GSGLife Founders Announced!

At the end of 2014, we quietly launched GSGLife mentoring Instructors to share the great news about how organic, raw, whole-plant foods have changed their health and their life. Some amazing people stepped up, rank advanced 3 to 5 times in a matter of months, and were chosen as GSGLife Founders to represent us. Each has had her or his own journey and really inspiring reasons to want to help others find good health through great nutrition.
I wanted to share their stories and photos with you here. Feel free to visit their websites or contact them about working with them and getting GSG products at retail or wholesale. If you want to become an Instructor, our GSGLife Founders will be happy to mentor you on joining our incredible team. I’m privileged and blessed to get to work with these amazing Founders who work hard and love seeing others learn and grow.

GSGLife Founder Kristie RosserKristie Rosser, GSGLife Founder

I am from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and am married to my husband of 24 years, Paul Rosser. We met at BYU where we were both on the track and cross-country teams. I have 4 kids, ages 10–16: Madison, Jack, Georgia and Tommy, and I just love spending time with my family! I was born in California (thus my love for the sun and beach!), was raised in Provo, Utah, and have lived in Salt Lake, Springville, and now Pleasant Grove, Utah.

So many things drew me to GSGLife—first, my passion for clean, whole-food nutrition and sharing health and wellness with others. As a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Wellness and Age Management, I work with people who have struggled with fatigue, weight-loss resistance, digestive issues, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, and hormone deficiencies. There are many things that contribute to living an optimal life and aging well, and nutrition is foundationally one of the most important contributing pieces. I started adding nutritional medicine to my wellness practice in a more focused way years ago and found that it made a huge impact on the healing and aging processes of the body. For years now, I have taught each patient about the importance of incorporating a clean, whole-foods lifestyle.

Also, the product line was a HUGE draw for me, as my son and I have wheat allergies and all my children (including myself) have dairy allergies. I was THRILLED that GSGLife was a safe, healthy, hypoallergenic product line that my entire family would benefit from using! I suffered from adrenal fatigue for many years, and have found that eating dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and clean, whole foods really made a difference for my healing process. So not only can I use these products, but I can stand behind them 100% from personal and family experience.

Second, the financial compensation was a big draw to me. As a medical provider, I am no stranger to hard work. I have worked long, hard hours from early to late, weekends, nights, and Holidays for more than 2 decades. Although owning my own practice allows me to set my own schedule, I still work long days. My goal with GSGLife was to have the financial freedom that could give me the opportunity to create a life that I don’t need to take a vacation from, freedom to spend more time with my husband and children, attend more family events, travel to a few of my “dream” marathon and running events, freedom to enjoy the things I like to do, take a few vacations, and an opportunity to enjoy life in a different way than I do now.

Finally, I cherish the opportunity to become a Founding Instructor, to be a pioneer in an amazing new company, to lead a team of driven entrepreneurs and to be surrounded by wonderful like-minded people with a passion for nutrition, education, teaching, sharing and building something incredible! I love my GSGLife team. They have become a part of my family as I have made many life-long friends while working in this business. I am having the time of my life!


GSGLife Founder Tammy-Beth Montgomery

Tammy-Beth Montgomery, GSGLife Founder

I live in Austin, Texas, and have been married to my love for almost 25 years! We have two sons in college and a very snorty, sweet puggle.

Though I followed what America would deem a “healthy diet,” in my mid-30’s I found myself with similar health problems as my friends who were not so health conscience. I assumed this was a normal part of aging. When I discovered Robyn’s blog around 2008 and learned about adding a 32-oz green smoothie to my day, it made sense. Within days of incorporating them into my life, ‘normal problems’ began to drop away one by one until 31 symptoms disappeared including weight, rashes, depression, afternoon dips in energy. This rocked my world and changed my career path because I knew that everyone needed to know! I went through Cornell’s training to become certified in plant-based nutrition and married that information with my career in counseling and became a health coach to see, firsthand, the difference green smoothies made in people’s lives. Now, at 46, I am in better health and have a better quality of life than 10 years ago!

