What’s so bad about whey protein?

shutterstock_265224311Steve, who calls himself “Blenda Guy,” writes me occasionally over the years. Last week he emailed, “I know you say whey protein is bad—why can’t I find anything on your site about this?”

Good question. Let me fix that now. Here’s why whey protein is a food I don’t buy, and I hope you don’t either:

First of all, many of my readers are familiar with The China Study done by Oxford and Cornell Universities. It’s the biggest piece of nutrition research ever undertaken. It all started in a lab, decades ago, where researchers discovered that rats and mice who ate casein (milk protein) experienced high rates of cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. (Those who ate very little of this animal protein got virtually no cancer or other disease.)

shutterstock_203262013Whey used to not be considered food, not in manufacturing, anyway. It was a byproduct of dairy processing. Then the industry discovered they could gather that throwaway product, dry it, and market it as a nutrition product by touting its high protein content. It’s a manufacturing dream—repurposing a waste byproduct to increase profit on the same process! (Fluoride is a similar situation—it’s a poisonous byproduct of petrochemical processes, but then they discovered that it supposedly “prevents tooth decay.” Ah, but that’s another story for shutterstock_140334316another day.)

Through great marketing, and because the product has such low cost for the manufacturer, Americans now spend $1 billion a year on whey protein products!

But…..just because they’re selling us a lot of it doesn’t make it good for us!

Drinking cow’s milk means we’re getting high exposure to the steroids, hormones, and antibiotics fed to the cow. Now some marketers are differentiating themselves by claiming that their whey protein is from cows in New Zealand, or from cows that aren’t fed Rbst hormone, or from cows that are organic. Well, that’s certainly better than the “pure junk” processed, hormone/antibiotic/steroid-laden stuff most manufacturers sell!

But still. The China Study research didn’t use protein that was full of chemicals, either. It was merely processed, as all whey is. From the results of the studies, it is clear that processed whey clearly isn’t good for you even in the best of circumstances.

shutterstock_212356393It goes through many refining stages—sometimes up to 14 different refining processes—before it’s served up to you in a bag or a bar. It’s a highly refined food, and we already know that processing the heck out of any food causes the body to revolt in a variety of ways. Whey protein is devoid of fiber, low in most micronutrients, is quite acidic, and may cause the human body to react, as it does, to anything it doesn’t want by producing mucous to flush the foreign substance out. Over time, this mucousy situation causes an increasingly acidic climate in the body, prone to all types of disease.

Don’t get me wrong—I love protein. Who doesn’t want to build muscle mass? Who doesn’t want to burn fat? Who doesn’t want to slow down the impact on their blood sugar, decrease the insulin reaction, of, for instance, the fruit in their green smoothie?

I made my own protein for a while to do just that, and now we offer it to GSG readers. The reason I made it, in the first place, is that I didn’t like the products out there. Even the plant-based proteins are highly processed. So we made our own delicious nutrition protein that is raw, organic, plant-based, and made with whole foods. In other words, we don’t strip out the fiber by putting it SingleServePacket_ProteinRedthrSingleServePacket_ProteinChocougSingleServePacket_ProteinVanillah a variety of refining stages and diminishing it to “isolates” of the plant like most manufacturers do.

And just this month, we’ve made it into SINGLE SERVINGS at the request of people, like me, who travel a lot. Or who value convenience.

I put a handful of these in my shoulder bag to get through long flights and trips where I’m on the move. If I feel like a meal I’m eating is too high in carbs, I just add a packet of GSG Berry Protein to water, shake it up, and drink
it first. Even in plain water, it tastes great. It’s higher in micronutrients, as well as fiber, than other protein products because we don’t process the heck out of it or heat it.SingleServeProteinBox_Red

It’s made from vegetables and seeds. It’s sweetened lightly with herbal stevia. Very simple and clean. Every ingredient is certified organic.

And, now we have NATURAL protein with no flavoring or stevia. Our flavorings are non-GMO, which very few are. (Most manufacturers don’t even KNOW if their flavorings are non-GMO becauseNaturalProtein flavoring houses don’t have to disclose that. We use the only supplier that does!) But if you’re just adding the protein to green smoothies or baking with it, you’ll want to get some of our Natural Protein with no sweetener.

In July, all Single Serves are 20% off. Our gift to you to give it a try. Keep some in your purse or travel bag along with a blender bottle. This way, you’ll never have to be hungry and you’ll always get outstanding nutrition. (It’s not just our Protein Singles that are on sale—it’s our just-released Single Serves of our 3 Superfoods drink mixes. A fun tip: mix and match the proteins and superfoods for an easy, nutrient-dense meal!)
Robyn Openshaw


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