Baby Emery a “Green Smoothie Girl in Training!”

baby emeryCarrie in West Jordan, Utah, is a young mom with two little boys, plus baby Emery, pictured here, her “green smoothie girl in training!” Carrie wrote us about how she has watched her mother struggle with autoimmune problems her entire life, and recently lost her father to a heart attack. Even Carrie’s older siblings already have similar health problems to their parents, so Carrie, the youngest of a large family, is a passionate 12 Steps to Whole Foods follower. She says,

“I feel confident that I am giving my children the best nutrition for their growing bodies! Emery is a happy, healthy baby, at 8 months old her diet consists of breast milk & green smoothies!”

too cuteMy son Tennyson is looking over my shoulder right now and just said, of Emery’s photo, “Wow, she’s adorable with those blue eyes. But that’s a mess.” Personally, I just saw the adorable.


A Story About Maureen in Orlando

Orlando TampaSuch cool stuff happens at my nationwide traveling green smoothie class. I love visiting a city near you and telling stories and research and giving you ideas and incentives to add simple but life-changing habits to your routine.

In Orlando and Tampa, a lady named Maureen volunteered, to my staff, to make the green smoothie samples.

It’s a big job! Not only does she make 3 oz. of smoothie for each person–and our average audience size is 200–but she also provides me a blender, demo ingredients, and more. It’s shopping, blending, organizing, transporting, and serving.

Maureen ekes out a living buying and selling things at rummage sales. She isn’t living a country-club lifestyle. But she is a woman of service and integrity. She does what she says she’ll do.

Somehow she didn’t know that we actually PAY our volunteer to make the smoothies. She had agreed anyway, when Coach Jeanette asked her. She made them for Tampa, with her $20 yard-sale blender.

The next morning, she woke up and was panicked to realize she didn’t have enough money for gas to get to Orlando. So she prayed about it. She says she then went down to the parking lot, and $15 was lying on the ground.

She got stuck in traffic and arrived at the class an hour late. She set up the blender and demo ingredients behind me as I was lecturing.

totalblender-200x300As I went to give away the $435 Blendtec Total Blender we take to every class for one lucky person, Coach Jeanette was standing in the back. She’s an agnostic, not a praying person. But, as she told me later, she was putting out the hope into the universe with her every cell, that Maureen would win that blender. At that point only Jeanette knew Maureen’s circumstances. “Please, please, please,” she whispered, “let Maureen win.”

I pulled out a ticket and read it to the crowd.

Long silence. Maureen let out a tiny gasp. It was her number. She came up to claim the prize with tears in her eyes, speechless. I would learn from Jeanette, only later, what Maureen had been through to get smoothies to several hundred people an hour apart in Florida, two nights in a row.

I also would learn that Maureen was SHOCKED when Kristin paid her for giving her service to us and to the audience. She would have done it for free.

thankyou readers I **love** my readers. As Kristin often says (she works with 5 volunteers at every class), “GreenSmoothieGirl readers are a cut above.”

They are people committed to a life that transcends what “everybody else” is doing. They love sharing the good news about a plant-based diet with others. They are from all walks of life, all the strata of the economic spectrum.  But a desire to help others, and a love of nutrition and wellness, are what bring us together.

god blessMaureen, I don’t know if you read my blog. But if you do, please accept my thanks. I am most humbled to have been served by you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your sacrifice. I know you’ll use that high-end Total Blender to benefit a lot of folks you meet. God bless you.

Next time, another story of cool stuff that happens at the GreenSmoothieGirl show, and a video I made with a young mama named Marlena who also won a blender in Redding, California.

Automate one meal

images-23Here’s a success secret of people who have lost 30 lbs., on average, and kept it off, according to  a study published in the medical journal Obesity:

They find healthy foods they like and stick to them. They “automate” one meal daily so that it’s not a struggle.

That’s what the green smoothie habit does for you. Every day, you KNOW what one meal will be: a quart of green smoothie (and any other healthy foods, if you need more calories, as I do, playing sports).

images-25Then you know you’ve covered a lot of nutritional bases and eaten LOTS of the lowest calorie, highest micro-nutrient foods available to you.

