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If you’re on my facebook page (personal, and GSG page), you probably get the idea that I work hard and play hard. I don’t sleep much and have to be practically held down to watch TV. Kristin and I are going to go visit my friends in the 4 major cities of Texas, say hi […]

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Class in Ocala, Florida

Once, I thought I saw a class dated for July in Ocala, FL. I looked again, but I could not find it.

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planning an Idaho / Oregon / Washington / Montana tour

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day (Americans!). I spent a fabulous evening with 3 aunts who were like mothers to me growing up, some of my favorite people in the world. Saturday I did yoga, Sunday I ran 5 miles, Monday I cycled 20 miles, and this morning I went back to playing […]

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Thank you Boise, Twin Falls

I’m not afraid of much, but I was completely terrified to get in the car 6 days after a serious accident and drive (well, be driven) to Idaho. But thanks to the kindness of many in Boise and Twin Falls, and Kristin, my assistant who has been a phenomenal support and basically did all the […]

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I love Idaho Falls . . . part 3 of 3

I’ve been emailed by 12 Steps to Whole Foods support groups all over the U.S., who meet monthly and make the recipes and share ideas and love and encouragement. But in Idaho Falls, I went to have lunch with one such group, led by the indomitable Michele, who is amazing and so honest and genuine….and […]

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I love Idaho Falls, Real Men Eat Plants….part 2 of 3

I’m not sure what part of the male psyche allows them to believe that they’re totally good to eat a burger and six-pack of donuts all because they had a green smoothie earlier in the day. I had a meeting with Hawk Harper at Runner’s Corner Monday about organizing a GreenSmoothieGirl Humanitarian 5K (“Running In […]

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Ashley and Hazel: an inspiring story

I have a lifelong fascination with stories of people who are in the darkest hour of their lives and find a way out. I’m endlessly inspired, awed, and humbled when people prove who they are, in their extremities, and I’m privileged to be witness to it. Ashley came to my class in Sandy, Utah last […]

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DENVER was the #1 request for where the next GSG tour should be

On facebook and this blog, we got hundreds of responses to the question, “Where should I go next?” Denver was the top-requested metro area. I’ll be right at home since I’m a Rocky Mountains girl.   We were just waiting for it to be not-so-dang-cold there! So we’re doing it, BIG THANKS to GSG reader […]

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I am coming to ARIZONA to teach free classes, can’t wait!

I’m teaching July 7 in Tucson, Arizona, sign up HERE! And July 8 in Mesa, sign up HERE. Sedona  HERE, and West Phoenix  HERE, on Saturday, July 9. I love Arizona and can’t wait to meet some GSG readers there….if you have an amazing story, like James and Ashley (see my YouTube vids of them […]

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There Was No Rapture, but There Was Green Smoothie

So I was waiting for the world to end on Saturday, and it didn’t. So it’s a good thing we’re talking about health and nutrition, because apparently we’re stuck here for a while. Since the Earth didn’t crack wide open and Cali didn’t fall into the ocean, I went for a run in the mornings […]

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