story about the stomach-turning literature he reads about the side effects of vaccines. One that is known to cause a child’s digestive system to fold in on itself. One was linked to Failure to Thrive.

He said, “They don’t tell us to stop giving the shot because of terrible side effects and risks. Instead they just tell us to warn people!”

He talked about observing Teflon, from cookware, built up in the crevices of intestines, in the cadavers he’s worked with.

He told me that he’s never seen people in worse health than the Clinical Nutrition professors he has studied under. I said, “Did anyone talk about plant food? The China Study? Raw food, enzymes?” He said, “Nope. I think they teach that in dietetics.” I said, “Nope, they don’t teach it there either.”

Rich bemoaned the way “they” keep adjusting the BMI chart, where “ideal body weight” range gets smaller and smaller–and the overweight and obese ranges get bigger and bigger. This is a big deal for pharmacists because dosing is based on weight. If you’re overweight, you always get higher doses.

There’s no joy in his acceptance of his future, now that he’s this far into a profession the U.S. military has invested a lot of money in, and he has invested a lot of time in.

He doesn’t want to do it. I know, since we were kids together, that he’s a math and science genius. But he wants to do something good with his education, and can’t get excited about injecting babies, little kids, and old people with toxins, bacteria, and heavy metals.

fish oil vs flax oil

Fish oil vs flax oil: which is better?   Fish oils are rich in Essential Fatty Acids, and most people  have thought for the past 10+ years that they are the best source.   This is because  research on EFAs focused on the fish oils for many years.   A very recent study said those taking isolated fish-oil supplements did not have better cardiovascular markers, contrary to popular belief.   Harvard-educated M.D. Donald Rudin says that his own research yielded better results with flaxseed oil.

Fish oil is problematic for a few reasons.   First, contaminants  in water sources mean a lot of fish  contain mercury or other heavy metals, or toxins called lipid peroxides.   Second, some experts say fish oil is  indigestible in the gut (that’s why you burp it up for hours after taking it).   Third,  heat destroys  the EFA alpha linolenic acid in cooking, which is something to consider if you’re getting your EFAs from eating fish.   Fourth, fish oil is  about five times more  expensive, ounce for ounce, than  flax oil.    (And probably about 20 times more expensive than whole flaxseed!)

Fish oil advocates claim that you get EPA and DHA (two fatty acids) from animal sources, whereas flax is low in DHA.   True, but on the other hand, the human body needs very little DHA, as it is stored in the cells and does not need to be replaced often.

Further,  flax is a whole plant food with lots of fiber and many other virtues, including anti-inflammatory, tumor-inhibiting, and mood- and hormone-regulating compounds.   In fact, I believe flaxseed to be potentially the most nutritious food on the planet.   The fish oil vs flax oil debate isn’t over, but  the more I read  on newer research, the more firmly convinced I become that flax will win in the end.