You’ve ramped your supply of enzymes, allowing your body’s resources to go to energy production and detox. You’ve given your body fiber to sweep the bloodstream of debris and toxins. You’ve amped your nutrition in hundreds of ways. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Drinking and driving: ideas on traveling

We flew into Columbus, Ohio. We then drove through the beautiful foliage in Michigan, Canada, New York, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

In each of 10 cities, we grabbed whatever was left of the gallons of green smoothie we served our audiences. After the lecture, we’d put them in the fridge in our hotel rooms. Sometimes just leave them in the car when we didn’t have a fridge in our hotel room. Or we fill a trash can with ice in the hotel room, and tossed the gallon in there.

(Other times when I travel, I take frozen pints of green smoothie, bagged and wrapped in my jeans, in my suitcase. Those will last a few days at the most, carefully managed, if you have a fridge where you’re going. Warning: defrosted green smoothies don’t have a good texture!)

Kristin snapped this photo of me “drinking and driving” in Michigan.

Green smoothies are just one way I keep my energy high on a trip. I saw a woman with a green smoothie in the New York City subway. She told me where she bought it, but I forgot. The point is, look around where you are, and you can find good stuff. (We went to Pure Food and Wine in New York City once, too, on this trip—my favorite raw restaurant on the planet.)

Kristin and I are constantly finding the closest Whole Foods Market on our travels. They virtually always have a great salad bar. We load up, and it is our ONE big meal, in a day, along with an herbal tea or kombucha, and a treat (made with no sugar, and only whole foods).

Then we find a Starbucks for the WiFi and find comfy chairs. I prop up my iPad, Kristin opens her laptop, and we work all day till our class starts. A guy walked past me, with my Whole Foods Market box-o-salad, which I confess cost me $13, and said, “We call that Whole Paycheck Market.”

Maybe. But I’m pretty sure his latte just set him back $4. And for what gain?

The rest of the day, on the run in our travels, we have green smoothies, flax crackers we brought from home, dried plums or apricots (favorites of mine). The point is, drive-thrus aren’t inevitable, even if they’ve been your “normal” up till now.

We also look for Sweet Tomatoes or Soup Plantation nearby. We pull up all the restaurants in the area on the Garmin GPS we travel with, and we scroll through them until we find a place with great vegetarian options, and good salads—salad bars being our favorite.

In my hometown of Springfield, Virginia, near our last lecture in the tour, I went to find the house I grew up in, and took this picture. The lovely woman who has owned the home for 20 years asked me if I wanted a tour and of course I said yes.

What a flood of memories to walk through the home I spent many years of my life in. The spot in the basement I’d make out with my boyfriend after my parents went to sleep. The forest behind the house where I’d run to escape my six brothers. The tiny bedroom where I did countless hours of homework.

And just a few miles away is a 25-year old Whole Foods Market with a teeny little salad bar. In high school, I bought nachos at the 7-11 across the street, instead. (It’s still there, too.) Now, I am smarter. I make better choices. I think about the future and the things I want to accomplish and which fuels will send me the right direction.



Tips for Getting More Greens in Kids’ Diets—besides green smoothies

A number of readers have suggested two ways to get more greens in your kids’ diets:

  1. Green smoothie popsicles
  2. Green smoothie fruit leather (in the dehydrator, on teflex sheets, dry until chewy, and roll)

Of course my other tip (besides green smoothies, obviously) is to make KALE CHIPS, and we have lots of recipes in Step 7 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. One giant leaf of kale, dehydrated, is a small, yummy “chip” or more accurately a “crisp” that is easy to eat.

(With kale chips, or with fruit leather, always have your kids drink a glass of water with it, so the dried foods don’t “scavenge” needed liquids from the stomach, etc.)

Desiree sent me an Amazon link to this popsicle maker that is perfect to freeze green smoothies for little ones—or anyone who likes frozen treats. If you have more green smoothie than you can drink in 48 hours, this is a good way to preserve it, too.


THINGS TO DRINK, 1 to 10 scale! (My interview with Ken Krogue of Forbes)

I told my lifelong best friend, Laura, in San Francisco, that a Forbes article talked about GSG. I told her I was doing an interview with the writer, Ken Krogue, founder of InsideSales, the next day.

She texted me, “Tell him Mitt is your cousin. Forbes loves stuff like that.”

