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we have ORGANIC almonds in the group buy now

Just added a new item, ORGANIC almonds. You can get (with a 100 lb. minimum) regular shelled almonds for $3/lb. Or for $4/lb., you can get 50 lbs. But now for $5/lb., we can get you ORGANIC, truly raw and unpasteurized almonds (from Spain–impossible to find from California). I have not seen these for less […]

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co-op organizing is fun and rewarding

Here’s an email I got yesterday. Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I am taking your advice on getting a small health food co-op going in my local area. I thought I might could round up 10 or 15 people that would show some interest. However, we are now up to 50!!! One thing I noticed on your website […]

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Kicking off group buy now! raw almonds, nuts, seeds, agave, honey, coconut oil, more

Thank you so much for your patience as we put the ordering process together . . . we are excited to announce that we’re finally able to take orders in this year’s group buy. The most important part of our buy is raw almonds because they simply aren’t available anywhere else. They are a critical […]

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post here if you want to find a group order near you

Please post here in our Group Buy Forum with your contact info if you want smaller quantities and want to hook up with someone in your area. We have learned from Google Analytics that on any given day, 2,500 people read this blog, so if I can get y’all to talk more, we can hook […]

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New content I’m working on

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Can you tell me more about organizing a high-nutrition co-op? Answers: I will work on this content, so watch this site for that in the future, good ideas.   I blogged earlier this week on that topic, but will try to write an entire report on how to organize a co-op, step by […]

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some thoughts on organizing a co-op

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I would like to get better prices on the whole foods you recommend than my small-town health food store provides, and I wouldn’t mind making some money for my effort. But I don’t know how to start. Help! Answer: Organizing a co-op is a great idea for anyone wanting to save money and […]

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group buy coming up

We’re getting tons of emails wanting the details on the group buy of raw almonds and 15 other items (raw agave, other nuts/seeds, coconut oil, etc.). I’m sorry that getting the order form up on the new site has taken longer than expected (lots of variables, and my webmaster hasn’t learned how to use the […]

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raw almonds and 15 other items in upcoming group buy

Newsflash, this blog was hacked into late last week, and I’m sorry you couldn’t read or post comments. It took my webmasters a little while to figure it out, THANKS CHRIS AND RITESH!, but it’s fixed now. The downside is, everyone has to re-register and get a new password. Sorry about that. But please do, […]

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more questions I’m answering about the raw almond buy

Back to my five-part series tomorrow.  Today I figured a way to get my cases of raw/organic agave SHIPPED in our raw-almond buy . . . and also add some great deals for you on raw walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, raw honey, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and other items like dried fruit.   I’m excited! […]

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Q&A about the raw almonds

My assistant Jenni has compiled the questions coming in after my email PRE-announcing the raw almond buy.  Here are my answers: When can I order? We won’t have almonds coming out of the trees until Oct. 15, and we’ll send out an email letting you begin placing orders Sept. 15.  This year I will give […]

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