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The GSG Genius Guides is the ultimate collection of “cheat sheets” for opting OUT of the worst stuff in our food supply, and opting IN to easy paths to better health!

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Product Description

Become an Instant Health Expert!

The GSG Genius Guides is the ultimate collection of “cheat sheets” for opting OUT of the worst stuff in our food supply, and opting IN to easy paths to better health! Say it with me: “No more asleep at the wheel! I’m responsible for my own health!”

You need to be. Because more often than not, terrifying ingredients are downplayed or even hidden from consumers. These ingredients are shown to cause gut issues, neurological disease, and auto-immune illness, obesity, and more.

The food industry has no incentive to pull back the curtain on these ingredients, nor to show that eating whole foods can be every bit as convenient as their prepackaged poison.
But we’ve done the research, and we’ve got you covered!

The GSG Genius Guides is a set of laminated kitchen references and savvy-shopper wallet cards, so you can become an instant health expert with at-your-fingertips resources to use over and over!

What You’ll Get

Wallet Cards for easy reference while shopping:

  • GMO’s: genetically modified ingredients to avoid
  • Hidden Sugars: other names for SUGAR hiding in ingredient lists
  • 7 Best Immune Stimulants: knock down viral and bacterial infections
  • Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid: know what’s in personal care items
  • Dirty Dozen and Clean 15: foods to buy organic… and when to save your money
  • Neurotoxins: ingredients and products that cause neurological damage
  • 6 Easy Swaps: make any favorite baking recipe healthy; six simple substitutions

Laminated Kitchen Guides for your cupboard for instant access:

•  BUILD-A-MEAL Cheatsheet: Simplify mealtime prep! I’ve created the “Build-A-Meal Cheatsheet” as a reference for 999 plant-based meals that you can tape up in your cupboard for reference at mealtime. It’s an easy guide to show you how to mix and match what you already have in your fridge and pantry, to make any number of healthy plant-based meals, with NO recipe!
•    SUGAR: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:  replace refined sugar in any recipe, with much better alternatives. I categorize the decent sugar substitutes, separating them from the not-so-great, and then there’s the ones to avoid at all costs.  AND, I show you EXACTLY how to make the sugar substitutions, and which ones are best for which kinds of recipes!
•    GREEN SMOOTHIE GUIDE: You can get 1,001 different smoothies with this amazing organizational tool—the LAST Green Smoothie recipe you’ll ever need! Follow this easy grid, for 10 servings of greens and superfoods, in just 10 minutes a day in your kitchen, to lose 10 pounds, and add 10 years of vitality to your life! We’ve taken the guesswork out, and the need for measuring cups! This laminated, full-color Green Smoothie Grid helps you choose, and then blend, whatever you’ve got on hand.

Reclaim and improve your family’s health with the GSG Genius Guides.  Buy a second as a gift for someone you love!

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  1. Gwem


    I would like to purchase this but have read that they are quite small. I too would like the idea of a big packet option.

  2. Pam


    I cannot even find them ??

  3. Marianne

    (verified owner):

    My only disappointment is the size of the green smoothie recipe guide and the sugar guide. They are small, not like the size Robyn holds up in her videos. I assumed those two would be a full size laminated sheet from her videos. They are half that size. I would much rather they were 8 by10. Maybe sell a big packet option and smaller size packet option. Good information and thank you.

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