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Today I got auto-emailed by Alexa, which ranks 154,101. I am told this is incredible for a site less than 3 years old run by an internet moron. (I was clueless about the WWW 3 years ago and, sadly, continue to be.)

It tells me we have achieved a google rank of 4, that oodles of external websites link to us, and that we had 166,300 visits in the past 30 days. That 1,100 people read this blog daily.

It kind of scares me. Exciting, too, of course–since I continue to pay exactly $0.00 for advertising.

My point is that with such rapid growth (600% growth in traffic in the past year), I find more evidence of what I always say:

“People want to eat right. They don’t know how.”

200 years ago, eating was simple because choices were limited and people ate close to the land.

With an increase in choice, and technology (allowing us infinite variety in taste, texture, and color), and economies of scale, we began to remove nutrition and add chemicals to our food supply. The impact on our health has been deleterious, insidious, gradual, and profound.

I want to thank all of you who arrive at this site, get lost in it for hours, and write me emails telling me all the people in your life you’ve sent here.

Thank you for sending the young moms here (dads too). They alone have the power to change the direction we are collectively going, to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic and the trending upward of diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, and more.

I’m humbled by what has happened to this little site and blog. I’m overwhelmed by all the information I want to develop to address the questions, needs–cries for help, really–that I and my little team get every day.

I love running this site. I love hearing from you. There are frustrations, too, like the fact that I can’t consult personally to everyone who writes. That I can’t write back to every personal email.

Please keep asking your questions. I will address them as I can on this blog.

Thank you for caring not only about your own health (strap the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST!) but also your children, your parents, your friends, your community.

Thank you to those who ask me to come speak. I am getting a bit more organized and am making a list of the requests I get, so I can watch for an opportunity to speak to your group when I’m in that area. My goal is always, first and foremost, to help you get enthusiastic about returning to the way your body was biologically programmed to eat. That is, less refined/processed/animal foods, and more whole/raw/plant foods. And learn quick and inexpensive ways to do that.

Please write if you have a location (seating 75 or more) and would like me to come. We’ll keep you on a list and I very much hope to get to your area.

Stand by for details we are finalizing on upcoming classes in Ogden, Lehi, Layton (all Utah), and New York City.


What happens in Vegas . . .

So I’m here in Las Vegas, where I spent the weekend with my girlfriends. We

did the grueling Angel’s Landing hike at Zion’s and had all kinds of fun in

the sunshine including a lot of running outside, and trawling the outlet


So I’ve pretty much HAD IT with shopping, because my patience for that

activity is limited. I’m waiting it out in the car, reading Eat Pray Love

while Kristi and Jamie keep going. And GSG reader Bev comes up to the

window, and says, “ARE YOU ROBYN?!”

She said she’s read my books, made some of my recipes that morning, and just had a big fight with her teenage daughter who said, “Mom!! She’s in her

PRIVATE CAR, leave her alone–don’t even THINK about walking up to her!”

And Bev said, “No, she’s GreenSmoothieGirl; she WANTS us to talk to her!”

Bev is right. (Moms are always right.)

If you see me at Costco or in the airport or something, please talk to me! I

do not bite. Maybe I will show you the cooler full of green smoothies in the

back of my car. Like I did with Bev. And won’t THAT be a bonding moment.

Bev and I might hook up again and I’ll do a green smoothie class in Las

Vegas soon. Anybody who knows a health food store that wants to host it, let

me know! And maybe I’ll run over to Reno that same week and do another show there.

t-shirt poll

I’ve been asked to give out GreenSmoothieGirl t-shirts at classes, or for promotions. What should they say? It should be short, catchy, and cool. Not so edgy a mom won’t wear it, not so dorky a teenager will roll her eyes.

My ideas are

Whole foods rock.
Change your health forever.


Drink your salad.

Which do you prefer? Do you have any better ideas? If you give me one I like better, you get the first two t-shirts.

Young moms make tough decisions about their babies’ nutrition!

I received this email from a health care practitioner who is a young mother. As I replied to her, it occurred to me that maybe these comments would be helpful to other young mothers who read this blog. (Similar content is found elsewhere on the site and in my writing.) Please do not consider this medical advice. It is my opinion based on my research and having raised four babies of my own. I do not suggest things regarding raising children that I don’t follow. But always, always follow your instincts as a mother. I believe those promptings to be God-given and more powerful and trustworthy than anything an M.D. (or any health care practitioner) will tell you. (That said, do your homework and listen to experts. Be selective about which “experts” you trust.)

Also, a heartfelt apology to those who don’t receive personal answers to emails because I get so many—I so, so wish I had time to answer them all like I did in the beginning, please forgive me.

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: My husband and I have recently started having green smoothies each day and we are feeling great. I have an almost 8 month old daughter, who currently nurses and eats avocado (almost 1 a day). We would like to start some other foods with her, but I’ve been  holding off as I don’t want to do those recommended by my  pediatrician and conventional books.

