Live Detox starts May 4! Here’s what a detoxer said about her experience…..

Full-SupportDetox PromptOne of our amazing GSGLife Founding Instructors, Natalie Hadley of Ogden Utah, introduced her friend Shelly to the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox in December.

Shelly shared an amazing story that I thought you would enjoy reading. If you’re like me, before you undertake a signification cleanse program, you’re terrified! (I wanted to do one for years, before I finally did it. This was long before I developed the GSG detox, of course, which is fully supported and anyone can do it. It’s challenging, but not scary, like the one I did 20 years ago, when I ate nothing but veggie juice, and bentonite clay and psyllium husk powder in water, for 3 weeks!)

Natalie is again supporting friends in our upcoming May 4 Detox and you can see her at or email her at

We do a supported Detox just 3 times a year, so join us! The average person loses 12-13 pounds and enjoys deep cleansing of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. Watch my short video about it HERE.

This is Shelly’s story:

What a great start to 2015! My sister and I were talking at the beginning of this year. She told me how her friend, Natalie Hadley, had told her about a detox program she was going to do. My sister and I had for several months compared aches and pains we have been having, as well as lack of energy. As she shared about the detox with me, I told my husband and 25-year-old daughter about it.waist measure man (1)

My husband was just going to start a biggest loser contest at his work. As we talked about it, we were all at a mental state where we were ready to go for it, so January 3 started our new adventure—GreenSmoothieGirl Detox #1!

I probably ought to tell you a bit more about my family. My husband is Samoan and so a meal was not complete without meat, and it is heavily salted to make it taste even better. For family gatherings, often four or five meats are common and maybe one salad. Sugar has always been my weakness, so I have battled weight for many years. This detox was definitely a big change for all of us.

I must admit the first couple of weeks when I was using our Ninja blender, our vegetables were not blended as much as we would like and it made for some interesting smoothies—but we stuck with it. When my daughter bought us a Blendtec, we all celebrated.

After the first couple of weeks of the detox, my husband commented on how he felt his hands weren’t as swollen and joints didn’t hurt as much. We started going on more walks, and walking farther each time. We stuck with the detox for the whole 26 days and saw some great changes.

After the first detox was over, we decided to do the 31 day green smoothie challenge and try to eat more whole food, plant-based meals. We stuck with this then realized in March that my husband had just about 26 days to go before his contest was over at his work. We decided to do the detox one more time! Doing this the second time, we realized what we were getting into, so our attitudes were even better.

green smoothiestraw berries (1) (Small)Our daughter in Florida also did it with us the second time, and it was great to share our successes with each other. Eating healthy has become a good topic for all of us to visit about. We are sharing recipes and good tips with each other.

When my husband weighed in at the end of his contest, he had lost 48 pounds (16.9% body fat)! And won the biggest loser contest! I lost 37 pounds and my daughter lost over 30 pounds! Not only did we lose this weight, but we have all felt better with more energy. We are exercising more. My daughter has several times said, “Thank you, Mom, for doing this for us.” We all did it together–it definitely was a team effort!

Another real benefit is that before we never used to have breakfast. Now the three of us get up together and have our green smoothie as well as fix our lunch bags before we go to work. It is nice to spend this time together in the morning and start our day out right.

shutterstock_187878188 (Small)I am starting a new hobby this summer of gardening, and I look forward to trying new recipes with our garden vegetables and herbs. We are heading to Samoa in October, and my husband has already said that he wants to do one more detox in September before we go.

Thanks so much to Natalie Hadley for her great classes, encouragement and willingness to share with us. Thanks to Robyn Openshaw for sharing all of this information with us and for all the research that she has done. I am so excited for the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Workshop this Saturday, and to continue to develop healthy habits.

[Note: Robyn is teaching the local GSGLife Instructors her 12 Steps to Whole Foods course, this Saturday, and it is sold out and wait-listed. However, she is teaching it to ANYONE who wants to attend, Saturday, June 6, get tickets HERE!]

Life is great!

Last 5 Days for GSG Detox Discount… starts Jan. 3!

happy holidaysI hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. It’s cold here in Utah, but NO SNOW! So, no skiing! My family moved on Dec. 10th, our 3rd move in the past 18 months (long story!). But we now have a little miniature Christmas tree and a fireplace in our new house, and it’s been lovely to have my 19-year old daughter Emma just home from working in Europe for 7 months.

