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The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle

Mike Anderson’s The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle is fun and fairly quick to read, because it pulls no punches. It’s hard hitting and unapologetic in its promotion of the plant-based diet. It’s jam-packed with information (that duplicates Robbins, Fuhrman, and Campbell), well written, and contains lots of easy recipes at the end. My only slight quibble with Anderson (and Fuhrman) is that I don’t think people in normal weight ranges need to be afraid of fats, the kind found in nuts, seeds, and unprocessed oils.

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This is the Third Edition update to the RAVE Diet & Lifestyle. It has been extensively updated to include more documentation, recipes and sections. This edition does not include the Eating DVD. It describes a diet and lifestyle program that is designed for weight loss as well as the reversal of a wide range of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, and the prevention of our common cancers. The author explains why Americans cannot lose weight, why modern diets don’t work, and shows you how to reach your ideal weight by going back to the old-fashioned foods Americans used to eat, before losing weight was a problem. The book describes the relationship between diet and disease and explains why the standard American diet is responsible for the two largest killers in America today, cardiovascular disease and our common cancers. It also explores the relationship of diet to other diseases and how government policies are promoting diet-related diseases. For more information go to


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