I read somewhere on your site that babies have difficulty  digesting cooked food for a  while. I would love to start her off on raw greens, spinach, kale, etc.  Do you think this is safe? I think the reason that most people give for the recommendation that all baby food be cooked is because  raw food could be contaminated with bacteria and cooking kills that. What do you think about this? She’s  eating the avocado raw and many books say raw bananas are fine, maybe because those are both contained within a skin? You also wrote about doing mostly veggies the first few years and then fruits, which I love! I think that makes so much sense. I guess my bottom line question is: are the raw veggies safe or should I cook the greens?

I’d  REALLY appreciate your feedback on this. I am a first time mother and a bit tentative about some of these decisions. My daughter’s health is literally the most important thing in the world to me.

Thanks so much for the help and inspiration you have given to me and my husband.

Much love, Heather

Answer: Heather, avocadoes are beautiful for babies (wonderful fats for brain development, easily digested, excellent enzyme profile, and higher in calories).   And yes, plant foods encased in skin are the safest of all. I would go to bananas next, not just because they’re in skin, but also because they’re enzyme rich, higher in calories than most fruits, and nutritionally powerful.   Then see if you can find raw goat’s milk.   Make it into kefir or  yogurt (see Ch. 8 of 12 Steps). Then try a simple green smoothie with few ingredients, teaching her to drink from a straw, or making it thicker and feeding it with a spoon.

But the longer you can nurse and avoid food, and the more of her calories she gets from your breast milk, the better–up to 18 months! (That said, don’t agonize about feeding her “regular” food—just make it wonderful whole foods!) If you do feed her cooked stuff, like brown rice or quinoa, do so in a meal WITH raw foods containing enzymes, like a green smoothie.

People are worried about contamination with bacteria, but the older your baby is, the less I would worry about this, especially as she gets older and especially if you have endowed your daughter with a healthy digestive tract by nursing her.   I personally worry more about denatured foods gumming up her little digestive tract (refined grain-based “cereals,” cooked veg/fruit baby foods, etc.) and forcing her body to produce lots of mucous to flush it out, than the fact that natural foods sometimes contain bacteria that, 99.9+% of the time, is not only common and safe, but also helps develop a healthy immune system.   Use organic produce for smaller babies/children as much as you can, and wash any conventional produce well with a good, natural fruit/veg soap.   Remember than conventional animal products (dairy/meat) have much higher pesticide and chemical concentrations than even conventionally grown produce. (John Robbins documented this well in The Food Revolution.)

New Yorkers are nice, and just tells the truth

My daughter and I just had a big laugh this morning. She fulfills book orders for me of The Green Smoothies Diet. If you get the book, you’ll see her 14-y.o. handwriting on your package (but the autograph is mine, LOL!).

She just walked into my office and said, “That lady who asked for two free books because she’d already bought 12 Steps and then bought a blender, is so nice! We didn’t hear back from her so I didn’t send her the books, but a month has gone by and her email, reminding us, is so nice. I thought New Yorkers were mean, but she isn’t!”

I said, “Yeah, she is, and plenty of New Yorkers are very nice. And actually, people everywhere who read our site are actually THE BEST, even when we screw something up.” (I love that my daughter gets to do customer service and learn that people are lovely all over the world.)

But then I remembered a notable exception and told my daughter. A woman took the nutrition quiz on the site, which admittedly has a high bar. If you haven’t taken it, here you go:

Those on my site who are already well down the path of getting away from the S.A.D. do well on it. Those who are newbies but feeling good about the fact that they are making a first step or two–quitting the coffee habit, starting green smoothies after a lifetime of S.A.D.–are sometimes frustrated by it. Sometimes they want to be told they get an “A” for those first steps.

But one woman wrote me recently and screamed, “I eat better than my co-workers and I got an F on your quiz! AN F!!! Fix your stupid quiz!” Well, I wrote her back a nice email. She wrote a week later and said, “I just looked at your quiz again and you haven’t changed anything! F*** YOU, GREENSMOOTHIEGIRL!”

Anyway, Emma and I ROFLOBO. That’s internet/text-speak for Rolled On The Floor Laughing Our Butts Off. (It’s the nice Mormon version of the more standard ROFLMAO.)

Please don’t have your feelings hurt because my bar is high here. Don’t slash your wrists if you get a bad score on the GSG quiz. We’ve strayed so far from good nutrition like billions of indigenous people have eaten for thousands of years, that the comparison (like what’s on my quiz) can be SHOCKING. If knowing what a phenomenal, disease-preventing diet looks like will upset you, please DON’T take the quiz and just start with Step 1 and enjoy the journey.

If I gave my college students an A for high-school writing, no one would try to write outstanding upper-division papers worthy of an elite business school at an outstanding university. That’s where you are if you’re reading this blog/site: I’m teaching you elite nutrition–on a budget for busy people.

I could certainly tell you a bunch of raw-food sites to go to, where the bar is HIGHER.

But this is, in fact, a high-bar kinda place. If I could find a way to TRUTHFULLY tell you that much of anything about the Standard American Diet is good, I would! You’d certainly love me more. (Ditto letting my kids sit around here watching TV without responsibilities–they’d think I’m nice, and fun, but my parenting would be lousy! It’s not going to happen.)

I’m going to just tell you the truth here at GSG. Unvarnished and plain though it may be.