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Tomorrow is the last day of the U.S. group buy!

Please note that tomorrow our 2010 group buy ends. Here’s the description of the products.  (We may open the buy to Canadians for a short time–stand by on that.) Of particular interest: You can get $11 off each protein powder (sprouted, brown rice, tastes wonderful) in our 3-packs, just in this buy You get $9 […]

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here’s why this year’s group buy should be so much better than last’s

So Oct. 25 we plan to kick off the group buy, watch here for the  official announcement. It will end Nov. 30. We learned a lot last year and have lots of improvements. We will have product on hand so that we can ship within a week. Arriving to you within two weeks. No waiting […]

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group buy kicking off Monday

Here are the highlights of this year’s group buy. We kick it off Monday. Watch here. Bottom line–I WON’T CARRY IT unless it’s a hard-to-find product I highly approve of for your high-nutrition kitchen, and less expensive than ANYWHERE else. Unpasteurized almonds can’t be had for any price. We go through contortions to obtain this […]

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Effects of alkaline water for a GSG reader

Jenni forwarded me this email from GSG reader Linda who participated in one of our ionizer group buys. Jenni is my customer support lead, a GSG reader I met at Costco 2 years ago. She is thinking about getting a machine in her home in the current group buy, so I think she asked Linda, […]

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here are a few things I have from the group buy

Hi, just back from watching soccer and hiking in St. George, and I picked up the big mis-delivered order from Las Vegas as promised, those of you waitlisted whom I told I would get you the almonds, dates, shredded coconut, and cashews. By the way, we stayed in the most FABULOUS suite, GREAT price, too, […]

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to answer the question “Do I have more almonds” . . .

Amanda asked, do I have any almonds left? Well, no. And there are NONE to be had until we do the group buy again in the fall. BUT. We mistakenly shipped an order to Las Vegas, and I am going there Valentine’s Day weekend for my daughters’ soccer tournaments. I will pick up the 250 […]

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we have 20 boxes of RAW almonds left

If you missed the group buy, you can still get one of the last 20 boxes (50# each) of raw almonds. I got them, extra, because people are always writing after the buy closes. You can get just 50 lbs. if you want, so point your friends in the direction of this link if they […]

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Extra Group Buy Items Available in the Phoenix Area

My name is Shanna Anderson and I live in the Phoenix area. I received an extra large shipment of group buy items and have extras that I can now break down into smaller orders (for those who did not want 25# of something). Here is what I have left as of 12-22-09: Olive Oil: Extra […]

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group buy ends Monday!

Just a note that the group buy to obtain raw, unpasteurized almonds and 15 other high-nutrition and raw food items for your food storage ends MONDAY (Nov. 30): Here’s the FAQ explaining the group buy, ship dates, etc.:

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My almonds have arrived!

Well UPS just dropped off 100#’s of almonds at my front door. Guess I need to get busy dividing and delivering to the folks who went in with me on this group buy. Then I get to fill my freezer with the remaining 60# we are keeping for ourselves.

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