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Book cover - Enzyme Nutrition - Dr. Edward Howell

Enzyme Nutrition

Dr. Edward Howell’s Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept is a 162-page abridgement of this medical doctor’s lifelong work that originally culminated in a 700-page book with 700 references. It is an old book, published in 1985, reviewing all the scientific literature from the beginning of the 20th century pointing to enzymes being the most critical element that our diet is now deficient in, as we have strayed from raw foods. It draws conclusions and postulates scientific theory long before the recent raw-food movement gained any traction.

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Dr. Howell is often called the “father of food enzymes”. During the ’30’s and ’40’s of this century, he did incredible research to prove that food enzymes were an essential nutrient, and that cooking and processing of foods destroy them, thereby creating dramatic changes in our ability to digest food and remain healthy. This is a classic in the field.


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