Foods that cause constipation . . . part 2 of 9 about ELIMINATION

Yesterday, pee.   Today, poop.

Green bowel movements are completely normal (that’s the plant fiber in all those greens  you’re eating!).   Take a look at the horse poo you see along the road, if you live where you can see horses.   It’s indicative of what they eat (alfalfa, all plant foods).   You can read about indigenous people who  have no toilets and therefore “squat” outside.   They don’t worry about human waste removal like we do, because it’s not toxic and disgusting, like it would be here in the U.S.   The poop of indigenous people who eat mostly raw plant food looks like horse poop: lots of it, lots of fiber in it,  greenish, no odor.   Brown feces are simply a result of bile pigments coming from the liver, also normal.

What you should be concerned about is dark, hard, smelly, putrified poop–that’s what most of America is experiencing.   (And that, I believe, is why we’re so shamed about the topic of elimination–feces of people eating the S.A.D. are, in fact, disgusting!)   That’s what eating meat gets you: rotted stool that took days (or with pork, even weeks) to digest.   Accumulation of decaying material in the digestive tract, euphemistically known as constipation, is the single biggest threat to our health, the “modern plague,” according to Dr. Jensen.

I helped run a babysitting co-op for 10 years while my children were small, and I was always horrified when I had to change other babies’ diapers–the smell was astonishing.   I was at a party last week where everyone watched a little boy straining, his face beet red, trying to have a bowel movement in his diaper.   This little boy is fed a steady diet of hot dogs and potato chips, zero-fiber foods.   I never once saw any of my children do that.   Many parents have come to think of that phenomenon as normal (people thought this was funny at the party—I just felt bad for the little guy).   It’s not normal.   Straining at a bowel movement is this, plain and simple: constipation.

People get painful hemmorhoids–that’s when your bulging veins pop out of the anus instead of staying inside like they should–when their colons are overtaxed with low-fiber foods and they must exert lots of force to eliminate.   And that’s just one of many side effects of eating a low-fiber diet.

Diverticulitis is a very dangerous disease caused by chronic constipation, where pouches of the colon sag, lose nerve/muscle tone, and become breeding grounds for bacteria that eventually rot the colon.   Foods that cause constipation?   Meat is mentioned above, and constipation is well catalogued in any honest review of results of the Atkins Diet, since anyone on that diet is excessively eating animal proteins.

But Dr. Jensen and his researchers also constantly noted that those suffering from the worst colon problems ate lots of WHITE BREAD, which functions like the gluey mess that it is, slowing and gumming up your digestive system.   He said anyone eating refined flour better be eating lots of vegetable roughage at the same time (and he recommends whole millet, rye, cormeal and rice instead).

People who eat lots of plant food have soft but formed stool.   People who have been eating an almost exclusively plant-based diet for a long time, and have been through all the “cleansing” so they are now rather clean, have . . . are you ready for this? . . . poop that doesn’t stink.

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Green Feces . . . part 1 of 9 on the subject of ELIMINATION (yes, pee, poo, flatulence, colon cleansing, the whole 9 yards)

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: This is kind of a personal (and slightly embarrassing) question here but I really need to ask it. I have read that dark colored urine means that all the vitamins you take aren’t being absorbed into your body. What about green feces? Is that a good or bad sign? Is it typical?

Answer: I’m gonna get really clear and blunt about this subject, no euphemisms. People want to know about it, but they don’t want to ask. This being a big and important topic, involving a 30-feet long tract plus a number of organs in your body most of us know little about. So, I’m going to write about it for 9 days! Thanks for giving me the impetus so others can learn from the privacy of their own computers.

Dr. Bernard Jensen is basically the poo guru of all time (Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management and other books). See Dr. Jensen’s book. He often complained that other cultures talk about elimination without shame or squeamishness, but we Westerners are so neurotic about it. For the rest of this post, I’m going to pretend we’re not, because elimination is so critical that we’d be wise to get educated about it!

You might not know I was trained as a sex therapist, within my education as a marriage and family therapist. If I taught parents about how to talk to their children about sex, I’d insist on using anatomically correct sexual terms. Not weewee and tata, which send this message: “Dear Daughter or Son, I am embarrassed by this topic! Please don’t expect me to ever give you any good information about it! Get your info from your friends, or online–anyone but me! Go right ahead and have an unhealthy attitude toward sex, like I do!”

Vagina, penis, clitoris, orgasm . . . did that shock you? Do you feel you got punched in the face? Well, if I were teaching you a class on how to talk to your kids about sex, I’d use those words so many times that after a while, you might actually yawn as I said them. (Heck, I’ve done this for a roomful of 100 men, most over the age of 40– ohhh, the raised eyebrows and dropped jaws! My own objections to talking about human sexuality are LONG gone!) Why would I do such a crazy thing in a sex-ed class? Because that way, your walls are down to go talk to your kids about the body parts and passions they HAVE and are going to USE someday. Information that needs to be precise, objective, and CORRECT–coming from the people they trust most who have their best interests at heart.

I’ve digressed. But we’re going to do the same thing with another subject (like sex) that everyone needs to know about but nobody seems to want to talk about except to make jokes. We’ll talk about pee, poo, cleansing, flatulence, the WORKS. Prepare yourself or abandon ship now.

First, pee. Dark yellow (concentrated) urine is normal, especially for first thing in the morning. You can’t and never will absorb ALL the minerals and vitamins you eat, even if you’re on the S.A.D. and not getting enough. (Thus the need for high bioavailability, which means food that’s most useful and readily absorbed by humans.) If you’re seeing dark urine throughout the day, you’re not getting enough WATER. All about poop tomorrow, and the green poo question (you have 24 hours for mental prep).