Green smoothies: they’re just a first step!

This is for you, whether you’re

*a newbie to GSG trying to kick the SAD (standard American diet) or

*you’ve been here plugging along since the start almost two years ago, or

*you’re a lifelong die-hard earthy-crunchy who already knew everything I teach since before I was born


If all you ever did was green smoothies, I could die happy.   If you’re drinking a quart a day, you’re doing better, nutritionally speaking, than 99 percent of Americans.   (If I’m honest, I’d have to guess you’d probably be doing better than 97 percent with just a pint!   Just don’t take that as a free pass for slacking!)


But in my reading of copious emails (I get about 200 a day, and I’m so very sorry that I can’t always respond to all of them, though I do try), I learn this interesting fact.


Once you start with Step 1, you don’t want to stop.   Many people, anyway.   You tune in, especially if you’re DOCUMENTING YOUR HEALTH as a real, live experiment, to what your body is telling you.   You realize that you have more energy, you’re thinner, you have better skin and nails and hair, you crave empty calories less than before, maybe you even have more sexual energy.


So you want to move on to Step 2.


I just want to ask how many of you are STUCK ON STEP 1.  


No shame in that.   I’m not here to guilt trip anybody and never will be.


But I just want to give you the gentlest nudge in the booty, if you just answered yes, to get started on Step 2.


See, I’m ambitious.   Born that way.   Even if I’m thrilled with your fabulous green smoothie experiment, I want to see you replacing low-quality foods with high-quality ones.  


So, are you ready to move on?   If you’ve been on Step 1 for more than a month, what’s holding you up?   Dig deep now, to answer that question.


Is it lack of time?   Content with the progress you’ve already made?   Afraid you’ll be required to give up addictions and that’s scary?   What else?

an interesting green smoothie testimonial

I have lots more testimonials I haven’t posted yet.   I’ve blogged in the past about the personality changes and mood improvements that people experience when they toss the refined foods and start eating whole, mostly-raw plant food.   Here’s an interesting testimonial from a reader named Grace that came in this morning through the questionnaire on the site:

“Green smoothies have changed my life in so many ways. At first, I got caught up in the physical changes and although very important, I am now seeing other transformations taking place on mental and emotional levels as well, which I had not anticipated. I feel more focused, have smoother energy, am less irritable, and am noticing the ‘beauty’ of nature, people, things. . .

I used to resist everything–subway ride to and from work, incoming calls (work in an office), bills, deadlines, etc. Nowadays, I just feel more appreciative and have changed the way I look at life, drawing strength from things that inspire passion and dream. Instead of resisting, I’ve learned that by treating things differently (keeping an open heart and a positive attitude with much gratitude), I end up feeling differently about them as well. Sometimes the smallest shift can take you in a different direction. And yes, all this from green smoothies!!!

But to keep myself inspired, I will share that my skin is glowing, the shape of my face is much more refined, I’ve lost weight, my eyes are clearer, hair shinier. I feel that my breathing has enhanced–can take in more air. I have to attribute these changes to eating a plant based diet which includes daily green smoothies. Greens are powerful detoxifiers and sources of great nourishment. And fruit, well what can I say about fruit? They get such a bad rap but I think they are the most cleansing foods on the planet. Maybe that’s why they’re frowned upon and viewed as the culprit for candida, high blood sugar, weight gain, etc.–they ‘stir’ things up and work hard to push toxins and sludge out of the body. These cleansing reactions although unpleasant, are necessary. You will feel worse before you feel better. And I think that’s the point. At least, that’s been my experience. Fruits and greens together, I consider them a match made in heaven!!”

Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 13

My New Year’s Resolution was to GO GREEN. My husband and I (yes, I converted him) both love the green smoothies. They are very satisfying. We no longer crave junk food. We have begun to lose a few pounds. I am turning on my grandchildren and children to them. My husband is Hispanic, diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. We are seeing improvements.   It has only been a month. We use our BlendTec for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We make smoothies, salad dressings, soups and using your 12 Steps to Whole Foods book each month to be totally green after one year. Thank you for all your research and recipes.

–Pat M.

Green Smoothies became a part of my life at the same time that I started eating 100% raw. So the effects are probably due to raw food (which green smoothies are) in general. I do know that the effects have been real for me, and I refer everyone I possibly can to so they can reap the benefits, too.

Many people do not want to go all raw, but they can improve by adding green smoothies, and eating more raw foods. I was able to quit taking oral medications for diabetes after making these changes and have been stable without medications for almost a year, now. I am looking forward to even more improvements as I continue on this path. I am so grateful for Robyn and for the contribution she has made to the community in helping people to understand this vital information. I am convinced that health and longevity is based on what we put in and on our bodies, and that we are responsible for our own health and vitality. If we are not willing to do what is necessary, Nature will impose the consequences.


Green smoothies have helped me stay full longer in the morning.   I used to be SO hungry by lunchtime.   My stomach would growl and I would become dizzy.   Now I drink a blender full of smoothie in the morning and I am satisfied until it is time to eat my next meal.

–J. Burns

My day is not complete without a smoothie! If I go without one, I feel bad physically and mentally. My children love them, too, and want them every day so they can have energy and strong muscles.

–Jenny L.

Green Smoothie Testimonials, part 5

I would like to convert everybody. There are many benefits. You will experience increased energy. You will need less sleep and your cravings for sweets will decrease down to nothing. You will lose weight, your blood pressure will come down. You will feel like 21 again.


