Longevity Conference, Newport Beach Party House

I am so DONE with the HyperThrive Tour Party house!

At the end of Hot Yoga in L.A. (not so hardcore as in Seattle, only 118 degrees instead of 120), all 200 lbs. and 6’4″ of Brent Hauver toppled and hit the ground in Tree Pose. It’s hateful to have balance problems when you’re that tall because you have so far to fall! I think fewer and fewer at the Party House are gonna participate in Hot Yoga next time since I throw somebody under the bus on my blog when we get back.

Brent, seriously, I love you. You look really, really good for 65 years old. (He’s wearing handlebar mustache in the photo.)

Here’s why I’m not staying in a house full of all-nighter, drunk-on-raw-kombucha dudes anymore.

Friday night, 1:30 a.m. I’m minding my own business, ASLEEP. Suddenly water is raining down on me and something very loud is clattering onto the floor. I wake up terrified–it’s worse when you’re not in your own bed.

Disoriented, I leaped out of bed and ran in the hall. Froze. Turned around and raced back into my room to put a towel around myself. Then I woke up enough to realize that I was being ridiculous. So I walked over to investigate, saw that it was the window screen, which was wet. I assume it was raining and somehow fell into the room. I shut the window, locked my bedroom door, climbed into my now-wet bed and went back to sleep.

Early in the morning I got up for a five-mile run along the Newport Beach boardwalk. That’s when I saw the floor covered in unbroken water balloons. As I got back to the house, all the guys were outside. “Did those kids throw water balloons at your window last night?” they asked, feigning innocence.

Duh. Like I was born yesterday. 40-year old children, I tell you.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That night I stayed up late and catapulted water balloons into the ocean with Tony and Brent holding the catapult, until a neighbor lady yelled at us and they ran away like scared 9-year olds.

I’m so done. Next time I’m staying at the Marriott.

During the day, we sat in lectures on health and longevity, and had meetings and made videos and planned and plotted how to change the world for the better. We will be touring a lot for the rest of the year, in various U.S. and Canadian cities and multiple islands in Hawaii. We’re for sure about Austin and Vegas. I’m going to Lassen’s Markets in California. Avocado and I are going to take on Ontario and Kauai, where his two homes are.

Where else should we go? Tell us because we’re nailing it down in the next two weeks!

I’m also planning a type of Lilith Fair of Health and Wellness, with some women with huge online followings who are phenomenal speakers with a ton to offer. One’s a fitness celeb and the other is a NY Times bestselling author. We will cover integrated and crucial topics every woman should be educated in: nutrition, fitness, and thyroid health. Exciting things coming up!

Seattle…best day EVER!…part 3 of 3

This photo is the Rat Pack of Raw. So says Tony Ricco of HyperThrive, one of the geniuses behind our new tour.

Which is funny. Because Steve (left) is a Stanford rocket scientist by education, and a minister. I was a marriage & sex therapist and university professor. And David Wolfe was a lawyer whose parents were medical doctors.

We’re all self-taught and driven by life experience.

You can’t see snowy Mount Ranier off the side of this photo where Mr. Long Legs Brent Hauver is sitting. I keep getting asked on Facebook what I’m drinking in these photos. It’s Ormus Greens, of course! Tastes even better in a wine glass.

The SunWarrior guys had it made up, in gallon jugs, in the Party House on the lake. So I drank it whenever I wanted, which is a lot, and I got by just fine without my beloved green smoothies.

One of my favorite things about Avocado is his motto. See what his shirt says? BEST DAY EVER! Everything in his world revolves around that. At Chaco Canyon, the food was generally wonderful, but I told him one dish wasn’t my favorite. He said, “Yeah, it’s a little bit less than the Best Thing Ever.” Cracked me up. (My ex-husband used to describe something he didn’t like as, “That’s below average.” I love understatement.)

We’re going to Hawaii in September, maybe do a lecture on Kauai, Oahu, maybe one more. Do I even have any readers in Hawaii?

And this weekend I’m going to Avocado’s Longevity conference in the OC, I just decided. I’m going to take a notebook, see if I can get a drink from the firehose. You coming?

Seattle….I might have a crush on David Wolfe….part 1 of 3

I’m back from speaking in Seattle and Federal Way, WA with David Wolfe, see photos below. In one, we’re sitting on the pier at our Lake Washington party house.  (We had an after-party Friday night, and although I went upstairs to bed at 1 a.m., I woke up at 4:45 and the party was still going! For the raw foodie crowd, KOMBUCHA is the alternative to booze! Yum.) And of course I had to have a picture of the guy named Avocado eating….an avocado.