I started that morning with this inner dialogue:

“For once DON’T ramble off about stupid things. Don’t don’t don’t. Do NOT talk about Mitt Romney being your mom’s first cousin. Then he might actually KNOW Mitt and somehow perhaps discover Mitt doesn’t actually know you from Eve.”

(The Romneys, we are a BIG family. I have 65 first cousins. My mom has more.)

So Ken calls me for our interview. Right while I am reminding myself to, as my friend Ben says,


Ken tells me he is jumping in and out of cabs in New York City, and this is what comes out of my mouth:

“I love New York  City! Just last Thanksgiving, I was running along the Lower East Side, along the Hudson in Manhattan, and I found a dead body in the river!”

That’s good stuff. Really cool thing to say when you have 20 minutes to somehow capture your great passion in life, which you feel is wildly important to millions of people’s futures.

It’s at LEAST as uncool as name-dropping your famous cousin you don’t actually even know.

We did eventually roll around to the great green smoothie:

Ken:  “On a scale of 1 to 10, where is a green smoothie? Is it a 10?”

Robyn:  “Well, no. It’s a 9.”

Ken:  “Wow, then what’s a 10?”

Robyn:  “Fresh juice made from greens and vegetables. I make cucumber, beet, celery, carrot juice. Or a shot of wheat grass juice.”

Ken:  “What about Naked Juice? I know it’s pasteurized. The bottle says ‘lightly pasteurized.’”

Me:  “Mmm, it’s a fruit smoothie, all the enzymes killed, some of the vitamins and minerals degraded, with a little pinch of some good green stuff like spirulina in there. I don’t know that I have anything for 6, 7, and 8, but I give that green Naked juice….maybe a 5.”

Ken:  “How about a V-8?”

Me:  “Um, that’s a 4. Too much salt. Very pasteurized. High in sugars. Mostly tomato, not much else.”

Ken:  “And a glass of orange juice?”

Me:  “2 or 3. An orange is a synergistic thing of beauty, a whole food. Lots of fiber. Some sugar, not too much. The juice, though, has no fiber and the sugar of eight oranges! I’ve never fed my kids juice as I’ve raised them.”

Ken:  “And how about a soda?”

Me:  “Can we have negative numbers?”

Ken and I decide on a ZERO for the soda.

He asks me to do a ranking, for DRINKS a busy executive might buy. The idea is to help someone trying to make better choices. In Ken’s case, the demographic he calls the “old, fat, busy executive.” But we’re all busy, whether we’re an executive or not.

I’m in the demographic you could call “trying-to-pretend-I’m-not-middle-aged, thin, busy, single working mom-athletes.” I think “busy” goes in all the demographic descriptions these days.

Matthew, a “40-ish, busy, thin, single-dad realtor,” sometimes texts me, “IM2BZ2P!”

What about you?

Help me if I’m leaving anything out, or if you disagree with this ranking, tell me why:


-1            Red Bull and other energy drinks, alcoholic drinks

0              Sodas, Diet Sodas, Coffee, Nutrasweet Drinks (Capri Sun, etc.)

1              Zevia or other naturally sweetened sodas, no chemicals, or stevia-sweetened Vitamin Water Zero

2              Fruit juices (no sugar added)

3              V-8

4              Naked Juice, the green one (there’s a small amount of greens in it, read the label for how small!)

5              Kombucha, no sugars added

6              Kefir of any kind, no sugars added (add only fruit)

7              WATER (arguably a 10, because of its importance, but something has to go here in #7)

8              Our green drink you shake up with water

9              green smoothie (no sweetener added)

10           Fresh green / vegetable juice, and wheat grass shots







We’re back from the Pacific Northwest! Part 2 of 2

Nona Springer send me this photo from my Portland lecture, with some of the many friends she brought with her, and she wrote this:

I went to Robyn’s last lecture in Portland and loved it.  I talked about 20 friends into coming to this one and they all loved it too.  Not everyone made it into the photo, but it was great fun to have Robyn stand in with us and be part of our excitement.

I have been green-smoothie-ing with my family for over a year and a half now.  We have never been healthier, and we made it through the year without a cold or the flu!  I changed my diet and with daily exercise was able to get off all diabetic and cholesterol medication!

