Skinbrushing Instructions

Skin Brush & Laminated Chart


We’ve designed simple, visual instructions based on the detailed research of Dr. Berkowsky, to quickly and most effectively stimulate lymph flow throughout your body.

The 4-page, full-color laminated chart, designed to hang in your bathroom, also comes with a natural-bristles skin brush (or bodybrush) that will hold up for years.

About Dry Skin Brushing (Bodybrushing)

Frequent stimulation of the lymph system allows your body to eliminate waste more effectively. It has been documented to break down cellulite, which is fat cells holding onto garbage! Moving lymph is helping your body “take out the trash,” which decreases disease risk, aids weight loss, and makes your skin more beautiful.


  • 1 Skin Brush
  • 4-page, full-color laminated chart

Additional Information

Weight.41875 lbs
Dimensions15 x 8.5 x 1.75 in

1 Skin Brush


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