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Annette finds green smoothie ingredients for free

Check out this letter Kristin got from GSG reader Annette, who just installed a window sticker on her car and sent us these hilarious photos. We’ve gotten green-smoothie mustache photos of dogs, horses, and bunnies—but the guinea pig, that’s new! We love getting this stuff, so please tell us about your family and the […]

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a tribute to Kristin and Amanda

Happy Easter! Thank you to 250 people who spent your Friday evening with us in Logan, and for the 300 who squeezed into an alternative space in Lehi the next morning. (Southtowne told us we HAD to use their caterer—and I am NOT trusting a caterer with stuff like chia pudding, or Rejuvelac!) Saturday was […]

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Texas, part 1 of 7: Wide open spaces, big hearts, what a great trip!

Do I sound like a broken record when I come back from a speaking tour and tell you how in love I am with my job? My job where I get to hear people tell about their SUCCESS, achieved through simple but true principles, applied consistently? And those who haven’t yet achieved a miracle, I […]

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How do you like what’s in the back of my car window?

I bought a car this weekend. It’s a 2012 red Toyota Sequoia Platinum. YES, I tried to buy the green one, but my children mutinied. I already have the vinyl lettering that will go in the back window designed. You like?? Some of my employees are putting them on their cars, too. Cuz they’re awesome […]

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I’m doing Q&A on video now

We decided to start answering more questions on video rather than just in writing, on this blog. I’m sorry that there’s just no darn way I can get to all of them. But feel free to send your questions to, and Jenni and Jackie will tell me what you want to know. I’ll do […]

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have you seen the site’s new design??

Have you seen the redesign of the site? Check it out HERE! What do you think? A redesign of this blog is next! Just back tonight from our weekend in Denver, where we had a blast—we’ve got lots of videos, stay tuned!

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Guys only please vote: WOULD YOU WEAR THIS SHIRT?

[I know how to edit but can’t figure out how to remove a post…but I’m adding here that I’m not going to make a men’s t-shirt right now, after seeing a ton of feedback to these t-shirt ideas on Facebook. I’ve bent my brain into a pretzel trying, and I think it’s just not in […]

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I’m Looking to Hire a Raw Food Chef / Manager

We’re seriously considering opening a GreenSmoothieGirl Café and Store in Lindon, Utah! It’d be the local pickup for the group buy, and we’ll have a green smoothie bar (of course!) and a café.  We’ll also have everything in the storefront location, and more, that we have in our online store, so locals don’t have to […]

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How is doing

An internet marketing maven friend of mine wrote a report in Feb. called “[a very prominent raw-foods guru] versus GreenSmoothieGirl.” He wrote me this: “You have higher traffic ranking than any of [Prominent Guru’s] web sites with a fraction of the name recognition. More traffic with fewer sites linking in, and you spend no money […]

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“Best Day Ever” stuff

I have a group of friends I play a game with called “Best Day Ever.” When something good (or bad–that you decide is Perfect in its learning opportunities!) happens—we find that moment in every day that makes it the Best Day Ever—we text each other. It makes your day so great, looking for that funny […]

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