High-nutrition items’ price points . . . part 2 of 2



$25.50 olive oil (two 2-ltr. Bottles) or $13 for 1.5 ltr. bottle of organic

$11 34-oz. balsamic vinegar

$7.50 for two jars of 28-oz. natural, organic peanut butter

$5.70   giant box of Grape Nuts (64 oz.) (for emergency or traveling breakfasts)




$13 for a case of 9 young Thai coconuts (Asian market)

$0.50/can beans of all kinds–on case lot sales at grocery stores

$2 for a bunch of greens (kale, collards)

$0.49-.69/lb. for fruit (wash, chop, and freeze it in baggies when you get this price)

$3 for large pineapples (cut in chunks and freeze for GS)


THINGS I GET IN GROUP BUYS (my own co-op or others):


$76 for a 60# bucket of raw local honey


$3/lb. for almonds–my local group buys, 50# boxes for $150


$41/gal. is good for coconut oil (see my store), even below $45/gal. is really good for organic, virgin–why buy a small tub? It keeps for 2 yrs. on the shelf.


$32.50/gallon for agave (raw, organic)–my local group buys

High-nutrition items’ price points . . . part 1 of 2

I’ve been asked for a list of prices I pay for high-nutrition items you will want to buy regularly if you’re maximizing fresh produce and whole plant foods in your diet.   These are my “staples” that you’ll notice are rather different from what’s in most pantries (or long-term food storage).


Buying agave or coconut oil in little 16 oz. quantities is a way to break the bank.   You may not buy everything, the first time, the cheapest way possible.   But as your GreenSmoothieGirl ways become a lifestyle rather than a “health kick,” you’ll want to find more and more ways to find the kinds of prices I pay by buying in bulk, buying from Azure Standard or other co-ops.   This list is by no means comprehensive, but it will give you an idea.



Everything they grow themselves is organic.   Some of these are book list prices that you find have gone up—up to 50%—when you order, because printing can’t keep up with rising food costs!   Note that I pay 10% on top of these prices for shipping/handling.


$55 for 50 lbs. organic quinoa

$28 for 50 lbs. organic buckwheat

$35 for 50 lbs. organic millet

$27 for 50 lbs. organic popcorn

$20 for 50 lbs. organic oat groats

$31 for 25 lbs. organic spelt

$27 for 25 lbs. organic sweet brown rice (my favorite kind)

$43 for 30 lbs. Thompson raisins

$6 for 1 gal. blackstrap molasses

$47 for 1 gal. Grade B maple syrup

$14 for 16 oz. Spoonable Stevia


$13 for 5 lbs. of cashews, small pieces

$33 for 5 lbs. of pecans

$31 for 5 lbs. of walnuts


$5.50/quart of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

$5/gallon raw apple cider vinegar, or $8.50 organic (nutrition best of all vinegars)

$4 for 1 lb. cayenne

$9 for 1 lb. organic garlic powder


$18 for 5 lbs. organic pumpkin seeds

$8 for 5 lbs. organic sunflower seeds

$4 for 5 lbs. organic flax seeds


$6.50 for 5 lbs. of unsweetened shredded coconut