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What would you do if your child got cancer? part 1 of 3

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: What would you do if one of your kids got cancer? I have read in the news where they have tried to get alternatives treatments for their kids and they were put in jail because of it. Right now, our only plan is to take them straight to Mexico to get the same […]

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processed meat: it’s on my “never” list

If you’ve read my books, you know there are two foods I never eat and I don’t let my kids eat either. We are virtually 100% about good nutrition at home, but at a party or in a restaurant, we make good choices but aren’t perfect. The two “over my dead body” foods, though: One, […]

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should chemotherapy be mandatory for children with cancer?

Five years ago, I wrote editorials that appeared in Utah papers about my  reaction when Parker Jensen, diagnosed by Primary Children’s Hospital with “probably Ewing’s sarcoma” (a rare soft tissue cancer) was being forced into chemotherapy by the sate of Utah against his parents’ objections.   The incestuous group of doctors, social workers, guardians ad […]

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