When Robyn began GSGLife, I knew I had to be a part of it. The information is free and when put into practice, it changes lives. I’ve seen it over and over.

After spending more than 20 years trying desperately to find high quality, good tasting, whole-food, plant-based supplements, I was thrilled—over the moon—when I discovered GSGLife!! Our products are above and beyond anything I had seen or tried. They are clean and they taste wonderful! Most of all, they are effective and they have made a difference in my life. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about our spreading our message of health!


GSGLife Founder Whitni DicksonWhitni Dickson, GSGLife Founder 

I am a young wife and mother to two girls from Roy, UT. I was drawn to GreenSmoothieGirl and GSGLife after working in the Direct Sales industry for over 4 years showing others how important it is to rid their homes of chemicals. I have a strong passion for educating those I love about improving their quality of life by using natural methods as an alternative in their healthcare. Watching my husband suffer from digestive problems and teaching my young children the correct foods to eat became my biggest WHY for changing my family’s eating habits and lifestyle. When I’m not teaching others about nutrition and green smoothies, I can be found playing princesses, building forts, coloring inside the lines, or reading bedtime stories to my little ones. I also love to hike trails along the Wasatch Front, craft with my friends, and work on my photography and videography hobbies in my spare time. I live an abundant life mentoring and coaching others on how crucial it is to consume greens and eat raw, whole foods. My hope is to lead others by example so that they may be attracted to living a high-vibration life.


GSGLife Founder Natalie HadleyNatalie Hadley, GSGLife Founder

Hello, my friends, my name is Natalie Hadley and I am so excited to be a part of the GSGLife Mission! I have such a deep yearning to provide for and protect my home, my family, my mind and my body, and feel that the things we are eating are the very best way to do this! I feel a great honor and responsibility to hold the title of wife and Mommy. My husband Joe is my best friend and greatest support. My sweet boys, Owen and Rockwell, are the sunshine in my life and give me purpose and hope for tomorrow. I was born and raised in Northern Utah and currently live in West Weber, Utah.

I have been on a personal journey of wellness for the last several years with a great interest in how and what we feed our bodies as well as what we feed our little ones. I attended one of Robyn’s classes 5 years ago, and her 12 Steps to Whole Foods has been the very foundation giving me the confidence and knowledge that I needed to make powerful changes. I love that GSGLife gives me the avenue to help others learn these same life-changing steps to improve their health and lives. I believe there is wisdom and truth in the words and teachings of inspired leaders and that, when we follow their counsel, we find that whole foods truly will “strengthen the body and enliven the soul” as well as “please the eye and gladden the heart.” I am excited to continue to learn with you and take a step forward each day into a healthier body, clearer mind, and a more vibrant spirit.


GSGLife Founders Holly and Mark JackmanHolly & Mark Jackman, GSGLife Founders

Hello, we are Holly & Mark Jackman from Lehi, Utah, and are blessed to have five incredible children, one incredible son-in-law, and a grand baby on the way! They are the light of our lives! As a family, we love to eat together, work together, and play together. We are all whole-foods enthusiasts and following Robyn’s 12 steps keeps us happy, healthy, and high-energy. Eating a highly plant-based diet has helped our family improve our health as well as make improvements to our family business. My husband and I own four Roxberry Juice Co. stores where we offer fresh pressed juices and green smoothies! As a result of healthy eating, we are in our late 40’s and have never felt better or been more active!

We are thrilled to be part of such a wonderful company as GSGLife and the incredibly fulfilling world of health! We have benefited from eating a mostly plant-based diet in so many ways, including lowering cholesterol, eliminating joint pain, experiencing weight-loss, improving mental clarity, focus, and mood, and having better overall digestion. Let us help you achieve your health goals and make it as easy as possible. We feel passionate to share this life-enriching health message with you!


GSGLife Founders Michele and Ross QuerryMichele & Ross Querry, GSGLife Founders

Ross and I both have a passion for bettering people’s health and wellness and want to share our passion with others.

We live in Rowlett, Texas, which is an eastern suburb of Dallas. We have one teenage son and two four-legged fur babies.

Our goal is to become full time GSGLife instructors in an effort to positively impact the nutritional health of as many people as we can.

