October: do you want a GreenSmoothieGirl class in your city?

If you’re near Fullerton, CA (or even as far away as San Diego), do you have a venue and an audience and want me to come do a class in October? I am likely coming to Orange County Oct. 14.

I’m also looking at making stops in Boise, Idaho; Abbotsford, Canada; and Denver, Colorado that week. In some cases, we are looking for another place to teach to make the one-day stop worth it. So if you have connections or really want a class, please contact your favorite health food store or bookstore if you think they’d like to bring people in for a free class.

And Jenni can get you a form for them to fill out so we have information. She is doing my schedule and travel arrangements: support123@greensmoothiegirl.com.

I teach and demonstrate green smoothies and sign books after (The Green Smoothies Diet). You get LOTS more information in the class besides just how to spend 10 minutes a day and radically change your health. We have a lot of fun and hopefully leave everyone in the class excited to implement exciting changes.

We need to get the schedule locked down this week, so please let us know if you’re in those areas (especially Orange County, Denver, and Boise) and want to help put something together!

Thoughts after BYU’s Education Week, and Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, Part 1 of 5

I was at Brigham Young University ‘s Education Week most of this week, with my gorgeous sister and two favorite cousins.   (That’s saying a lot about how cool Rochelle and Quinn are, since I have 48 first cousins and they all rock out loud.) I got to see a few GSG readers here from out of town I’d arranged to meet, or who saw me in classes.   (Lala whipped out her empty green smoothie container from her backpack, and I learned that her dad is one of the authors of Crucial Conversation, one of my all-time favorite books! I was there to attend his lecture. Fun!)

Robyn, her sister, and her cousins at BYU Education WeekHere’s a photo of us at our last class, my sis next to me and cousins on the outside.   The incredible class we’re sitting in was taught by Kathy Headlee Miner, the founder of Mothers Without Borders, who I am meeting with tomorrow.   GSG readers will be hearing more later about how we are gonna get good nutrition to orphaned children together in third-world countries!

I have lots of comments about things I learned, so this will be a multi-part series.   Education Week has literally hundreds of classes all over the huge campus, about everything from single parenting, to Isaiah in the Bible, to gardening (to give you an idea of some of the things I learned about).

I got Quinn and Roch (12 Steppers) addicted to Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, since they stayed at my house.   Roch told the others that she dreamed about it at night.   Just sixty seconds ago, she wrote me an email about how she made it for her family and they were mocking her because it was disgusting.   Then she said, “I forgot the strawberries!”   She would like me to write you a “testimonial” that says this: “Don’t forget the strawberries.”

If you’ve tried it and don’t like it, you made it wrong.   LOL!   If you can’t find fresh young Thai coconuts (by the case in Asian markets), never fear.   You can buy coconut water/liquid (not milk, high in fat) in cans.   I get them $1.19 by the case, and one can has about 2.5 cups in it, so it’s no more expensive than fresh.   It doesn’t have live enzymes because it’s not raw when it’s canned, but it’ll do in a pinch and has many other health benefits fairly intact.

The recipe is in Ch. 10 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   Even though it’s really yummy and virtually all raw, it has beets and carrots in it. Anyone, please tell me a breakfast containing those ingredients that you’ll enjoy as much.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll tell you a couple of REALLY interesting things I learned before I go off about modern dietetics based on a nutrition class I attended.   Watch out: I’m fired up and both barrels are loaded.

new site “look and feel,” and, a difficult weekend

Check out the new and improved (with more changes coming) GreenSmoothieGirl.com!

What do you think??   The site is just under two years old and needed a haircut.   Hope you like it (but want ALL your honest feedback).

What would you like to see, content-wise, in the coming year?

Thanks for all your support and comments and questions–and for not just getting yourself healthier, but encouraging others to do the same!

On a personal note, since this is my blog after all!!–this has been a difficult, reflective weekend as my children’s father and former husband for 20 years got remarried.   Last night instead of focusing on that, my friend Jon and I went to dinner and then he and I fixed all of my children’s broken bikes in the garage until late–oiling and patching and pumping and repairing.   It was the perfect thing, and also the kindest thing anyone has done for me since my divorce.   My children will be so excited when they come home today.   My girlfriend Kari and I saw 500 Days of Summer Friday night, which I highly recommend.

Being single in mid-life is a lonely and surreal place to be, but with the help of friends, I have taken some time this weekend to reflect on how incredibly blessed I am.   I always want you to get more than just information about nutrition on my site: I want you to feel love and nurturing here as you seek progress.   Thank you for being part of my journey.   I always feel I have friends here.

