GSG Sprouted Crunchy Snack Recipes

Sprouted, Crunchy Snacks Recipes – eBook


Want that “crunch” factor but not all of the unhealthy ingredients? Sprouted, dehydrated snacks are just the thing. This ebook is a fantastic source of recipes for living food snacks.

These recipes are taken from chapter 7 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

This product is an eBook in PDF format.

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Product Description

Taken from chapter 7 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. These are 15 well tested recipes for sprouting nuts, seeds, and grains and making fabulous crunchy snacks and additions to your green-smoothie lunch! All are simple and inexpensive to make, kid-tested, and will help you put your dehydrator to good use. Five of these recipes are delicious ways to get more sprouted flax-possibly the most important and nutritious food on the planet–in your daily routine. This is your jump start to eating live, enzyme-rich foods that can be 500 percent more vitamin- and mineral-rich than the unsprouted food. In addition to the recipes, I have included lots of additional information about how and why to sprout and dehydrate food.

Why is sprouting important?
How can I eat bread with sprouted grains?
How do I sprout grains, nuts, and seeds?
What foods should I sprout?
The virtues of flax seed
Dehydrated snacks
Money-Saving Tips
Soaked/Dried Almonds

Candied Nuts
Teriyaki Almonds
Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
Flax-Veggie crackers
Savory Flax Crackers
Parmesan Flax Crackers
Green Pesto Crackers
Cheesy Collard / Kale Chips
Cilantro-Corn Chips
Two quick crunchy “chip” ideas
Sprouted Hummus Spread
Roasted Eggplant Spread
Debbie’s Manna Bars


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