We have an extensive knowledge base in nutrition, an excellent understanding of why GSGLife products are unique and how to teach people to integrate them into their lives. We both come from teaching/instructing backgrounds. Ross is a professor/physical therapist on faculty at a large medical center with a PhD in applied physiology, and I am a veteran teacher with 20 years in the classroom. We have both been GreenSmoothieGirl followers since its inception and have a passion for bettering people’s health and wellness and promoting the mission of GSGLife.


GSG Founder Julie ShupeJulie Shupe, GSGLife Founder 

I am married to the most amazing man. He is the best daddy ever. We have three boys and a girl, from 1–11 years old. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines. I am the second child in a family of ten kids. I grew up in Liberty, UT. I wanted to be a nurse from the time I was old enough for my dad to read Florence Nightingale books to me. I never wondered, I just did everything to be a nurse. I love to comfort people. I love people. I love peace and tranquility.

I recently quit my job as a NICU Nurse. I had the best job ever. If you have to work, that was the thing to do…until this!

After I had my third son in 2010, I was diagnosed with Celiac and Autoimmune Liver Disease. I suddenly learned a ton of stuff about how vital our diet is to health that I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t been taught as a nurse. I realized something very valuable—there will always be someone there to love and care for those sweet, tiny babies, but there will be no one to teach my family to eat right if I don’t. As a nurse, I am disposable. As a mother, I am irreplaceable! I want other moms out there to be exposed to what I have learned. There are so many that just don’t have any idea about what is happening to our littles when we feed them the SAD (Standard American Diet). I love people. I love to comfort people. I love peace and tranquility. I love my GSGLife!


GSGLife Founder Megan WoodenMegan Wooden, GSGLife Founder

Proper nutrition literally saved my life. At 31 years of age, I was diagnosed with “terminal” cancer and was given less than a year to live. I turned to plant-based nutrition as one of my most powerful weapons. I am grateful and thrilled that there has been no evidence of cancer in my body for more than 6 years and I believe nutrition was instrumental in my success.

I am a Utah native and currently live in South Weber, Utah. I love spending time with my husband, four children, and daughter-in-law. I believe that our health is our number one asset, and I love incorporating GreenSmoothieGirl products into my family’s nutritional regime every day.


GSGLife Founder Pam SmithPam Smith, GSGLife Founder

I live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, and have lived here since 1988. I am originally from Utah and, because my mom and three of my six brothers live there, I visit often and still consider it home. I am married to my husband, Paul, and we have four adult children between us: Laura, Paul, Morgan (a boy), and Daniel.  We are blessed to have Paul and Laura living near us here in Atlanta. Morgan lives in Tehachapi, near the Mohave Spaceport in California, and is the father of our first grandson, Harrison. Daniel, our youngest, lives in Boulder, CO.

I met Robyn a little over a year ago and knew the moment I met her that I wanted to work with her. After trying all of the GSGLife products and loving them, my husband, Paul, and I researched the retail market for her before she made the decision to go into direct marketing. I was thrilled when she asked me if I would like to be a part of GSGLife as an Instructor! Since then, Paul and our family have embraced the whole food, plant-based way of life and have experienced very positive results! Paul was having heart related issues, including stents, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which have now improved to exceptional levels!

With a background in personal training and weight loss coaching, I was still looking for a way to promote and teach about health and nutrition that was not focused solely on weight loss. I love teaching and empowering people to take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Being a part of GSGLife as an Instructor has been a perfect fit for me! We have exceptional products, business opportunities and education that is the very best and comprehensive enough for the average American to embrace. I have the flexibility to enjoy life and travel to see my kids and new grand baby out West. I enjoy quality time with my husband, who is twelve years older than me and thriving at 69! We love our GSGLife lifestyle and love sharing it when people ask how we stay so healthy, trim and energetic! Thank you, Robyn, for offering us this awesome opportunity!


