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A wheat grinder is a MUST so that you can leave white flour behind forever. White flour is stripped of nutrition—it’s the grain with the germ (vitamins) and bran (fiber) removed. It acts like “glue” in your intestinal tract and will make you constipated faster than anything other food (animal protein being second place). I haven’t used white flour in 20 years except for homemade play-dough.

You can buy whole-wheat flour, but it oxidizes quickly after being ground, and the oils in the grains become rancid. Because of this, store-bought whole wheat flour often doesn’t taste good. (It’s also not good for you when it’s rancid.) I believe that when people say they don’t like whole-wheat foods, what they really mean is that they don’t like RANCID whole wheat, which they’ve experienced in many products. There’s nothing more wonderful than baked goods made with freshly milled flour!

I like the price of The Kitchen Mill, to grind grains. I like that it doesn’t make a big mess like my last two grain mills did. And I like that it’s warranted to mill oats, wheat, rice, barley, soybeans, and popcorn kernels. (That last one might seem strange, but that’s how you make unrefined cornmeal—grind popcorn!)

And this is pretty unusual: it’s also warranted to grind BEANS. This is a big deal to me because some of my 12 Steps to Whole Foods recipes call for bean flour. This is a little-known but highly effective way to increase protein in your diet, without compromising nutrition. It can also enhance flavor, and you can cook bean flour quickly (unlike whole beans).

The Kitchen Mill has no surfaces being rubbed to wear out or cause friction and get hot, so grains are not heated to high temperatures. Consequently more nutrition is retained.

It grinds 24 cups, which is fantastic! I like to make huge batches of my Oat-Coconut Cookie Mix for Christmas gifts. (You can, too—see Ch. 11 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.) The Kitchen Mill lets me make more whole-grain flour, in a batch, than other wheat grinders.

Most mills use stones, but The Kitchen Mill uses a Micronetic chamber that grinds grains very finely (which makes lovely cookies/cakes) and very uniformly. I hated how the stone mill I had formerly was hard to clean, and flour remained in it that became rancid. I ended up with dead meal moths in the grinding chamber. The top also blew off and flour went everywhere, on my last mill. And the one before that was as loud as a jet engine.

The Kitchen Mill has a 6-year limited warranty (excluding filters and gaskets) and a lifetime warranty on the milling chamber and pan.

It’s made by BlendTec (subsidiary of KTec, with a long and excellent reputation). It’s a company whose executives I know personally and trust.

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Product Description

The Blendtec Kitchen Mill” is the result of thousands of hours of research and years of constant testing. Now you can enjoy the great taste of natural whole grain flour any time. It is always ready in an instant. The Kitchen Mill” is compact, powerful, and built to last.

100% Of Nature’s Goodness

Whole grains are more nutritious than refined grains. Natural kernels of whole wheat, for example, contain 16 minerals, 10 essential vitamins, and at least 4 other vitamin factors generally found in bran and wheat germ. White flour, however, is refined from the endosperm and consists mostly of starch and a small amount of protein. It contains very little vitamins or minerals. Nutrition experts have joined in praise of the Kitchen Mill” as a way to use 100% of nature’s good,ness to improve your health and nutrition. Discover the great taste of freshly milled grains. Try milling different kinds of grains like whole wheat, rye, oats, rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, soybeans, barley, triticale and others. You will be delighted with the results.

An Easy Way To Add Fiber To Your Diet

Whole grains contain natural fiber. Diets containing adequate amounts of fiber help you stay slim and avoid many of the diseases caused by fiber deficiency.

Saving Money

You can save money by milling your own flour and baking your own breads. Buying grain in bulk can add to your savings. In this way the Kitchen Mill” will easily pay for itself. To find whole grains in your area, try several approaches; Call large health food stores and bakery services or call a local bakery and ask the name of their supplier.

A Quality Investment

The Kitchen Mill is made of the highest quality materials. The heart of the mill is a patented, stainless steel, Micronetic milling chamber. The mill is the most advanced way to mill grain. It has all the advantages of the old stone mills but none of their problems. There’s no gumming, jamming or glazing. Your Kitchen Mill will not overheat. Each mill uses a 1.8 peak horsepower, 120 volt motor. It is permanently lubricated and will provide years of trouble-free service.

Additional Information

Weight 7.6 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 x 9.25 x 8.5 in

100 Watt Motor


8.5" Wide x 11.5" Tall x 10" deep

Actual Weight



Kitchen Mill Motor, Mill Pan, Cyclone Cup, 2 F-Filters, Owner's Manual


Motor 6 Years, Chabmer & Pan: Lifetime

Owners Manual

Download Owners Manual


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