Much love,


How did I discover the “green smoothie” that I named this site after?

It’s a great story, really, how I happened upon the “green smoothie,” the attention-grabbing part of this site dedicated to helping you eat right.

I was 27 years old, sitting on the front porch one warm summer day when my oldest child was a year old.  Knowing me at that time, I was probably letting him play in the sprinkler and eat an Otter Pop.  (This was long before I knew about corn syrup, and food dyes . . .)

I’d just put some canned pineapple juice, and some alfalfa sprouts and lots of spinach, in my blender.  I was sitting there drinking it when my baby toddled over and peered into my glass.  He asked me what it was, and (in one of those genius Mom moments), I said, “green ice cream.”

Well, that created a demand.  He wanted some.  I said, “No, this is Mommy’s milkshake.”  More demand.  It was all part of my evil plot, of course.

I finally relented (as I’d planned to all along) and let him sip some out of my straw.  He was hooked and a lightbulb came on in my Mom brain! This drink, the Neanderthal version of what I now make, came to be known as “Green Cream” in my young family.


Well, that pineapple juice thing I made (for over a decade, actually) is totally inferior, nutritionally, to what I make as a green smoothie nowadays.  (Not only is concentrated pineapple juice not a great food, but you had to “slam” that concoction or it settled into an ugly mess, undrinkable just five minutes later.)  But it began a quest for ways to get my kids to eat lots of leafy greens and sprouts.  And it taught me that blended foods are key in that quest.

Now I have a BlendTec Total Blender [link to it in the store].  You really must have this item if you are serious about nutrition.  Before I had a turbo blender, I had to settle for the above-mentioned “green cream” that had to be “slammed” before it became undrinkable.  A regular blender won’t allow you to use frozen fruit, fibrous greens, and lots of ice, for many years without troubles, with the Total Blender’s fantastic warranty.

Why is this so important, the purchase of a Total Blender?  Because you’re going to get 15 SERVINGS OF GREENS AND FRUIT in your one quart of green smoothie daily.  That puts you in the top 5 percent of Americans, for the quality of your diet, with just one simple habit that takes just 10 minutes a day.

I can’t overemphasize it.  It’s not just the best thing I have in my kitchen, it’s the most important thing I own, PERIOD.  I use it half a dozen times a day, and so it’s worth every penny.  We’ll talk more in my next newsletter about why a green smoothie habit is the first thing to change.

May you be blessed with good health from DAY ONE of starting this habit!

To Your Health,

–Robyn Openshaw

p.s.  If you can’t get a Total Blender right now, that’s okay.  Just start with whatever blender you have, but be aware that you may not be able to use lots of frozen fruit and very fibrous greens.  Your blend won’t be as smooth, but use water, spinach, and fruit, and get started anyway.  The important thing is just to START.

Let’s talk about food and sex

No, this isn’t that episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza tried to combine the two in a feverish fantasy . . . and if you can’t handle some frank talk about an important part of your life, WARNING: hurry and get out of this blog and come back tomorrow.

Did you know that what you eat has EVERYTHING to do with your sex life? For you women who are having a hard time convincing your husband to get on board with your conversion to whole foods, this essay might be just the ticket.

Food affects your sex drive profoundly. And I can prove it. I now have over 175 respondents in my green smoothie questionnaire now, polling people who’ve undertaken a green smoothie habit for at least 30 days:


So far, 17 percent of my respondents have reported an increased sex drive as a result of drinking green smoothies. And keep in mind that not all respondents are sexually active, and some already had a very high libido so they ignored that question. Therefore, 17 percent is likely a lower number than what you can expect, those of you considering joining us in the Gospel of Green..

Guys, your wife isn’t as into it as you are? There’s no drug better than a quart of green smoothie a day (and kicking Hostess to the curb). Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you want even more sexual energy, toss some maca or bee pollen in the blender.

In my experience working with people on their nutrition, I have found that being even 10 or 15 lbs. overweight can dramatically affect your sexuality in a negative way. So, green smoothies are an aphrodisiac–and donuts and Doritos are very literally the opposite: a sex-life stomper.


First of all, you don’t like how you look 10 lbs. overweight. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror with your clothes off, you aren’t likely to be sexually willing, confident, playful, adventurous, and energetic. And what is the best way to lose ten pounds? Dieting? No way!

Just start eating the right foods like you learn to do in 12 Steps to Whole Foods. No calorie counting or carb-gram-obsessing necessary. Eat whole plant foods (and stop eating processed foods) and you’ll naturally be satisfied with whatever you eat in the right quantities.

