Annette finds green smoothie ingredients for free

Check out this letter Kristin got from GSG reader Annette, who just installed a window sticker on her car and sent us these hilarious photos. We’ve gotten green-smoothie mustache photos of dogs, horses, and bunnies—but the guinea pig, that’s new! We love getting this stuff, so please tell us about your family and the COOL, or HARD, or CRAZY, stuff that happened in your shift to a whole-foods lifestyle.

It’s a journey, not a destination, and we’re all just at different points on the really awesome path! (Oh, and we have SEVEN car stickers left, so write if you love this mission enough to want one in your back window! We have had such exciting stories come in from people who radically changed their life for the better after just seeing the site name in our car window….and going there to begin an adventure towards a better life.)

Dear Kristin:

My sticker arrived today! Yay!  I was hootin’ and hollerin’!  My three girls had to tell me to quit.   Now to convince my fire-truck, mechanic, hotness of a husband that I REALLY need that sticker on the back window—for Mother’s Day! Thank you so much! I had no idea it was so big, but I love the idea because now I don’t have to have people inching up to my bumper in traffic to read the amazing news Robyn has to share with them.

I feel intimidated to share Robyn in such a dynamic way, because she is such an amazing woman, but thrilled that I get to.  One thing is I will no longer hide in the closet as the green smoothie totin’ junkie.  The whole world will know now!

Thanks for all you do to support Robyn in sharing with the world!  My girls are convinced even more, that green smoothies are the way of getting super-power nutrition to their cells in a skinny, super-power moment.  My youngest, just wrote on her lid of her quart jar, to mark her territory, “Green Smoothie Girl is awesome!”  As a matter of fact, right now, they are feeding some of their green smoothies to our guinea pigs.  Ha!  Not too much, mind you.

One really fun thing for us is to go the Farmer’s Market and visit our favorite stand.  One FULL of greens.  They cut off all the amazing greens of beets, turnips and carrots.  We forage for bags of free greens.  I feel guilty not taking it all and mourn over the greens that people are having cut off and tossed on the ground.  Ha!  I’m a true green smoothie junkie. Of course, the greens season is winding down here in Cali and I will have to figure out a different way to grow my own greens in the hot temps, but for now we’re rockin’ in green-land.

When I do buy beets with tops, the farmer always asks if I want them cut off and we have a good laugh, because he knows I’m the only customer that treasures the greens more than the root veggie.  I often have the opportunity to share with other buyers standing there waiting to have their greens cut off.  “Don’t murder the greens!”

—Annette T. in Cali

a tribute to Kristin and Amanda

Happy Easter!

Thank you to 250 people who spent your Friday evening with us in Logan, and for the 300 who squeezed into an alternative space in Lehi the next morning. (Southtowne told us we HAD to use their caterer—and I am NOT trusting a caterer with stuff like chia pudding, or Rejuvelac!) Saturday was our first-ever VIP event and we enjoyed putting it on. I hope you got new ideas and inspiration, if you were there.

I want to tell you that if you’ve ever been to a GSG lecture and come away with something that makes your life better……

There are two people without whom I absolutely could not put on our 50-cities-a-year lecture circuit.

I love doing it, and I’m not burning out. Even though we have full-time work at home and I’m trying to raise 4 kids by myself.

And there are two reasons for that. Their names are AMANDA, and KRISTIN.

Amanda is a GSG reader in Boise who volunteered to put on lectures in Boise, Twin Falls, and Idaho Falls. She did such an amazing job, we were astonished. Offered her a job.

She spends 20 hours a week or more finding event locations, sponsors, reader-volunteers to help at the events. She makes it so I barely have to think about it and can just show up and do what I do best. She is a young mom of 3 kids and inspires and motivates countless people. She is not afraid to open her mouth and talk about the dramatic changes in her life. Because like you and me, she came from the soda-drinking, junk food-addicted Standard American Diet.

She’s a crusader for the mission we are on. I have come to love her. She is real and genuine, patient and kind, detail oriented and thorough. I want to thank Amanda, in all humility, for her service to GSG and me personally, and tell her how crazy I am about her. She came in from Boise for the VIP event yesterday and is one reason that, in trying circumstances and the first time we tried to pull off a pretty epic event….it actually went well.

