How the mighty fall! And rise up again. part 1 of 2

Every day the past week I’ve been working on editing the most exciting recipe collection we’ve ever had–right now, it’s a 265-page compilation of my readers’ favorite healthy recipes. With photography, it’s going to probably be TWO VOLUMES of amazing recipes. Main dishes, desserts, breakfasts, sauces, soups, dips, crackers, smoothies, and SO much more. I hope to hand it off to Deb, for the next level of editing, before I leave for Idaho Falls today.

I keep thinking, as I edit, “Ooh, I want to try that one!” Editing is making me HUNGRY! (Being the control freak that I am, I’m editing mostly to make sure there are no ingredients in recipes that I don’t approve of; I’m making substitutions where necessary. Then Deb will take another swipe at language—some of y’all are really chatty as you write directions, LOL!)

One recipe that I’d forgotten about, that I used to make, was that famous old “Lou’s Tonic,” which made an appearance in my life the next day.

I watched part of my 17-y.o. son’s baseball game Mon. night before I had to race off to another child’s team meeting.

He got home at midnight and came in my room to give me the play-by-play of how he pitched the entire game, with 14 strikeouts. He likes to physically act out how some of his more spectacular plays actually LOOKED. And how he’s now hit 90 mph on his fastball, and his curve was really working—“so dirty,” he called it.

(And, update: my former steroid baby is now closing in on 6’4″–I’m so thankful and gratified every time I think about the disastrous direction we were headed, that good nutrition averted.)

He was sitting on my bed holding my hand, and I said, “You’re shaking like a leaf! What’s up?”

He said, “I’m sick! I drank THREE bottles of water out of the cooler in the dugout before someone told me it had been sitting there for 3 weeks.”

The rest of this story tomorrow…..

My quirky weight loss strategies, part 1 of 3

So, I’ve never written about this because…..

First, weight loss is my least-favorite topic ever.   I think it’s boring and pointless because, to me, it happens permanently ONLY as a byproduct of focusing on eating the right foods for your health. There aren’t one set of foods for heart health, a different set of foods for cancer prevention, and another set entirely for weight loss. It’s all the same stuff.

It’s the low-calorie, high-micronutrient, high-fiber, perfect-little-packages-just-like-Nature-made-them plant foods, that all accomplish the same thing.

Second, there are just so many people out there yammering on about WEIGHT LOSS. Writing books, creating elaborate recipes and diet plans, manufacturing fake foods, selling you all kinds of stuff.  Pills in all their varieties. I don’t really like being in that space.

Third, when you FOCUS on weight loss, it turns some powerful psychological switch on. You know this if you’ve read books like Intuitive Eating. It’s much like telling a 2-year old, “Don’t touch that plant!” The toddler is going to do one of two things. Personality differences are the differentiator. She’ll either make a beeline for the plant and tear it to pieces, or she’ll wait, furtively, till you’re out of the room to sneak over and pull a couple leaves off.

But inevitably, that houseplant is goin’ down.

Since, like Freud, I don’t believe adults are much different than 2-year olds in some important areas regarding our basic motivations and needs and emotions, I **loathe** the word DIET. It’s like yelling, “NO!”

Tell me no, and I’ll do anything to find YES in it.

Have I ever told you about the epic battle I had with my publisher over putting the word DIET in my book The Green Smoothies Diet?  Obviously I lost. Turns out they were right. I assume the word DIET made that book a bestseller.   (Oh, what’s that you say? Maybe the fact that it’s actually a good book had something to do with it? Ha, I hope so!)

Anyway, I was right too.  As in, it’s not a diet and it’s stupid to call it a diet. It’s a component of a lifestyle change.   But I decided, rather than Die On That Hill, to just (cough, choke, SELL-OUT) and get the message out there.

My publisher assured me that I could explain in the book that it is a NOT A DIET.

So that’s my long preamble and disclaimer to my telling you….yes, I’m going to do this….my own personal top 6 tips for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Readers’ Favorite Recipes!

Remember way back when, that I asked you for your favorite healthy recipes? Looks like we’re gonna be publishing another book! I asked for submissions and Jackie on my customer support team has quietly been putting that book together.

