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Save by getting all four books together!


The Big Book of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a revolution. The term itself doesn’t do it justice. It’s a perfect solution in a fast-paced, fast-food world. It’s a habit that can change your health dramatically. It’s a way to get 15 servings of raw plant food in your diet painlessly, for 3 adults, with just 10 minutes of kitchen time.

It’s far easier than salads, with all the chopping and chewing needed, and the high-fat salad dressings you drench them in. Blending breaks cell walls down for instantly available nutrition.

And according to my research in The Green Smoothies Diet, more than 95% of regular green smoothie drinkers experience a noticeable positive effect on their health or quality of life. 84% are so enthusiastic about the green-smoothie habit that they teach it to others! And top health benefits include more energy (85%), better digestion (80%), fewer cravings for sweets and junk food (65%), more positive, stable mood (54%), prettier skin (50%), and weight loss (50%).

My readers contributed their very best recipes for this book. And, 50 of their children’s photos landed on the pages of the book, to inspire your children. They’ll know that other amazing kids are healthy because they drink their greens! So if you’re a health-nut mom, you can show them you’re not the only one!

101 Healthy Lunches

When you’re on the learning curve to get away from meat, dairy, and processed foods, it’s easy to get in a “rut!” Eating the same thing for lunch every day can get boring. But, of course, you want something quick to make and portable for work or school.

Having this book is a good first step to ending the boredom of The Lunch Rut! You’ll learn to have certain staples on hand and you can mix and match them in an endless variety of ways for great plant-based nutrition every day.

I went to readers to add to my own lunchtime arsenal. I’ve given credit by first name to contributors who sent ideas of what they like to eat for lunch. This should give you plenty of variety for lots of delightful mid-day meals!

Robyn’s Healthy Family Favorites

The week went live, the site had 200+ visitors daily, and that number grew rapidly. Those first readers’ requests were consistent: “Give us recipes!”

That prompted me to put together my family’s favorites that I continued to add to, which are in this collection.

More recipe collections, my course 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and my book The GreenSmoothies Diet followed in the next two years.

Back in the days when I was eating the Standard American Diet like everyone else, my favorite recipe books were those “favorites” books that people often put together for fundraisers.

The average American family makes only about 10 favorite main dishes. But as my family shifted to a whole-food, 95% plant-based diet, those recipes were no longer appropriate. I had to find others.

In everything I do and teach, I hope to find ways of achieving good nutrition that are simple, affordable, delicious, and doable for everyone. My goal with every meal or snack is 60-80% raw, all whole foods, 95% or more plant foods.

This recipe collection is a means to that end. It’s my favorite recipes that I use over and over-those recipes that have helped us jump to a brave new world where we live greener, lower on the food chain, and more compassionately. Without spending a ton of time in the kitchen or breaking the bank.

Healthy Holiday Favorites

Does your excitement about the holidays die when you think about the five pounds the average person gains?

If you find the thought of giving up standard, low-nutrition “comfort foods” difficult, there’s hope. You can make delicious foods that are good for you!

It’s not difficult to find alternatives to carrot cake, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, holiday ice creams, and many other goodies that we look forward to at the end of the year.

You just use different ingredients, with the same flavors, to achieve anywhere from much better nutrition to really excellent, all-raw nutrition.

To develop these recipes, I teamed up with GreenSmoothieGirl reader Desiree Ward, who is a genius in the kitchen. Katie Dudley did the fabulous photography.

I hope you enjoy a more healthful holiday season as a result of making and serving these creations!

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