GSGlife Founders Mark and Joan BradfordMark and Joan Bradford, GSGLife Founders

We have been married for 32 years and have 5 wonderful children, 4 of them are girls and we did manage to sneak 1 boy in right in the middle. Our family has expanded to include 3 in-law kids and 5 beautiful granddaughters. About 6 years ago, we decided that city life was too busy, so we moved to Hooper, Utah, and we love living in the country (except for the mosquitoes). We now have chickens, fruit trees, and a big garden. We enjoy spending time with our family, seeing new places, learning new things, riding bikes, walking, and being active in our church.

Mark is an IT specialist and is definitely the techy half of this GSGLife team. Joan is a lead teller at a credit union and loves teaching and talking to people. We were invited to a green smoothie class in November of 2014, and by the end of the class we knew that we had to do this. We have always tried to make wise health choices and have been involved in many different companies with a variety of supplements and other products; however, we have never before experienced anything like having people come up to us and ask us when we are going to have another class, or tell us that we look so good and want to know what we are doing. This is amazing! We have seen lives change and we are loving this!


GSGLife Founder Heidi FloryHeidi Flory, 
GSGLife Founder

Hello! My name is Heidi Flory. I live in a small, rural farming community called Eaton, Ohio. My husband, Randy, and I have been married for 19 years and we have 2 daughters, Hayley and Sydney. I enjoy many things, but at the top of my list is relaxing and swimming here at home with my family and taking long country bike rides. As an RN, I enjoy helping people achieve their wellness goals. With the assistance of GSGLife, I enjoy widening my reach and coaching a greater number of people to true wellness. I’m having the time of my life right now by living my dream of owning my own business. I am so excited to be a part of GSGLife! I am thrilled that I get to take part in such a meaningful movement that will touch so many individuals and families. Taking America back from the Standard American Diet…WOW, So Exciting!

A beautiful story about Melissa in the Bay Area you’ll be so glad you read!

change-wordle[1]Sometimes we get profound stories of people changing their lives, and I love to share some of them here. This one has an amazing twist in it that might give you chills, if you’re like me.

Melissa is a new green smoothie convert and shares with everyone around her. In fact, the day before she wrote me this story, a mom at her son’s baseball game came running up to her waving a big jar of green, saying, “Aren’t you proud of me? I’ve got my green smoothie today, too!

In 2012, Melissa was exercising and thought she was “eating right” when her cardiologist told her she needed to be on prescription drugs for her high blood pressure. Melissa was devastated because she had watched her mother being subject to more and more drugs, with their cascading negative effects.

After starting the drugs, Melissa began to have frightening additional tachycardia that caused her heart to beat as high as 244 beats per minute–requiring another IV drug to “shock” her heart and stop it momentarily to return it to a normal rhythm. She underwent an ablation surgery, and because she was not completely anesthetized, she suffered severe trauma during the procedure and vowed to never again find herself in this situation.

Mellissa's blood pressure after applying a whole foods diet and using essential oils.
Mellissa’s blood pressure after applying a whole foods diet and using essential oils.

Melissa began to pray and search, and she saw her childhood friend, Emily, writing on facebook about GreenSmoothieGirl coaches’ classes.  She also came to my lecture in September last year, and won the 12 Steps to Whole Foods course!

As Melissa listened to my green smoothie lecture last fall, she said she “felt this may well be the answer I was looking for.” She prayed and miraculously won the 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. She says,

“Suddenly weight that I had always dismissed as ‘genetics’ melted off me. […]This new way of eating….my blood pressure is better today OFF meds than it was a year ago ON meds!”

Melissa sent me her bp reading to prove it!

People started asking Melissa what she was doing differently. She’d fill them in on her changes: using plants as medicine, and plants as food. In fact, she filled them in even if they DIDN’T ask! If someone said, “My back is really sore today,” she’d share! In January, she started hosting classes of her own.

She invited a friend, who hates veggies and calls herself a “supertaster.” This friend ended up loving Coach Mariza’s famous Orange Julius Green Smoothie and instantly decked herself out with essential oils and a turbo blender.

Melissa had tickets to my lecture in San Rafael earlier this month with her daughter. She announced to her daughter, as well as her husband, who laughed at her, “I’m coming home with the Blendtec.

