A cute green smoothie mustache on Luz

GSG reader Teresa, whose husband Juan works for me, is due to have a baby any day. She wrote me this:

Juan has been after me for a little bit to email you some pictures of our daughter Luz and her green smoothies.   Here are a couple from several months ago.   I will try to remember to take some current ones soon.   She loves making smoothies with me.   She loves drinking them.   When she wants one, she jumps up and down doing a special dance and sings, “Smoothie, smoothie!”   I think she honestly thinks that all smoothies are supposed to be green.   :)

I have recently posted more about eating healthy on our family blog.   EscalanteEscapades.blogspot.com

drink green smoothies all day and lose weight

You could literally drink green smoothies till you’re full, all day long, and still lose weight.

If you drank TWO GALLONS a day (that’s 8 quarts), you would get only 1500 calories. That 100 fewer calories than someone my height and weight needs, even if I don’t exercise, daily!

I’ve been accidentally saying the wrong thing in my classes. A quart of green smoothie doesn’t have 400 calories–it has 200! (Hot Pink smoothie from Ch. 10 of 12 Steps has 400 calories, perfect for breakfast.)

A quart of GS will fill up your stomach. I often get emails saying, “I can’t drink a quart in one sitting! How do you do it?”

Well, first, I’m just used to it. I burn 400-600 calories working out every morning so I’m really hungry at lunch time. Sometimes I save some of my quart for late in the afternoon, but often I drink it all at once–and I always have something else, too.) And sometimes when I have an extra pint in the fridge, I have another GS for dinner!

I also get this a lot: “I am hungry an hour or two after drinking my quart of GS. What’s up with that?” Well, what’s up with that is that it’s less than 200 calories.

I was filing stuff and found this DietPower breakdown of a quart of green smoothie:

¼ lb. spinach

¼ lb. chard

½ banana

¾ cup mixed berries

1 peach

Here’s what you get (with 1 ½ cups water and a pinch of stevia):

188 calories

84% carbs, protein 12%, fat 4% (That is a BEAUTIFUL macronutrient breakdown, by the way! If someone told you 20% protein is necessary, it ISN’T.)

Because this is the highest-nutrition, lowest-calorie thing you can eat, I outline a Detox plan (3 days) and a weight loss plan (30 days) in my book, The Green Smoothies Diet.

You also get, from this recipe:

More than 50% of your daily requirements of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, manganese.

Very significant amounts of fiber (31% of daily allowance), as well as niacin, Vita E, iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

p.s. I do recommend adding 60-100 cals. of flaxseed to your diet, and a GS is one easy way to do that. I buy sprouted flax on Amazon. It’s live and it absorbs less water in the smoothie since it’s already been soaked (and dried).

ideas from readers, part 2 of 3

I often hear about people falling off the wagon, after a period of having tremendous results with their 15 servings of raw greens and fruit daily (what you get in the quart of green smoothie daily that I recommend).

It happens. Shall we problem solve, so it happens less often?

Thursday after tennis I ran to Supersonic to get my car washed. While I was waiting, two women rushed up and said, “GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL!” (They didn’t know my actual name–this happens a lot, and I think it’s funny!)

Turns out they have a really unique and cool arrangement. They are best friends: Karri is single and lives alone, and Bo is married with kids. Karri has more time but less money, and Bo has more money and less time. Karri makes green smoothies for Bo and her husband every day since she doesn’t need the whole blenderful. I think Bo pays for the ingredients. Win-win for everybody.

I like it. If you’re struggling with something–time, money, whatever–there’s always a way. It’s just about getting creative and being dogged about creating a habit. Don’t give up!

Oh, and I am glad to meet new people in the revolution. The whole-foods revolution, kicking the S.A.D. to the curb. Love it when you come up and make friends with me–I’m going up to Strawberry to look at Bo’s cabin and see about getting land to build a cabin for retreats! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Best smoothie straw ever!

[this contributed by a guest–not Robyn]

Has anyone tried the 7-11 metal Slurpee straws for their green smoothies?   My husband bought some last week and they are great.   I used to get frustrated trying to find good straws for my smoothies.   The regular ones at the grocery store were always too short and narrow.   The  metal Slurpee straws  are long and have a large diameter  so it’s easier to drink a thick smoothie, and I like how they get cold when you’re slurping your smoothie.   Another plus is they’re re-suable.   I just wash mine out right after using and throw it in the dishwasher.      My little girls LOVE them and it’s actually helped them drink more green smoothies!   My hubby got them at 7-11 for .99 ea,   and I think they’re kind of a promotional item, so they’re not there all the time.   Hey Robyn, here’s an idea for you-  why don’t you get some of these straws made up but with your Green Smoothie Girl logo on them instead?   You could sell them in your new Green Smoothie store.   Then I wouldn’t be walking around promoting ‘Slurpees’ on my straws, LOL!

Anyway, just thougt I’d share!

What happens in Vegas . . .

So I’m here in Las Vegas, where I spent the weekend with my girlfriends. We

did the grueling Angel’s Landing hike at Zion’s and had all kinds of fun in

the sunshine including a lot of running outside, and trawling the outlet


So I’ve pretty much HAD IT with shopping, because my patience for that

activity is limited. I’m waiting it out in the car, reading Eat Pray Love

while Kristi and Jamie keep going. And GSG reader Bev comes up to the

window, and says, “ARE YOU ROBYN?!”

She said she’s read my books, made some of my recipes that morning, and just had a big fight with her teenage daughter who said, “Mom!! She’s in her

PRIVATE CAR, leave her alone–don’t even THINK about walking up to her!”

And Bev said, “No, she’s GreenSmoothieGirl; she WANTS us to talk to her!”

Bev is right. (Moms are always right.)

If you see me at Costco or in the airport or something, please talk to me! I

do not bite. Maybe I will show you the cooler full of green smoothies in the

back of my car. Like I did with Bev. And won’t THAT be a bonding moment.

Bev and I might hook up again and I’ll do a green smoothie class in Las

Vegas soon. Anybody who knows a health food store that wants to host it, let

me know! And maybe I’ll run over to Reno that same week and do another show there.