And KRISTIN….she is much of–no, most of—the brains and organization and heart of She literally keeps track of 1,000 details. She is very possibly the most wide-ranging talented human being I have ever known. Good at details, but also management, events, math, a great writer, treats people exactly as I would and want her to (with humanity ALWAYS even if they are impatient with us first), an AMAZING singer, a marketing brain, intuitive, funny, and just loyal and good to her core. Every week I discover new talents I didn’t know she had. It’s a riot to travel with her. She is also my best friend, and there isn’t anything I would not do for her.

The planet does not deliver up human beings like Amanda and Kristin often. I am so humbled that I get to have TWO of them on my team. I want to thank them for the ways they bless my life and help us take individuals and families back from that #$&! Standard American Diet and all its horrific consequences.

I can’t stop thinking of how the VIP event happened yesterday because of contributions of others—as much or more than me. I am SO excited that we got to break down mental barriers to so many things yesterday for 300 people: fermented foods, plant-based main dishes, using Omega 3-rich foods, getting hydrated and alkaline and mineral replete first thing in the morning, changing your digestion with high-fiber sprouted breakfast, and more. Kristin and Amanda, thank you for the many things I see you do, and so many more that I don’t even see. You are QUALITY.

I’m running out of space, and wanted to just write a tribute to those two. But  I am also deeply thankful to Jenni and Jackie, who make run too….Jenni’s been with me longer than anyone and a MAJOR contributor to the last 3.5 years of this site’s growth. And Shari, who helps at tons of my events and is sunshiny and an amazing worker and my longtime travel buddy. Marianne is new to us but the best webmaster we’ve ever had, a GSG reader too. We love Brynn and Melinda and Desiree and Debbie and Deb and Hedgehog—nd our many volunteers and sponsors who help put on event. Bless you all, for your help in what we’re trying to accomplish. Thank you.

Texas, part 1 of 7: Wide open spaces, big hearts, what a great trip!

Do I sound like a broken record when I come back from a speaking tour and tell you how in love I am with my job? My job where I get to hear people tell about their SUCCESS, achieved through simple but true principles, applied consistently?

And those who haven’t yet achieved a miracle, I get to give them some ideas, some facts, some of my own experience…..which translates into HOPE?

I’ve been “public” for less than 4 years now. Before that I was just in my kitchen, and with my nose in a book, studying and practicing.

Now, though, my conviction is complete—because in addition to my own family’s experience (I personally eliminated 21 chronic health conditions), I now have thousands of others’ experiences to draw on.

Just watch for my awesome video coming up, with SHELLEY in San Antonio, and young-mom 12-Steppers WENDY and JANET in Austin!

Out of my own kitchen, we implement strategies to help people attain better health on a bigger scale every year. Kristin and I have long convos in the car and on airplanes about how clear it’s become that the mission we are on is so much bigger than we are.

After an event for 300 people, Kristin and I sometimes just sit and process and revel in our general awestruck-ness… how many phenomenal people we meet and exciting stories we hear. I cannot even begin to tell them all on this blog.

We are trying to bring together the internet, and a very active blog, with real-live events, great recipes and good books, solid tools and instruction, and third parties telling their stories on film, to spread an exciting message of good news:

  1. That turning away from the S.A.D. has all upside, virtually no downside, after a learning curve
  2. That you can eat natural, whole, healing foods, without being deprived or counting calories
  3. That whole foods can be delicious, easy to prepare, and affordable

How do you like what’s in the back of my car window?

I bought a car this weekend. It’s a 2012 red Toyota Sequoia Platinum. YES, I tried to buy the green one, but my children mutinied. I already have the vinyl lettering that will go in the back window designed.

You like?? Some of my employees are putting them on their cars, too. Cuz they’re awesome like that.

Anybody love the mission enough to want this in YOUR back window? I will probably buy you one….if you write I will have some extras made and you can send us a photo of you, with it on your car, for this blog.

People come up to me at gas stations and ask, “Really, you can put green smoothies in your gas tank?” (Several times readers have come up to me and hugged me at gas stations. One time this year, it happened twice in a row while I was pumping my gas, by women who were both named Carrie. This is my favorite thing. Much more fun than explaining to people what I meant by saying my car is fueled by green smoothies.)