Here’s where the story gets really interesting. Melissa says:

“While I was at the lecture, I again was praying for a sign. ‘If this is really what I need to pursue I will win that Blendtec, right, God?’ The moment of truth arrived, and a red ticket was pulled. We had white tickets, so my daughter and I both sighed. The woman right in front of us won the Blendtec. How exciting for her! We were bummed, but it must not have been meant to be.

miracles“As the lecture ended, the woman who won the Blendtec turned to my daughter and asked her if she drinks green smoothies. My daughter told her yes. I let her know that she takes them to school and kids give her a hard time, but she couldn’t care less. She then asked me if I had a Blendtec. I told her no, just a smaller and less effective blender. She told us that she has a Blendtec.

“She went on to say that she knew she was going to win, and had decided in advance she wanted to bless us with it! My daughter and I couldn’t believe it. We were in shock!

A note from Robyn here: Because there are people in my audience who come specifically to win the Blendtec, and need it desperately to turn their life around, and can’t afford it, I’ve been doing something at the end of class lately. I tell the audience that if they already have a turbo blender, please don’t tell the audience when they come up to claim the Blendtec. (I want the audience to meet them. I want to ask what they’re gonna do with their blender.)

I make a joke about how we’d like them to actually make it to their car with it, and we don’t have bodyguards. (I’ve already talked about how I use my Blendtec 5 times a day, and how it’s critical for use in any whole-foods lifestyle.) So, don’t tell.

But, if they already own one, their task between their chair and coming up to claim their grand prize, is to decide:

Who in your life would be blessed by your USED one?

Everyone usually laughs, since I just gave them permission to keep their prize and pass off the old one.

But I’m deeply moved by this Good Samaritan, who didn’t stick around–I don’t know who she was—-who already knew she was going to give this brand-new, $450 whole-foods machine to a perfect stranger.

I love that some people do selfless things quietly, just because it’s the right thing to do. Melissa wrote:

“I asked her if she was sure, several times. She assured me it was ours. I held back my tears and gave her a big hug! I am glad we didn’t win it because to me this was an even clearer sign that this is what I need to and want to do. I want to share Robyn’s message with others. I want to help others heal themselves, by taking control of what they eat back into their own hands. I want to continue to share my own story to inspire, support, and nurture others into finding the health and peace in their lives, that Robyn’s story helped me find for myself.”

Robyn with Melissa and daughter and new Blendtech
Robyn with Melissa and daughter holding her new Blendtec.

I want to thank Blendtec for donating one of their amazing machines for me to giveaway at all my classes. That’s 90 cities in 2014! An average 4-5 city lecture tour costs, not including my time, about $8,000 in airfare, employee time, hotels, rental cars, gas, hotels, volunteer gifts, etc. We do not always come out ahead.

So, Blendtec’s sponsorship helps make it possible for me to share a message I love, that changed my family’s life, and continues to change others’ lives.

THANK YOU BLENDTEC!! And thank you, Melissa, for sharing this beautiful story. I’m so excited that you are sharing what you’re learning with everyone around you.

And most of all, Melissa, her family, and I thank the Good Samaritan who did this good deed. Not for the first time, editing this story for publication on my blog has brought tears to my eyes.

I am inspired and will be a better person because of you, friend.

Everything you need to know about legumes, part 2 of 4

square legsMatthew wrote me and said instead of telling people to eat legumes, I need to tell people what legumes are, and what the best 10 are.

That last part, the best 10, is somewhat subjective. I will tell you, nonetheless, 10 great legumes, because this whole class of food is HIGHLY UNDERRATED. That’s my next blog post. For now, I’m going to tell you some reasons to commit to eating this food group regularly.

heart legumesThey’re cheap, they’re high in fiber, they’re high in micro-nutrients, they’re filling, they’re low in calories, and they’re easy to obtain, worldwide. They store well and have a long shelf life, especially split peas and many beans.

They’re great for your heart. They have nutrients and fiber that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help you lose weight.

Eat a cup a day of cooked legumes, or more!

