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Coach Cathi and the Cute Cupcakes

This here is Cathi Waalkes, our Certified GreenSmoothieGirl Health Coach in Michigan. She is one of our most passionate, and most successful coaches, so far, just 6 months past her certification. She was just able to quit her full-time job in order to focus on building her GreenSmoothieGirl coaching business and is thrilled for the […]

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Ten-city tour starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, I’m in the 10 cities, below, doing the free green smoothie show! Coaches Cathi, Nicole, and Karen are traveling with me so they can work with our audiences in each city after I leave. Teaching them lots more cool stuff on the path to wholeness with whole foods and natural healing. (As always, […]

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Jennifer’s “HOW TO SHOP” store tour classes coming up!

My certified GreenSmoothieGirl coach for Utah and Idaho, Jennifer Parker, is doing a class in Orem, and Sandy, Oct. 13 and 27, with limited tickets available, called HOW TO SHOP! A TOUR OF YOUR HEALTH FOOD STORE She’ll be walking you through the Good Earth store near you. Showing you the best baking ingredients. The […]

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What coaches have to say about their visit to Utah. Part 4 of 4

This is what some of our coaches said about their 5 days in Utah: What an amazing week! We learned, laughed, cried, hiked & did yoga in the breathtaking Fall colors of Sundance. I am so impressed with Robyn, her team and the other coaches. These ladies are smart and fun! They are knowledgeable, capable, and experienced. The […]

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Back to certifying 15 coaches! Part 3 of 4

We all took the Sundance chair lift and hiked down in the explosion of Fall colors and perfect weather. Early the next morning, we took another sunrise hike to Stewart Falls, another favorite part of my favorite place on Earth. It’s in Provo Canyon, where A River Runs Through It was filmed. (Brad Pitt starred with Robert […]

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We certify 15 GreenSmoothieGirl coaches! part 1 of 4

You thought I went off the grid? Maybe you didn’t notice. I NEVER go 4-5 days without blogging. But we’ve been holed up from early till late every night at “The Hideout” at Sundance with the 15 women who will make the GreenSmoothieGirl mission explode by 1,000 percent this year! I have become my own […]

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Jeanette makes a healthy “black licorice”

From San Diego GreenSmoothieGirl coach Jeanette, who is a naturopath and who healed her daughter of autism with holistic means and a whole-foods diet: My kids asked me, “What is that kid eating?” I told them it was licorice, and then I went home and created it for them.  This is what I came up […]

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A healer in every home….HERE ARE MY COACHES! (part 3 of 3)

Nearly 3,000 people asked for an application. I chose these 16. I will tell you more about them later, with photos of more of them, but for now, many apprentices want to work with them, so I wanted you to have a way of contacting them, until we get the Coach Bio / Contact page […]

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A healer in every home…..PART 2 of 3

The medical profession doesn’t have a single drug that the blood-brain barrier doesn’t put up a mounted defense against! (It’s a good thing, since drugs are never assimilated, digested, and eliminated by the body as natural plant foods and medicinal extracts are. And they always have side effects. Some side effects we FEEL, some we […]

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I want a healer in every home…..plant-based, self-directed medicine, part 1 of 3

Here’s the video of Donna, whom I met at Creative Health Institute a year ago, when I was there studying and sitting in the back of a class she taught. She quoted me in her class. Madeline, the program director when I was there, asked her, “Do you know GreenSmoothieGirl?” And what followed was very […]

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