That’s because you don’t have endocrine disruptors, hormone inhibitors, and addictive chemicals in the form of refined sugar, MSG, food dyes, refined salt, and much more destroying your sex drive and your sexual performance.

Second, when your energy is depleted, as it always will be on the Standard American Diet diet, you lose the sexual interest and stamina you once had. Sexual dysfunction happens the same way all degenerative disease does: it is linked to lifestyle choices. Your reproductive system, after all, is affected by the same things your cardiac, circulatory, and endocrine systems are—they are are inextricably linked, as they are all part of one complex organism.

When you eat lots of raw plant food, and go easy on (or eliminate) meat, dairy, and processed stuff, your body has its energy reserves available for all the fun and rewarding things in life.

For an experiment, eat at Tucano’s or Rodizio’s (or a Brazilian restaurant where they bring around meat dishes and offer you some until you can’t eat anymore). How amorous do you feel that night? I’ll answer for you: you don’t want anything except SLEEP. And the sleep you do get is troubled, and you feel sick all night.

Now try eating 100% raw plant food for a day, or longer than that. Watch what happens to your libido. And a great sex life leads to a great relationship, from which all good things flow.

I hope you give this a try. I hope my bravest readers will let us know what your observations are after your experiment on these words. Blog anonymously if that’s what it takes!

HAVE FUN! (And I mean that in the wildest, most passionate way possible.) Have you forgotten what that means? Then start drinking a DOUBLE SHOT of green smoothies!


I have more energy at 42 than I did at 22!

Thanks again for signing up for my free newsletter.   See, I was just like you might be.   I found myself in a place I hated: sluggish, 15 pounds overweight, suffering with a variety of health problems . . . and I was only 25 years old!

But that’s a story you already know well, because millions of people can tell that story.

Where I’ve come since then is the tale you’ll find much more interesting, I think.   Because it represents the way out of the nightmare for you, too.   The mess that is the modern American lifestyle of overweight, energy drain, and failing health.   There’s only one way out of that mess.   It’s a straight path.   And it’s the road less traveled.

I am teaching, on GreenSmoothieGirl.com, my recipe collections, my blog, my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course, and my new book The Green Smoothie Diet, and this newsletter what that path is.

I got to that straight and narrow path through a fairly zigzaggy way . . .

But first, the cataclysmic moment when I knew something had to change.   I had a 15-month old baby who was desperately ill.   He was just fine until I quit breastfeeding him at 7 months old.   Then, on formula and then eventually cow’s milk, he was mucousy and coughing, constantly ill, sickly and miserable, up all night wheezing.   This went on for many months.

The pediatrician gave Kincade lots of syrups and pills and inhaled drugs.   He was always drugged up.   The meds may or may not have sometimes slowed the symptoms (I never was really sure), but one thing was certain: my little boy wasn’t getting healthier.   And the doc told me the steroids were “guaranteed” to stunt his growth.

After quite a few months of this, I realized one thing very clearly, even if a lot of other things were still fuzzy for me.   And that things was, doctors were not going to solve my little son’s health problems.   After this information settled in for a while, in a terrifying way, I made a second realization: I, and I alone–not doctors or anyone else–was responsible for finding the information that WOULD solve Kincade’s problems.

A series of coincidences (that I now believe were inspiration, not coincidences) led me to study nutrition.   I learned that a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits, with whole grains and legumes and nuts and seeds as complements, might help my son.

Little did I know that it would actually save the whole family–including children not yet born.

A radical shift took place, not over a year or over an extended period of time, but literally overnight.


We were done with steroids.   Done with bronchodilators.   Done with cough syrups.   Done with late-night emergency room visits.   Cold turkey, just like that, we were done with fatigue, and all-night coughing, and stressed-out-Mom tears, and “What do I do?” after-hours calls to the nurse, and counting breaths per minute, and rocking a baby who was turning blue.

All because I got him off dairy products and sugar and white flour . . . and onto green smoothies and whole foods.

What we undertook was a lifestyle of eating–in this order–greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and unadulterated oils.

That sounds like drudgery, but more than 250 recipes and dozens of video demos in my course show you otherwise.   You can eat like a king–food with vibrant, complex flavors and textures–enjoying life . . . while returning your body to a state of health!

I developed GreenSmoothieGirl.com to make your path less zigzaggy.   Writing and developing recipes for 12 Steps to Whole Foods http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/12-step-blog/12-step-program/ was a labor of love to flatten that learning curve for you, so it doesn’t take you 15 years of trying hundreds of different things.   You can do it a much more linear way!

To Your Health,

–Robyn Openshaw

p.s.   I’ll tell you more about my story later!