You can eat them in soups and stews, add cooked or sprouted ones to salads, or grind dry ones for bread or baked goods to substitute for part of the grains. I have LOTS of recipes in Ch. 6 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods with fabulous main dishes that deliciously leverage legumes.

They generally take an hour to cook, some even longer. But I highly recommend cooking your own, rather than buying them canned. Not only will you save money, but you’ll avoid sodium and any weird phthalates and other stuff leaching from the inside of the can.

Cook a big giant batch, to save time, and save 1 cup servings in Ziploc baggies in the freezer.

blacksalsguacI like to add black beans and salsa to guacamole, so that I can eat lots of it on homemade organic corn chips. Then I’m guilt-free about the high calories and fat in guacamole. (I usually eat a whole avocado in one sitting. It’s very nearly a perfect food!)

I like to add chick peas (garbanzo beans) to salads. I love all varieties of lentils in soups. Find a few ways that you love to eat legumes!

Rinse legumes very well before putting fresh water on them to cook. They are amazingly dirty when they come out of the bag. Beans need to soak overnight (legumes lentils and split peas don’t). Or, bring clean beans to a boil, turn it off, and let them soak two hours, to speed up the process. If they have been in your storage for years, I recommend soaking them, draining the water, and soaking them a second time, for up to a whole day. This makes flatulence less likely, which is a significant risk of eating really old beans.

beans soakFlatulence comes from the oligo saccharides sugars in the beans not converting well a form of sugars your body can use easily. Soaking the beans before cooking makes them easier to digest.

To cook them, drain the soak water, and add at least 3 cups of water for every 1 cup you originally had of dry beans. Cook as much as you want, but remember that 1 cup of dry beans will become about 2.5 cups of cooked beans! Put clean, soaked beans in a heavy saucepan, cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, keep covered, and cook until beans are tender.

For lentils or split peas, this will be about 45 minutes. For beans, it will be 2-3 hours, or for very old beans, it could be 4 hours.

Don’t add acidic things to your beans until they are fully cooked. Add tomatoes, vinegar, salt, or lemon juice later; otherwise it inhibits the beans cooking.

Edit: Corrected a typo above about soaking legumes.

On the Epic Price of Bad Food

images-26I’m running through tiny towns near pastoral Nidda, Germany, early in the morning in mid-November through a frost-bitten field of collard greens. Past a stream full of tiny, white-as-snow ducklings, cowbells clanking in the distance.

Or I’m winning a doubles match in an 11-9 third-set tiebreaker. Or losing it. Doesn’t matter, for the purpose of this little essay.

Or I’m bending myself in half, with the tops of my feet on the floor over my head, a yoga pose called the Plow.

I often want to put the scenes from my life, just a few from the last couple of months, in my back pocket, for later recall.

My LIFE! I only get ONE! I want to live it OUT LOUD doing new things, doing outrageous service that helps others! Meeting new amazing people all the time! Putting stuff on the bucket list and checking it off.

In these moments, like the frosty morning with the amazing white ducklings, I often think about the majority of people around me immobilized by their appetites. Salt, sugar, refined fats, MSG and aspartame have sidelined millions of people from the most rewarding parts of life. They don’t know what they’re missing! Or they do—but they think this cool stuff is for OTHER people.

images-28When you fuel your body right, do you know you make more money? Dream bigger? Experience more JOY? Actualize more goals? Live more authentically in your relationships? Act true to yourself more? Attract more good people in your life?

When I was fat and ate the S.A.D., my life was a flat line. Sure, it’s AGONY to lose a third-set tiebreaker after a 2.5-hour match, which I didn’t have when I couldn’t run a city block at age 26.

But ecstasy and agony are what gives life rich complexity.

I wouldn’t trade the highs and lows of the life I have now, for the flat-liner life I had then. Eating ice cream and watching TV and not much else. Wouldn’t trade for a million bucks.

I say this not to judge. I say it to encourage, to help you dream of finding that health, peace, spine-bendy, giddy, loving-to-be-in-my-skin quality you once had and CAN BE HAD AGAIN.

images-30I taught a wellness class recently. A lady raised her hand, after I made a passionate plea for a shift in lifestyle and diet. “I’m in my 50’s. Is it too late for me?” she asked.