Really. No. You cannot pour it in your fuel tank. It’s supposed to be a joke. The green smoothie fuels the driver, who propels the car, see. Haha. Get it?

Owning stuff is not a motivator for me. I had the most amazing weekend, completely unintentionally, and several things made it memorable and fun more than New Car. Won a tennis match playing in a higher division than my own ranking, in the beautiful fall sunshine. Went dancing with Matthew and my girlfriends. Rode the canyon on my bike Sunday afternoon, the trees’ oranges and reds blowing my mind. Had dinner up the canyon with my kids and watched them play soccer till dark. Gave my 16-y.o. and 18-y.o. driving lessons.

That’s the reason I had to buy a new car. Very frankly I could have driven that Honda Pilot another 5 years. Cade (18) is finally getting a driver’s license, at the same time his sister Emma (16) is. I am grieving the loss of all the car time with them. I’m kinda sick of driving Cade everywhere and having no helper-driver, so having them drive themselves will be more convenient. But I have my best conversations with my kids when we’re in the car.

I would be terrified to have my babies out jockeying for road space with other high-velocity boxes of metal-and-glass. But I have an evil plan to make sure they are under perpetual surveillance. I’m replacing the vinyl sticker in the back of my Honda as I hand it over to the kids. Now it will say:


I’m doing Q&A on video now

We decided to start answering more questions on video rather than just in writing, on this blog. I’m sorry that there’s just no darn way I can get to all of them. But feel free to send your questions to, and Jenni and Jackie will tell me what you want to know. I’ll do as many as I can!

These are a couple of questions that folks in Denver sent us:

(1) Can I bring my child to your class? And

(2) Do you like your job? What’s the best and worst part about being GreenSmoothieGirl?

How is doing

An internet marketing maven friend of mine wrote a report in Feb. called “[a very prominent raw-foods guru] versus GreenSmoothieGirl.” He wrote me this:

“You have higher traffic ranking than any of [Prominent Guru’s] web sites with a fraction of the name recognition. More traffic with fewer sites linking in, and you spend no money on advertising. You’re slowly and steadily nailing it.”

[Prominent Guru] has been out there for 15 years or more. I first ventured onto the internet a bit over 3 years ago with zero products to sell (I had early readers screaming about that, demanding recipes and help). I plan to keep steadily providing information in response to reader requests. I have never once accepted advertising dollars despite many offers of people who want to park their ads on my site or blog.

Google tells me lots of interesting things about my site. If you’re curious….

From Dec. 15 to Jan. 15, GSG had 70,000 visitors from 147 countries/territories. Highest traffic comes from U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

Search engines were sources of 52% of the traffic, other sites referred 15%, and 33% of you come here directly. The average time spent on the site is 5.23 minutes, with 3.37 pages visited. The 12 Steps program page is most visited, with almost 20,000 views. 8,141 people signed up for the newsletter in that time period. (Higher than usual. I think being in an article with Dr. Oz helped.) Three times as many people (over 7,000) searched for “green smoothie girl” than searched for “green smoothie.”

Three years ago I was a college professor/mom and knew nothing about the internet. Today I know just slightly more than nothing about the internet.

The site’s success has floored me, so when I am interviewed about it, I struggle to name the reasons. I think what it is, is that I just choose to support and nurture people, which is unusual in the nutrition space. The usual M.O. out there seems to be guilt and fear.

Someone at one of my Portland classes said that a prominent author in my space ends each chapter of one of their books with, “COOKED FOODS ARE POISON” or something. I really dislike hyperbole, hype, gimmicks, and especially negativity.

It’s easy to fall into that negative space. We could go on and on about how sugar or hot dogs or soda are killing us. I’ll touch on that occasionally, and I’m not Polyanna dancing on the Good Ship Lollipop: I’ll occasionally counteract voices out there I think are preaching false doctrine or skewing logic or common sense. I do believe in standing up for truth.

But as soon as I can, I’ll get back to the positive place. I dislike fear as a motive for anything–in parenting, in religion, in relationships, in school or career. So I like to keep it about hope and light here. New ideas. Encouragement. Sharing successes. Remembering children and families. (Not a place to beat you up about food. You’ve been doing that to YOURSELF for years. It’s not productive and I don’t want to add to it.)