I actually, really look forward to the first smoothie in the a.m. It is easy, and if you give it a chance, you will love it too. The first smoothie I made I used a 1/2 banana and tasted great, but I did not want to use it on a daily basis. So, I did not make any smoothies for one month. I decided to go back and try again, this time with a 1/2 apple for 32 ounces. That hooked me!


Green smoothies taste so fresh. I make 64 ounces in the a.m. I use 32 ounces in the morning and save the next 32 ounces for noon meal. You can take it with you to work. It travels well and it is so easy, I just make mine fresh everyday.


The GreenSmoothieGirl website is extremely informative with all the information for making the green smoothie. I vary the greens (very important), but my base is apple, celery, parsley (all organic, of course).  I then on various days use two of the following, any of the types of kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion, arugula, or anything else that looks fresh.


Put the soft washed leafy greens in the bottom of the blender and top it with the harder washed vegetables. Add the filtered water, and start blending, If it is too thick, add more water and blend again. I sip it (as a good portion of digestion occurs in the mouth). And, I get to enjoy this every morning.


Now, to keep the greens extra fresh, here is what I do. I place each type of green, unwashed in a mason jar 1/4 filled with water. I top it with one of those green bags and twist the green bag at the bottom around with my fingers, so it is fairly secure around the mason jar. Greens keep great, and I never throw out anything, seriously. Keeping green onions like this is wonderful, the greens love it. Wishing my best to everyone who has a desire for great health and is willing to give a green smoothie a fair shot.


–Lorraine L. (Naples, Florida)


What can we say! My husband, myself, and our 15 month old baby are hooked! There is no such thing as the 3 o’clock sleepiness anymore. We have so much more energy. Our daughter loves the smoothies. She even has a smoothie dance she does when she wants some. With her on the green smoothies, I do not worry so much about if she is getting proper nutrition. I just know she is. With the addition of flax seed or chia, I also know she is getting the good fats she needs for brain development.  I am so glad I stumbled onto your site, Robyn. This has changed our lives.


–Shelly N.



This is the healthful “FAST FOOD!” My health has changed for the better! I now have a desire to do, and to live! Thanks to green smoothies!


–Dallas J.

Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part 2

By following Robyn’s recommendation, which I could not believe at first but made a decision to give it a try, I lost weight without trying, and my knees and shoulders stopped aching. My blood lipid profile has improved. My cholesterol level has gone from 201 down to 157. Yes, I said 157. My doctor had me go to a different lab to have the test confirmed.


My complexion and skin tone have improved as well. I also had a problem with dry skin. I used coconut oil as recommended by Robyn, and my rash that I had on my ankles and chin cleared up completely. I had gone to the doctor and had obtained two different medications and the only thing that did any good, and in fact cleared it up, was the coconut oil. Thank you,


–Sandra T. from California.


Green smoothies saved me from facing yet another diet, thinking about hypnosis for weight loss, hating the way I looked, and everything else that comes along with being overweight. Green smoothies are my answer to staying away from the doctor. I no longer have cravings and feel satisfied for hours after drinking my awesome smoothies. My husband is loving them too and has lost 40 pounds. Children love green smoothies. I appreciate all the information Robyn has shared. Thank you so much Robyn!


–A. Fambrough



The green smoothie idea has worked well for me whereas juicing did not. Anyone who has juiced knows the time commitment it takes for juicing and clean-up as well as the volume of veggies it takes to make just 2-3 eight-ounce juice drinks per day. When I read about green smoothies, it was immediately appealing to me.   I bought a BlendTec right away. In only 14 months of use, the counter on my machine is already over 1,600!


I average 5 out of 7 days for making smoothies for myself and my husband, who will drink one anytime it’s available in the fridge. One benefit of green smoothies is helping me to be more alkaline.


–Linda C.


Green Smoothie Testimonials, Part I

I have been enjoying the testimonials that have come in with the green smoothie questionnaires. Most of them will be included in The Green Smoothie Diet coming out June 2009. If you haven’t yet reported your own experience with GS after 30 days of drinking them, here’s the link–I am collating data to use it for my book later THIS WEEK, so if you tried before and got an error message or if you have finally reached 30 days, now is the time to take the questionnaire:

And to see the testimonials I already had on the site, if you’re looking for motivation to kick-start a daily GS habit, here they are:

And in this series, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been reading from questionnaires because I know you’ll LOVE it like I do! I’m starting with this one because of the empirical evidence Bonnie submitted that definitively shows the kind of thing I’m always telling you: that whole, raw plant food (especially greens) is powerfully healing:

I had a complete CBC analysis done in April 2008 – just 2 months before I started the Green Smoothies and then I had it done again in Oct 2008, 4 months after starting. Here are some interesting results:

Apr 08 – These were all in the high range

Cholesterol – 267

Cholesterol HDL Ratio – 7.9

LDL Cholesterol – 201

Glucose – 117

Triglycerides – 161

October 2008 – These were all in the normal range

Cholesterol – 181

Cholesterol HDL ratio – 4.8

LDL Cholesterol – 116

Glucose – 91

Triglycerides – 136

–Bonnie E. (see her before and after photos here, wow!)

Bonnie before Greensmoothies

Bonnie After Greensmoothies