“That’s the exciting thing!” I said. “A year from now, you will have replaced virtually every cell in your body! You will, in a very literal sense, be a completely different person! So, you can and should start RIGHT NOW and expect to see RADICAL CHANGES, and soon!”

In just 90 days, you’ll have a completely new liver. A GSG reader named Jeremy, in Dallas, recently found out he has Fatty Liver Disease, NAFLD. He tells me it’s a silent epidemic, and kids as young as 10 have it. He’s undertaken a 45-day juice feast, and a 45-day raw vegan diet after that. He intends to have a brand-new, clean, lean liver, so he can be playing basketball when he’s 65.

I said, why stop at 65? I know 80-yo basketball players who go to the Senior Games. You can be the most competitive you’ve EVER been, at that age! Because 99% of the competition is in a La-Z Boy or dead!

images-32In Europe, far fewer people are overweight. In Switzerland especially. I said this to the Swiss, and they laughed at me and said, “One in four of our schoolchildren are overweight!” Well, there’s a bakery on every corner.

I think they seem so thin to me partly out of relative comparison (70 percent in the U.S. are now overweight or obese), and partly because they ALL SMOKE. Seriously, I’ve never been around so much smoking.

And they drink coffee. So those two things make you sick (and they are sick, just like we are), but not fat. I choke on the exhaust in European cities, where there are no emission controls—Prague and Budapest, in Eastern Europe, are the worst.

When I see an obese fellow planet-dweller, American or Euro, I don’t feel condescending; I feel sad. I simply have this thought:

images-29“You are missing all the good stuff, my brother.”

Besides momentary pleasure on the tongue, sick foods rob us of nearly all the other pleasures of life. You know that “flow” of doing meaningful work you get lost in? It’s one of my favorite things in life.

Getting deep in a project. Pure PRODUCTIVITY, utilizing your talents. Challenging your brain, grabbing references off the shelf and looking them up, absolutely lost to the world. Getting thoughts on paper. Those are MY favorite projects, research and writing.

When your head hurts and you have no energy, FLOW is lost. Sleep apnea and fatigue mean that sitting through a play, or a movie, isn’t pleasurable like it should be.

Even sex isn’t the sweaty, athletic, joyous thing it’s meant to be.

images-33You see all the losses? The Standard American Diet adds up to nothing more than a pathetic mountain of loss.

I think sometimes that Americans are mice trapped in a labyrinthine maze. Nobody protests. We just eat the pellets we’re fed and walk around in the maze as directed. Asking no questions, following all the other mice.

Hop the wall of the maze with me, friend. Let me help pull you up. Hang around the GSG blog, come to our classes, do my 12 Steps course, never stop learning and practicing.



Bonnie writes us about emphysema and green smoothies

I met Bonnie at my lecture near Baltimore. What a delight she is, a caretaker to her husband with emphysema. We got this email from her. (And I love to read the stories you send my way, so keep sending them!) Bonnie told me she knows diet won’t “cure” emphysema. I said, “But what if it gives you more years with Bob, and he was happier and healthier?”

I think you’ll enjoy this letter Bonnie wrote as our East-Coast friends hunkered down to get through the hurricane:

As I wait for Hurricane Sandy to slam into the east coast, I have been reading The Green Smoothies Diet.  I attended Robyn’s seminar/class last week in Edgewood, Maryland. I had the great pleasure of meeting Robyn after the class. What a warm and sweet spirit!

Since that night I have read 12 Steps To Whole Foods, given up anything containing aspartame (including my 6-pack-a-day diet gingerale addiction), and added sufficient water to my daily life.

I have begun to purge our kitchen of processed foods and anything containing MSG. I was already on the green smoothie train. I have added Steps 2, 3, and 4 from 12 Steps to Whole Foods to my life.

I talked with Robyn about my 3-year journey down from almost 300 pounds through Overeater’s Anonymous. I am no longer on the 100-pound roller coaster I have ridden for most of my life. God has allowed me to release 88 pounds. (I say “released” because saying “lost” implies I am going to look for them.)