I forgot we even did that, and then she hands me this 186-page book last week! And we don’t even have photos yet. Wow, good stuff! My mouth was watering, reading through the recipes.

We’ll be working on editing, photography, and design in the next several weeks.

So meantime, if you’re new here and you want your recipes in it, please hurry and email them to Jackie at Then when the book comes out, you can request a free copy of the PDF.

What I want is your favorite recipes—if you haven’t changed them, then give credit where the recipe comes from. We want whole foods, especially raw, plant ingredients. Anything you love, that’s what we want! Sandwiches, soups, breakfasts, treats, dinners, salads, juices and smoothies, snacks, dips, crackers, sauces—inquiring minds want to know.

Everybody loves a recipe book of other people’s favorites. Those are always the best cookbooks!

reviews of The Adventures of Junk Food Dude

Here’s an Adventures of Junk Food Dude review from Debra who writes a vegan family blog:

“Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I have never been more excited about a book as I am about this one. We love, love, love The Adventures of Junk Food Dude. I have 3 boys–4, 7, and 10 and they have been scrutinizing everything we are eating–thank God we eat healthy. The first morning after reading it, the 4 and 10-year olds sat on the floor eating pea shoots, commenting how healthy they were and that they would never end up like Junk Food Dude.

I am working on developing presentations to use in preschools, elementary schools etc. I will use and recommend this book–and if I win the lottery buy 1,000 copies and donate them to schools, preschools, libraries, day care centers all over Northern Nevada where we are moving.”

Debra’s review on her vegan blog here:

And here’s another review of Junk Food Dude on a Christian mom’s blog:

Upcoming videos, stay tuned…..

Thank you so much for the flood of birthday wishes on Facebook. I have been so blessed with amazing friends, including my internet friends. I’m looking forward to another year on this planet. I am spending the day watching my kids’ sports, doing some yoga and taking Tennyson skiing, and going to a party hosted by my girlfriends.

Authors Jim Simmons, Ruth Holmes, Leslie Smoot, and Raw Melissa were at my house this week filming videos about what they’re bringing to theupcoming retreat. (Now May 19-21, sorry about the date change, but the location and weather will be SO much better!). See the photo, attached, that the beautiful Melissa Chappell took to “tweet” and facebook her friends and fans.

Watch here for videos I shot on these topics:

My speaking tour in March with DAVID WOLFE, in a major U.S. metro area…..stay tuned!

Hatfieldadelphia, inside and out, where we’ll be holding the retreat. It’s a kid paradise! With owner Ron Hatfield, the most amazing philanthropist I know who is saving millions of lives in Africa.

How I talk to my kids about food, choices, and nutrition—making it real and applicable for them.

Ruth’s *completely amazing* two new SunDrenchers dressings.

A fun gift idea one of my readers thought of.

Why I wrote The Adventures of Junk Food Dude.

Stay tuned!

Portland and JUNK FOOD DUDE IS BORN!…..part 3 of 3

I’m ecstatic to announce that my new baby is born! His name is Junk Food Dude!

Check out this cute boy Adam, in Corvallis, Oregon–who got one of the first copies of my new children’s book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude. Kristin snapped photos of the poor kid for about 10 minutes while he read during my class. They were hot off the press the day before I flew to Portland, so I took a few dozen copies to Portland and did not return with any.

I’m so ecstatic to finally have this book finished. I wrote it because there are NO good children’s books addressing what good nutrition is.

You can now order them on the site, and if you get three or more, use the coupon code JUNKFOODDUDE to get $5 off your order.

Here’s the cover and a page inside the book. And a photo of darling little 4-year old Daniel, who sat on my kitchen bar stool and “read” the book for 20 minutes the day I got back. I have a video but don’t know how to get it off my camera: his favorite pages were the “quiz” at the back with illustrations of all the good and not-too-good foods.

Please let me know your kids’ reactions when you get the book. I don’t mean to brag, but I think it’s pretty upbeat and educational and fun. I love my illustrator, Lori, for catching my vision and working so hard so that her illustrations match my message!