Sesame Seeds – Organic Raw – 25 lbs


25 lbs

These hulled white seeds can be added to virtually anything and are high in calcium!  (Bioavailable calcium, not what’s found in cow milk which is less than 1/3 available to humans.) Sesame Seeds are great for toasted breads and toppings.

Roll halvah balls in them when you’re craving sweets: half tahini, half raw honey, balled and rolled in sesame seeds.  Refrigerated or frozen, they sound simple, but they’re fabulous “candy” for the kids, and you!  Several of the treat recipes in Chapter 11 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods call for rolling the treats in sesame seeds. Also try the Sesame Cracker recipe in Chapter 9.

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Product Description

Organic Raw White Hulled Sesame Seeds – 25 lbs
Organic, Non-GMO, Naturally Gluten Free, No Cross Contamination/Allergens
Origin: India, Guatemala, Peru, and/or Ethiopia

25 Pounds

Producer-specified Shelf life: 24 months under cool dry conditions

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Weight27 lbs
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