Please give your opinion on a proposed GreenSmoothieGirl logo!

A heartfelt thank-you to those of you who have been here for 3.5 years giving us your wisdom, your feedback, and your experience. Thanks to those of you who are new! And thanks to those of you who send your friends to because you trust the message and the support you get here.

Will you please weigh in on this logo design? If you like it, why? If you hate it, why?

We’re branding. Redesigning the entire website “look and feel,” as well as lots of collateral, like fliers and video intro/outtro, etc.

I wanted an “avatar” (the GSG you see pictured here) that is iconic and recognizable as we grow.

Growth is all about getting more and more people involved in our grassroots movement back to….well, grass.

Thank you for your support and your feedback!


Is Jimmer Fredette a GreenSmoothieGuy?

What an amazing weekend I’ve had. Sarah McLachlan concert on Valentine’s Day. Skiing three days in a row. A birthday party with my kids and then my 10 BFF’s. See my annual Valentine’s letters to my kids using candy convo hearts below. Met my new nephew Flynn, see photo (and took his mom a basket of green smoothies because she’s been sick). And…..wait for it, the best part at the end of this blog….

More photos of my birthday party are on facebook, if you haven’t “friended” me yet. The GreenSmoothieGirl fanpage is HERE, and my personal page is HERE. (Happy to have you as my “friend” both places, but I might comment about life in general on the personal page!)

The best part….Jimmer Fredette’s aunt and uncle, Lee and Jen Taft, were in town from New York. They have a big sports-training web site. I did a phone interview once, and they wanted a video interview while they were in town and contacted me well in advance. I dropped a hint but they didn’t follow up–I was too shy to ask if my boys and I could meet their nephew who might be the biggest thing to ever happen to BYU.

Remember Jimmer Fredette scored 44 points, against the #4 nationally ranked team, perpetually hits 3-point shots from barely inside the half-court line. And he’s like six feet tall, playing with guys who are 6’8″? (WHO DOES THAT?!) He’s a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an interjection, around here!

So as I am leaving to drive down to BYU, I ask Tennyson if he wants to come. He says, “Will Jimmer be there?” I said, “I doubt it.” (Ohhhhh, I hate myself.) So he opted to stay and take a nap. So I get there, and Jen introduces me to her beautiful family and points a few yards off and says, “That’s Jimmer.” Then she calls him over and says enthusiastically, “Jimmer, this is GreenSmoothieGirl!”

(OMG. I can die now. I’ve seen everything. What is wrong with this introduction?!?! I get lots of laughs every time I tell this story. This is a guy that had to be police-escorted from a Utah Jazz game because he was MOBBED.)

One of my GF’s was at my house, after I left, and she saw Tennyson. She said, “Why didn’t you go? What will you do if your mom gets to meet Jimmer Fredette?” He said, “Probably kill myself.” (There’s a reason we call him Drama Boy!)

Does Jimmer drink green smoothies? Maybe that explains how amazing he is! Watch for him in the NBA next year. Here’s the photo. View it and weep, Tennyson baby.

Be on my TV pilot: GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover

Locals only:

Be a star in the GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover Series Pilot!

GreenSmoothieGirl and BlendTec are looking for three individuals or families to star in the pilot of our Television/Internet series, GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover!

Do you have a health challenge, or difficult life circumstances, and are you MOTIVATED to change your life?

Do you have a dynamic personality and are you willing to be on TV?

(Applicants must be local, Wasatch Front only, for pilot episodes.)

If so, send us your 3-min. video by Feb. 8, telling us about your challenges and why you want Robyn’s free private coaching, free 12 Steps to Whole Foods Complete Course, and a free BlendTec Total Blender.

Drop off or mail your video to BlendTec (1206 S. 1680 W. Orem, UT 84058), or write if you have any questions.

Don’t make people eat kale. They might hurt you.

So my class at Runner’s Corner in Orem last night was late at night, but awesome! This is me with Kris, my volunteer, who told me she was going to beat me up if I made her eat any more kale. Either that or she is showing off her Popeye-like muscles. Maybe she was showing that gorillas, who eat mostly greens, are very strong?

I’m not sure which. I forget what happened.

I’m not making it up, what she said, though. I just can’t remember what was happening in that precise photo. At one point, while what I instructed her to eat, she said, “I hate you.”