My smoothies are the talk of The LDS Oregon Eugene Mission, and when we get new missionaries in town they come to my house to experience the phenomenon.  My last two children live at home and their college-age friends all come over and ask for green smoothies.  If I’m not home they look in my fridge to see if there’s a pitcher made up they can raid.  Wonderful!

Thank you for what you are doing.  I have been a promoter and demonstrator for the cause for at least a year and a half.  I have convinced many members of my gym to buy high-speed blenders and to make green smoothies.  I have some wonderful stories to share.  God bless you!

Nona Springer
Dallas, Oregon

Back row, left to right:  Judi Lambert, Marian Scadden, Robyn Openshaw, Roselle Mattern, Lynda Spencer, Annette Hurst
Front row, left to right:  Laura Dotson, Nona Springer, Laurel Woodworth, Nancy Rivers

All from Dallas, Oregon (except for Robyn, but we can claim her as an honorary citizen, right?)

Thank you Nona, for being an inspiration to so many people, and for giving me honorary citizenship, I accept! XOXO,


dramatic testimonial from “the happiest grama on the planet”

We get a lot of wonderful testimonials, both in person when I teach, and via email on the site. Few are as dramatic as this one we got from Mary Kay:

Since hearing about your website six months ago, I have been drinking a quart of green smoothies every day. People I meet now ask me, “How do you look so good, how do you stay so skinny, how do you have so much energy?” I tell them about your website and they either walk or run to get a blender and start the practice for themselves.

I have had a profound personal healing experience. I was STUCK in an abusive marriage and lost my will to live. Luckily, I had a compelling reason to get out and now I live on my own. I was emaciated (5’9? and weighed 120 lbs), had daily anxiety, my skin was wrinkly and I had no color in my cheeks. My eyes were dull and bloodshot. My hair was mousy and lifeless. I had no energy and no muscle tone. I was achy and stiff and VERY constipated.

Six months later, my skin is glowing, my hair is shiny and my nails grow super fast. I am emotionally stable again, and I dance and sing and laugh. I have a challenging job and ride my bike to work. I am at my ideal weight again (130), which is what I weighed in high school. My digestion is vastly improved and I guess I just glow. I was recently at a family reunion and my aunts and uncles and cousins raved about how good I look.

I attended your class recently in Sandy and found it very inspiring and fun.

I have a hard time making only a quart of smoothie. I usually end up with the whole blender jar full, so I jump on my bike and take it to share with my daughter and my grandbaby. A Vitamix blender jar fits perfectly in my backpack!

–The happiest Grandma on the planet thanks to you!

Siena loves green smoothies!

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

This is my 2 1/2-year old daughter, Siena, enjoying a kale, blueberry, banana & flaxseed smoothie.  I started making green smoothies when she was 15 months.  I have also been on 90% plant-based diet since January of this year. We have a family history of just about every chronic disease imaginable–my dad had a quintuple bypass at age 45– and I’m so grateful to have discovered such an easy and delicious way to help us stay healthy.  So much of what people go through medically is 100% preventable. Thank you for getting the message out to people!


Autumn, Alex, and Austin are today’s heroes!

GSG reader Lisa B. recently read my challenge that, to help kids adopt a really healthy habit, I’d put their photo and story on my blog if they drank green smoothies every day for a month and wrote me. (The challenge is still open for YOUR kids.)

Lisa was already a green smoothie girl and had always wanted her kids to be, too. The youngest three, age 6, 4, and 2, were up for the challenge, and the oldest even got motivated halfway through. If Lisa forgot to make smoothies, they reminded her!

Lisa wrote that she would make an entire blenderful and get only a small cup for herself because they wanted more, more, more. (Her green smoothies look good, nutritionally, too—very green as you can see in this photo! Lisa says they were “straight fruit and veggie.”)

She writes, “Thank you for the challenge. We all grew from it.”

Autumn, Alex, and Austin, you are today’s GreenSmoothieGirl Heroes! I am so proud of you! Now, write me an email when you’ve been doing this for a year! You will grow BIG and TALL and STRONG! When all the other kids are sick, you will be healthier! You will do better in school and run faster and be your very best self!


Robyn (GreenSmoothieGirl)