God has led me from bingeing and food compulsion, to green smoothies and whole foods, towards health and well being.

There was a time when I would eat 4+ fast-food “meal deals” on my way to or from work.  I would then look for somewhere to throw away the trash so no one would know.  Food was my cocaine….my drug of choice.

Now God has brought me to this new phase of my life.  He did not do this just for me, but also for my husband who has advanced emphysema.  His diet consisted of sugar, pasta, beef and junk.  Why? Because those white flour / sugar products are SOFT.  It is difficult for him to chew, swallow, and breathe.  Eating salad was a major challenge for him.

He had his first green smoothie about 6 weeks ago, and every day since.  His favorite right now is the Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie. He is virtually off sugar except for us Uncrustables each morning because they’re easy to chew. But he used to have 4 every morning with coffee.

Tomorrow morning I plan to make him a PBJ sandwich using peanut butter powder mixed with coconut water, 2 tablespoons of raw organic coconut oil, on Italian bread. Baby steps! Whole-grain bread will soon make an appearance.

Robyn is teaching me how to make the quality of Bob’s life so much better.  His coloring is no longer gray and sallow.  His skin is pink and his eyes are bright.  I am seeing him get back his sense of humor along with his appetite.  He does not have the constant hacking cough that plagued him all the time. He still coughs, but it is immeasurably better. I think his body was full of inflammation that is being cleared with nutrition. We will not “cure” the emphysema, but we can certainly make the body that houses those terribly damaged lungs a better place for him to live. If this gives us a few more years with a better quality of life for Bob, that’s another blessing in this journey.

As a side note, my carpal tunnel is almost gone in my right hand.  I had surgery for carpal tunnel in my left hand last year, and actually had surgery scheduled for my right hand earlier this year. Life events caused me to cancel the surgery. Thank God! I have (had) severe arthritis in my left thumb that the specialist wants to operate on to rebuild the joint. The pain in the base of my thumb is virtually gone.

I reach out to anyone who asks about what Robyn calls a “gateway drug”—green smoothies.  Okay, I’ll be honest—people don’t really need to ask. I find myself telling total strangers about green smoothies.

I talked with two people yesterday in a grocery store packed with people prepping for Hurricane Sandy, and gave them the website address so they could get more info.  There are five people in my office who have now progressed from the NutriBullet (gateway equipment) to the Blendtec and green smoothies for themselves and their families.

Robyn is on a mission, and the seeds she plants are growing in so many ways, but growing in the same direction toward health and a new happiness with life.  I see my husband and people around me changing…sprouted seeds.

I think Bob may be concerned about power failure in the storm more because the Blendtec needs electricity than for his oxygen concentrator! He says he has backup oxygen tanks, but no backup for the Blendtec.

God richly bless each of you for the work you do.  You have a special place in my heart and in my prayers each day.  You will hear from me down the road to let you know how this is changing our lives.

Bonnie Kauffman

Alternatives to Antibiotics

Winter’s coming up. The more raw plant foods you eat, and the more Chapter 8 probiotic-foods habits you incorporate into your diet, the more your body become inhospitable to viruses and infections.

But be prepared to nip the baddies in the butt, the minute you feel symptoms coming on, with natural alternatives to antibiotics. The sooner you get on it, the more effective natural solutions are.

In fact, even if people around me are getting sick, or if traveling soon, I start taking Kyolic garlic caps, goldenseal herb caps, spraying ACS and ACZ in my mouth every few hours.

I use ACZ nano for chelating toxins out of the body, and ACS 200 silver for killing all kinds of viral and bacterial organisms, only bad ones. They are phenomenal products to have on hand and use regularly, especially in the winter.
When you’re armed with effective natural solutions, which are cell-specific and don’t harm gut flora, you don’t have to get sick repeatedly, and you don’t have awful side effects like thrush and vaginal yeast infections. Sometimes those side effects can go on for years!

(Doing Step 8 to 12 Steps to Whole Foods is a MUST, if you’ve ever been on an antibiotic and need to rebuild your gut health. Making and eating cultured foods can rebuild that all-important healthy GI tract where most of your body’s defenses happen.)