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Steven Arlin’s Raw Power, for anyone who wants to build muscle mass or compete athletically while eating a raw, vegan diet. I’m just a girl, not a true bodybuilder, but I love weight training, and this book long ago helped me let go of protein powders and bars and hold my own, strength-wise, with much-younger, carnivorous weightlifting friends. Arlin has eaten a 100% raw vegan diet for 20 years and would be the biggest guy in most gyms’ free-weight rooms. His recipes are interesting and unique.

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A gorilla has the strength equivalent to bench-pressing 4000 pounds. Where does he get this super-strength? What does he eat?

Raw Power! provides unprecedented information on the link between diet and body-building/fitness. Why do most fitness experts and body-builders eventually atrophy and wear down prematurely? Stephen Arlin answers this question logically and succinctly, leaving the reader wondering why this information was not revealed to the world before.

The world’s foremost authority on natural body-building, Stephen Arlin (a.k.a. Thor Bazler), explains numerous techniques and strategies on how to gain muscle and strength completely naturally, eating a total raw-food diet. The author explains that every natural-living creature and organism on planet Earth is eating a 100% raw-food diet — and so can you!


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