I’m excited to do the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox again on Jan. 3! Remember we’ve NEVER had a discount on the Detox before. And THIS MONTH we’ve discounted Full Support for 1 ($20 off) and Full Support for 2 ($30 off). So it’s a great time to do this unparalleled full-support program. The sale is over Dec. 31 at midnight—check out the various options to participate HERE.join us

January is a wonderful time to focus on our health. I’ll be joining you, for live calls during the Detox, with lots of moral support. The average weight loss doing our 26-day program is almost 13 pounds, but that’s just a byproduct many people enjoy while eating plenty of food. Our focus is on detoxifying colon, liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

Check it all out HERE, and I’ll see you Jan. 3, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Carrie in Oregon tells us about her 26 days of Detox

heart stomach (1) (Small)On Jan. 3, we do the live, full-support GreenSmoothieGirl Detox together again! We have had well over 4,000 people join us since it launched 15 months ago!

It’s 26 days of eating a very pure diet to achieve cellular detoxification, as well as targeted cleansing of the colon, liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. Learn about it HERE.

A few weeks ago, Carrie in Oregon wrote us, about her experience finishing the program. I can really relate to emotional detoxification, which was my experience as well, the first time. I let go of things I had been harboring for years. As the body releases waste that may have been accumulating in the colon or elsewhere, for many years, protein fragments are released that some theorize contain the essence of emotions, including trapped negative emotions. Carrie said:

I decided to take the 26 day detox challenge to improve my health, I was utterly shocked when I lost 8 pounds, 6 of which I lost in the first week! I haven’t weighed this little in over a decade!

I also lost 2″ off of my stomach and 1″ off of my hips, although I FEEL like I lost about 6″ off of my stomach! I was dreading the 2 day watermelon section – I hate watermelon – but to my surprise they were very easy – I was a little hungry, but not starving or going crazy – I still hate watermelon though!pink smoothie (2) (Small)

The biggest gain for me was letting go of some very strong emotional baggage. For the past 3 years my husband and I have been dealing with a very difficult situation that filled me with anger and frustration. I was always upset and felt out of control, and just in general “wound up way too tight.” I noticed on this cleanse how clear my head felt, literally and figuratively. Something would upset me, and I would speak my piece and move on. I wasn’t carrying around this dead weight anymore.

Detox manual newMy mom was simultaneously on a different cleanse, when she saw how much weight I was losing, she started asking me about what I was doing. My sister is thinking about doing this cleanse as well. I highly recommend it. It’s worth the investment—I will do it again! The full support is so important, it gives you so many more aspects to think about and I loved the lectures from the doctors. Know the science behind what you’re doing and seeing that there are individuals in the medical industry that agree with the “health nuts” is awesome!

My favorite foods were the hot pink breakfast smoothie (my daughter wants it every time I make it), the purple heaven, and the crunchy avocado salad.



Are you ready to clean up your act, after the holidays?

time 2 detoxWhen I’m on speaking tour meeting my GSG friends, I get this comment a lot:

“I’ve been thinking about doing the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox, buuuuuut……”

I get it! The first time I did a 3-week detox program, it was after years of thinking about it, wanting to, but avoiding it. All out of fear of the unknown. I was sure that I’d have to crawl into bed and get someone to take care of my little children. I was sure I’d be miserable. I was worried I would fail.

I spent 20 years of studying and practicing detox practices and science, and 3 more years developing one of TWO most important things I’ve ever done. Just last year, we launched

The GreenSmoothieGirl Detox

And we’re doing it with LIVE SUPPORT on Jan. 3. Don’t be afraid to join us! Because you want the rest of the winter to be healthier than the first part was. Because you’d love to ditch that holiday weight gain. Because your want your every cell to sing! Not sag and shrink.

My favorite thing about people stopping me in public to tell me about their experience with the Detox isn’t the weight loss stories. Thought they’re cool.

(The average is nearly 13 pounds in 26 days! How do we know? Because you fill out a questionnaire at the end. I get every single one, and I tabulate responses.)

My favorite thing is actually when a Detoxer tells me about emotional issues clearing, and physical symptoms improving or disappearing. This is when I know that you’re making the connection between food, and your health.

(You’re going to have an entirely new liver in 90 days. Why not clean it out? And build it out of EXCELLENT raw materials? After all, it does more than 500 things for you EVERY DAY.)

saleWe’ve never had a DISCOUNT on the Detox program before! But we feel so strongly about the LIVE SUPPORT program, and the BUDDY program, that until Dec. 31 only, we’re offering

$20 off Full Support for One


$30 off the already-discounted Full Support for Two

sucess signWe have very nearly a 100% success rate for participants who do Full Support, and who bring a buddy. You’re SET UP TO SUCCEED!