At another point, I thought she was done eating what I gave her, and congratulated her. She hung her head and dug the kale and chard stems out of her pocket like a kid who got busted. If you don’t believe me on any of this, ask anyone who was there. Gotta love people who are honest! She got a big round of applause.

One reader came from Phoenix with a pent-up boatload of questions! It was very late, and I’d run out of 12 Steps kits, so I had her follow me home because I knew I had one there and she was . . . yeah, like I said, from out of town.

She said, “I can’t wait to tell my friends that I was in GreenSmoothieGirl’s messy garage! I texted them on the way over here!” Okay, she didn’t really say the part about my garage—she said something much nicer than that. But I’m just sayin. My garage . . . sigh. It’s not perfect.

Another reader brought me apricots from her tree. Yum, thank you! I am about to use them making a couple blenderfuls of GS to take to Park City for the weekend. For girls’ back-to-school shopping, an August tradition with my friend Wendy and our daughters. She planned the food and said, “You bring the GS!” I’m on it, headed out to the garden now.

the healthiest shopping cart in Costco

I was in Costco a few days ago and the lady behind me in line said, “That is the healthiest shopping cart I have ever seen!”

I told her I write books teaching people how to eat whole foods and I have a site called I told her about GSG because she looked like a young mom. And you know how I feel about young moms–I see them as having tons of power to change the world, and I want to know them all! Before their kids are McD’s addicts and so much harder to change.

And it turns out her name is Marla and she is already a GSG reader. I don’t know if the camouflage shorts I was wearing actually WORKED, or if it’s the fact that my hair has morphed excessively blonde, that she didn’t recognize me as GSG.

That’s one thing that isn’t entirely “natural,” my need to change my hair color. Also. I do weird things sometimes. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to make a gift basket of “favorite things” for the guy I am dating. I would love to tell you that his favorite things are green smoothies and sprouted hummus with flax crackers and wheat grass juice. But alas, I had to go to the grocery store and slink out of there . . . ducking my head, hoping not to be recognized . . . with a six-pack of MOUNTAIN DEW. Then I went somewhere else to find really good, made fresh daily, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. (He has been telling me that he could blackmail me with that info, should he ever need to–”GSG was seen buying Mt. Dew!” he guffaws. Might as well pre-empt that by coming out of the closet.)

I was also “in and out” of an In-N-Out Burger last night. This is because my children asked their father what he wanted for Father’s Day, and he wanted a gift certificate and t-shirt from there. Even though I have never eaten their food, and I would not eat in that establishment unless I were completely without other options (notice I didn’t say “wouldn’t be caught dead”), I aim to please. He can eat what he wants. (Sure wish he wouldn’t feed it to my kids, but again–no use fighting unwinnable battles.)

I also ate at Texas Roadhouse Grill last night. Okay, I ordered the vegetarian platter for both me and my son! But I’m just sayin. I ate there. That’s where my friends and sister-in-law wanted to eat after we watched Ten’s baseball game.

I seem to be rather cavalier with the nutrition of those close to me who are not my children. Here’s why: people will eat right when they want to, and not a minute sooner. So I’m not going to expend my energy trying to change anyone else’s diet or feeling frustrated about it.

He, Dixon, of the Mt. Dew, started drinking green smoothies even before he read my book. He said when I asked a couple weeks ago, on Day 17, that he notices no health benefits. (I told him that a green smoothie doesn’t cancel out the deleterious effects of the Coke and Mt. Dew. And he is still making and drinking GS because he knows academically that they’re good for him.)

A couple of other close friends, though, who have finally taken the plunge, told me this month they notice more energy and no need for caffeine, less than a week into the new habit.

It’s philosophical for me: I won’t wreck relationships over food! I was talking this week to a certain person who is a huge presence in raw food, on the internet. She and I bonded a while ago in our common mission and in our single-mom status. Sometimes we talk about world domination via raw food. I asked her what happened with the last guy and how it’s going with the new.

She said, “Turns out the raw foodist had no personal ethics. Now I’m with a meat eater and I think I’ll keep him.”

True enough, that. Let’s live our healthy life, speak up when it’s appropriate, shut up when it’s appropriate. In general, be as “normal” as possible while doing what’s right.