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Help! I’m in Zucchini Hell!

I have this kind of random list of questions to ask God when I get on the other side. Some of them are The Big Questions. Why do 15-year old crackheads get pregnant so easily when my friend Jamie, who would be a world-class mother, can’t? Why are people supposed to make huge decisions like […]

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In your 60’s looking like this!

So here are a few photos from my class last night in Springville. Thanks to volunteer Bob, who was a trouper showing us how long it takes, and how unpleasant it is, to chew up a couple stalks of kale and chard. That’s about 25% of what you get in a quart of green smoothie […]

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it was exhausting writing all those books

I got a call last night from my fulfillment company, saying we are getting low on 12 Steps: Complete Course, and I needed to autograph 200 books (The Green Smoothies Diet) and get them there by the next morning. I was leaving for Cade’s baseball game and then Tennyson’s and wouldn’t be home till 11 […]

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please correct this error in 12 Steps

If you have 12 Steps to Whole Foods (digital download, manual, or Complete Course), a few readers have pointed out an error in a recipe: In the Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies in Chapter 11, I inadvertently omitted 1 1/2 cups of water. Please write that into the recipe on p. 216. Add it after the […]

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Dr. Punger’s foreword, part 2 of 2

[continued from yesterday, Dr. Punger’s foreword to my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course] The mystery of making tasty, healthy meals out of whole foods was unraveled. I needed all the information she posts on the web, but the organized, sequential course is essential. I wish I had it when I first found out I […]

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foreword to 12 Steps to Whole Foods, part 1 of 2

Just want to share the foreword in the just-published printed manual for 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and I’d like to thank Dr. Denise Punger for writing it! Foreword by family physician Denise Punger, M.D. Robyn Openshaw’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods is like having a personal nutrition coach in the kitchen with me, guiding […]

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facebook me

Hey, somebody made me a facebook fan page, so here it is if you want to keep up with my occasional foray over there! I also have a regular facebook page under my name. See you there. And, locals, hope to see you at my green smoothie clinic and book signing tomorrow night! (Scroll […]

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Affiliate program official kick-off today

My newsletter went out this morning about the GreenSmoothieGirl Affiliate Program, and I just approved tons of new affiliates. It’s fun to read about their varying backgrounds, web sites and marketing strategies! Some GreenSmoothieGirl Affiliates are doulas, chefs, natural beef ranchers, fitness instructors, green smoothie bloggers, VitaMix and BlendTec demo reps, bath/beauty product developers, holistic […]

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healthy protein powder

You’ve probably read me saying that whole plant foods have more than enough protein to rival human breast milk, to satisfy the World Health Organization, and even the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowances! One uphill battle I face as a nutrition educator is those trying to put on muscle mass, especially weight lifters, competitive athletes, and […]

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Raw food weight loss

Raw food promotes weight loss in people who need to lose, and weight gain in people who are severely underweight from malnourishment.   Remember that unless you’re being excessive with nuts and seeds, raw food inherently is lower in fat and starch, which are what lead to weight gain. To lose weight, following are a […]

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