I’m very much looking forward to doing another great live-supported event with my readers (I’m on a live Q&A call on Day 2), starting Jan. 3. Enjoy the discount, and we’ll see you right after the New Year in the forum, on the calls, all eating and doing the same things, and learning together!


Mike in Tucson shares his improved cardiovascular biomarkers after the GSG Detox!

change habits (2) (Small)A professional musician, Mike B., from Tucson, won the Blendtec blender at my lecture in his city recently. He told me this. I love when someone’s story includes NUMBERS! I thought you’d find it interesting if you’re thinking about joining the next LIVE GSG 26-day Detox:

I did the Detox and lost 13 pounds. I consider myself to have a healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly, go to the gym, eat mostly vegetarian foods and play tennis regularly. I also regularly get a checkup with the usual blood work. My blood work has always been in the “normal” range, but more recently, the cholesterol numbers have shifted as I approached age 50.

The lab report that I had done through my GP in Dec of 2013 came back with the following numbers:

Total Cholesterol: 232

Triglyceride:         60

HDL                     63

Non HDL             169

LDL                     157

Glucose               99

statin 2My doctor wanted to put me on a statin, so I decided to get rid of him and look for alternative approach. I found out about your Detox through my friend Dave, who did it with me.

After the program, I had my blood work done again by a naturopath who did a more detailed VAP panel. Shortly after I finished, these were the results:

Total Cholesterol: 156

Triglyceride:         47

HDL                     44

Non HDL             112

LDL                     99

Glucose               86

Detox manual newI couldn’t believe it! In addition, the more detailed results showed me to be almost entirely in the low risk category.

Since moving to Tucson in 2001, I have always had allergies that seem to result in asthma or congested lungs. I have used an inhaler almost every day, depending on the season and especially at night. Now, after incorporating more green smoothies and generally greener eating, with less grain and more healthy fats, I almost never need to use the inhaler.  I’d like to get it to NEVER, but its reduced to ALMOST NEVER, now.”

Mike, thanks for sharing your inspiring story!



49% of Brits don’t know diet affects cancer risk!

cancer-research-uk-1Is it possible that half of England doesn’t understand how their fried foods and sugar and alcohol contribute to cancer? We have seen a meteoric rise in cancer over the past 40 years since Richard Nixon declared war on it. This corresponds to the meteoric rise in the processed-food diet. Now 1 in 2 men, and more than 1 in 3 women, get cancer, in North America. But the World Health Organization predicts that the tidal wave of cancer diagnosis is actually yet to come.

cancer-mapWe have to correct course. This article says half of cancer cases are preventable via changing our diet (smoking is also a major contributor, in addition to poor diet). I don’t know why the other half are NOT preventable, or how that is determined. (It’s hard to isolate factors in an environment where 80,000 chemicals are approved for use in our food, products, manufacturing, and air/water.)

But take an eye-opening look at the map of diagnosed cancer—the countries where cancer is highest are those eating the toxic, processed modern diet: U.S., Canada, all of Europe, and Australia / New Zealand. Cancer is lowest in Africa, Central America, and some island countries, where they eat a mostly indigenous diet. The notable exception in Africa is the country of South Africa, colonized by and heavily influenced by Brits!

How much does this matter? It matters to every single individual. The toll on a human life of suffering with cancer is incalculable. Standard of Care’s protocol, all by itself, is one of the most miserable things a human being will ever live through, to hear cancer patients tell it. And if half of it is preventable? It’s worth it to share a message of detoxification, rebuilding the immune system, and starving out cancer with oxygen and pure nutrition. I love talking about the GSG Detox, a 26-day reboot to support health and clean garbage out of the gut, liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination. I love that 3,000 people have done it since we released it last August. I’m doing it again, myself, right now. I never feel better than when I’m on the Detox. GreenSmoothieGirl Coach Dr. Mariza Snyder is doing it, herself, for the 4th time. She insists that friends and patients do it.

infrared saunaAbout the stuff we CAN’T control? The chemicals everywhere in our environment? The detox doesn’t just put you through a radical diet—it also introduces you to habits for a person living in an unnatural world. My favorite of which is the infrared sauna—have one in your house if you can.

And then, after you do the Detox, shift to a whole-foods, disease-preventative diet high in greens, vegetables, fruits, and other high-fiber, high-micronutrient foods like legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

In the detox’s 26-day reboot, and then by following 12 Steps to Whole Foods for life, plus some simple and easy self-care practices I teach you in these programs, you’ve got everything I’ve learned over 20 years, about how to be well in a sick world.

I hope you join us. Remember, green smoothies are an important first step—but just a first step!