What I Love About Being 40+

robyn bike riding

If you exercise, what’s your goal? Have you really thought about it? Have you given yourself a free pass to let exercise be “for fun”? Or is the idea of workouts being FUN something you don’t allow yourself? After all, it has the word “work” in it. I think of my time devoted to physical…

Eat Right For Your Blood Type {NEW VIDEO}

Have you ever heard about people feeling better because they “ate right for their blood type?” In this video I talk about WHY they feel better—even though there’s no science behind eating a specific way for your blood type and it is rather a bunch of nonsense. Check it out, do you agree or not?

Want to get fit and healthy?

Congratulations, Kimberly Martin of Pennsylvania! You won the LABOR OF LOVE prize package from Leah, the Fabulous Farm Girl! Thanks to both of you for participating and helping me support Mothers Without Borders build a school in Zambia! Back to my question up top . . . Of course you want to get to fit and…