I’ve always wanted to be the place where we REPLACE the bad stuff with exciting ideas and delicious recipes and thrilling health benefits my readers report. I love unique or exciting, fresh ways to look at traditional practices of nutrition.

So this would be a great time to ask you this: what support do you need that you aren’t getting? What should be next for the GreenSmoothieGirl mission to bring back a whole-foods diet and kick the Standard American Diet to the curb?

“Best Day Ever” stuff

I have a group of friends I play a game with called “Best Day Ever.” When something good (or bad–that you decide is Perfect in its learning opportunities!) happens—we find that moment in every day that makes it the Best Day Ever—we text each other.

It makes your day so great, looking for that funny or cool spot, and hearing about them from people you love. It’s a reminder that truth is stranger than fiction. (One day last week my BDE moment was seeing Orem High School’s boys’ track team do the Macarena on State Street, shirtless. I have no idea why. Maybe they lost a race?) Playing this game is a reminder that there are gold nuggets even in hard days. Here are a couple from last week.

Wednesday. The checkout employee at Good Earth told me I should go to a really great site called (Is this because I have returned to my natural hair color? Cracked me up.)

Thursday. I was walking out of BlendTec’s offices after doing some filming with their crew. This gorgeous 25-ish woman’s eyes got big and she grabbed my arm as she passed me. “Are you…..?”

I told her I am GSG, and she introduced herself:  Elona, originally from Albania. She has a 2 ½ year old son with severe asthma, and her friend Heather, the wife of BlendTec’s founder (Bev, whom I have not met), and a small group of friends sent her to my site.

She said, “We have gotten him off dairy. We’re still working on sugar.”

I said, “Know what the easiest way to do that is? Don’t have it in your home.”

That sounds hard, but once you know some good alternatives and you start filling your diet with greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds (in that order), it’s easy.

He won’t be deprived of treats. Unfortunately they’re everywhere at church, Grama’s house, preschool, after sports events, neighborhood and family parties, and his friends’ homes. (If you’re not willing to police those sugar sources as I confess to doing when my children were younger. Now I stick to getting them to drink a big green smoothie before they go to the party, and requiring that they have a big helping of salad before they eat the other junk. And I draw the line at soda and processed meat.)

Anyway, Elona said, “Do you have two minutes that I can tell you how my life has changed since I started all this?”

She said her little one hasn’t had his constant Pulmacort spiked with Albuterol, and frequent liquid steroid prescriptions, in three weeks. A first for him! She described the doctor’s and nurses’ guilt trips, bordering on bullying….she said it’s scary because everyone around her places so much faith in doctors.

I literally got chills listening to her–took me back to that “fear spot”  of the day it became clear to me that my doctor’s authoritative statements and prescriptions to cure my extremely ill child were of little value. As I say when I speak, I became aware that the entire medical model is like Oz. We’ve built it up in our collective consciousness to be something it isn’t. It has some value. Much more limited value than what we’ve invested in it.

And it wasn’t gonna save my little boy. I was going to have to start at Square A and look for other answers.

Elona ‘s eyes filled with tears and she threw her arms around my neck. I’m so happy for her.

Drugs are an expressway to hell. I’m not saying everyone should go off them, cold turkey, immediately when they figure out that something more is needed. I’m saying that you have to go to the BOTTOM of the pyramid and deal with what’s at the root of the problem. If you’re weak, mucousy, acidic, with a beaten-down immune system, more drugs isn’t going to solve that.

Paul Leatham, my original mentor, taught me 60-80% raw. He was my beginning. Or my renaissance, since my grandmother and mother originally mentored me–but until Paul Leatham taught me the connection between my son’s illness, and nutrition, I was floundering.

Paul taught me, “If you have a swamp full of alligators, what do you do? Throw a pill in the swamp to kill the alligators? IT’S STILL A SWAMP! More alligators are gonna show up.”

You have to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

That is what we are doing. We are not putting mucous-forming foods in our mouths to burn out our tissues with acidity. We don’t want our body spending its precious energy fighting being swamped with thick goo that is a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, mold, fungus, and the waste products of all those ugly creatures.