What I didn’t take a photo of was Bikram Hot Yoga. OMG.

Ninety minutes of it, in 120 degrees of steam. Only SunWarrior’s Cody didn’t make it through. Everybody else? Shirtless, wearing next to nothing, 10 minutes in. There’s nothing else like it. What a release! The first 45 mins., I felt like I was in hell, and I wanted to kill Brent Hauver who insisted we all do this. Endorphins, toxins through the skin, emotions, you have to just let go of it all. (As you stand there holding a pose, dripping from every pore.)

Go to Hot Yoga if you ever get the chance. We don’t have that here in Kansas, Toto.

Making a video in the photo below, I’m with SunWarrior co-founder Brent Hauver, Avocado Noni Cacao Himself, and Sacred Chocolate’s Steve Adler. (He’s a modern-day, nutrition-guru Willy Wonka whose 45th birthday was that day.)

And in the photo below eating a lot of fabulous raw food at Choco Canyon is all of us and the SunWarrior / Hyperthrive crew, where Dave the Raw Trucker downed FIVE shots of wheat grass juice to all of us egging him on.

We had 350 people at Mary Gates Hall (see me, then Avocado, speaking there in photos below) and more than 350 in every nook and cranny at Marlene’s Market in Federal Way.

We’re gonna take the GreenSmoothieGirl / David Wolfe show to a few more metro areas. Should we come to your city? Tell me: where?

Not gonna lie, I have a little thing for David Wolfe. I like smart guys who can talk and are passionate about something. And then there’s his Johnny Depp-ness. He is the Encyclopedia Brittanica of biochemistry, human anatomy, superfoods, micronutrients and more.

After I spoke, I literally sat at his feet the second night (since there were no seats and no standing room either), highly entertained by the audience  “getting a drink from a firehose,” someone’s description on facebook yesterday of what it’s like to listen to Avocado speak. Got a kick out of watching folks try to write it all down. Good luck with that! I’m not wowed often or easily. But let me say this: WOW.

I’m not a supplement girl, but I confess he inspired me to try a few of his favorites. We dreamed up some GreenSmoothieGirl superfood chocolate bars in our long drives in the car. We talked about what the best sweeteners are that we’ll use in formulation to keep blood sugar impact LOW, and what superfoods we’ll include in the formulation to slow aging, increase your energy, and rocket your LIBIDO.

(Nobody talks about it. Lots of people struggle with it. Just sayin. I’m going to bring you a chocolate that addresses PMS *and* makes you an enthusiastic lover. Just you wait.)



I’ll be in Seattle March 24-25, speaking in the HyperThrive tour with a celebrity any raw foodist knows, none other than David “Avocado” Wolfe! Check out the video and sign up to attend here – not only are both events free, but you also get a bunch of free stuff, a t-shirt, recipe books, chocolate, samples, and a shot at a year’s supply of all the products from my favorite nutrition company:


Let your Seattle friends know–see you soon!

Upcoming videos, stay tuned…..

Thank you so much for the flood of birthday wishes on Facebook. I have been so blessed with amazing friends, including my internet friends. I’m looking forward to another year on this planet. I am spending the day watching my kids’ sports, doing some yoga and taking Tennyson skiing, and going to a party hosted by my girlfriends.

Authors Jim Simmons, Ruth Holmes, Leslie Smoot, and Raw Melissa were at my house this week filming videos about what they’re bringing to theupcoming retreat. (Now May 19-21, sorry about the date change, but the location and weather will be SO much better!). See the photo, attached, that the beautiful Melissa Chappell took to “tweet” and facebook her friends and fans.

Watch here for videos I shot on these topics:

My speaking tour in March with DAVID WOLFE, in a major U.S. metro area…..stay tuned!

Hatfieldadelphia, inside and out, where we’ll be holding the retreat. It’s a kid paradise! With owner Ron Hatfield, the most amazing philanthropist I know who is saving millions of lives in Africa.

How I talk to my kids about food, choices, and nutrition—making it real and applicable for them.

Ruth’s *completely amazing* two new SunDrenchers dressings.

A fun gift idea one of my readers thought of.

Why I wrote The Adventures of Junk Food Dude.

Stay tuned!