Green food and other raw plant foods DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Off topic, Elona said this to me:

“I watch all your videos. I thought you couldn’t be older than 35. I mean, you look so amazing, for how old…..” (Her voice trailed off….)

I cracked up. “For how old I am?” I said. “Um, my English isn’t that good,” she said, weakly.

What an adorable girl. I laughed all the way home.

GreenSmoothieGirl Goes Down in Flames in Smackdown! Part 2 of 3

I should count my blessings that Team Jillene didn’t make a federal case out of the habanero. When I was a kid, I once dared my dad to eat the biggest jalapeno in our garden in one bite. He did, and the hardest-working, toughest man I’ve ever known got so sick he went to bed for the rest of the Saturday. I’d come in every little while, begging his forgiveness–I cried a lot that day because I felt so bad. He’d just roll over and turn his back to me.

To her credit, afterwards, she came into the bathroom where I hung over the toilet, holding my hair back with one hand and dry-heaving. She said, meekly, “This is punishment enough. You don’t have to run Suncrest.”

(Her punishment for me was to run 5 miles up to the highest point between Utah and Salt Lake valleys, and then back down.)

I only WISH!

Well, now you know how to make the naughtiest, nastiest, gnarliest green smoothie EVER.

Nothing could be more awful. I drank ¾ of it, opening up my throat and just throwing it back, stopping only twice, before Jillene beat me. In about 90 seconds. JUST LOOK AT THIS CRAZY PERSON! She had green stuff all over her face like one-year olds do who face-plant in their birthday cake!

(And I was so nice, all I did is apples, parsley, and dandelion greens. All the Hot Dental Chicks came up and tasted both smoothies after with their finger. They came in the bathroom to offer condolences because the one I drank was just WRETCHED in comparison.)

I never did throw up, though I desperately wanted to. (Sometimes an iron stomach is a curse.) I kept reminding myself that raw vegetables and fruits take 45 minutes to digest, at most. Sure enough, the burning and nausea ended an hour later.

Well, congrats, Jillene! You are certifiably insane. But you are a competitor. YOU WIN!

Well, whatever it takes to get the message out! I guess I have to suffer for my art? (Plus it will make good TV.)

Tomorrow, cool stuff from Michelle Jorgenson’s lecture in the class we co-taught at The Good Earth Orem before the Smackdown.

I’ve officially been SMACKED.

GSG Goes Down In Flames in Smackdown, part 1 of 3

The smackdown. I didn’t even know what hit me. My opponent’s boss had warned me, whispering, “She is CRAZY! She manhandled my husband out of a chair at the company party–and that was just MUSICAL CHAIRS, for crying out loud!”

When she came in wearing combat boots and a gun belt, that should have been my first clue.

Team “G.I. Jillene” was out in force, wearing signs around their necks.

Kristin, my best friend and the sum total of Team GreenSmoothieGirl, sadly said, shaking her head as Jillene mixed up her Death Sludge: “Robyn, you are just WAY too nice for this contest.”

She’s right–I’m so straight-up I never even see devious people coming. Not even in the movies. While I threw some stuff in a bag last-minute and relied on none of it being frozen, and no sweetener, to gag her…..she and her co-workers were hatching evil plans for days.

They didn’t even use wheat grass juice. All my training was kid stuff. What she did would make a grown man FANTASIZE about wheat grass juice.

The two-fruit rule we agreed to? Jillene chose a HABANERO PEPPER and a whole lemon for her fruit! I had brought an orange and an apple.

I spent a copious amount of time afterward hanging over the toilet, trying not to throw up my almost-quart of:

1. HORSERADISH ROOT. A big, fat, six-inch long root.

2. Rhubarb. (I had to NEGOTIATE for this–beg the ref, really!–as an alternative for the habanero!)

3. Frozen radishes.

4. Dandelion stems.

5. The ENTIRE peel from a whole lemon.

6. I don’t even know. My mind went numb. I just saw scary green things goin’ in the blender. Thick and frozen.

You know what horseradish does in your mouth? It does the same thing in your STOMACH.

Funny, because I wasn’t even nervous going in. I have always had an iron stomach. Since the winter of garage-juicing the wheat grass juice, I’ve thrown up only once in the past 15 years.

The rest of the story tomorrow!